Work with Renee

Sell your consulting services, digital products and live events even if you can’t convince your own children to eat their broccoli.

Every technique I guide my clients through comes from over 20 years of REAL LIFE, field-tested selling. Unlike many other sales coaches who have only managed a sales force or sold in big corporate settings using powerpoint and big budgets, my advice is specific and completely customizable to your business so that you can see results today, tomorrow and every day after that.

I could give you all of the directions and landmarks, and force you to stay on the trail, instead I’m going to teach you to navigate your own way, so you’re confident in your skills and can navigate the course independently over and over again.

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In a Group

Incorporating my first sales company in 1996, I discovered early that building a strong community was SO vital:

When you have a bad day

When you feel like NO one will ever buy what you have

When you scored a win that you want to celebrate

When you have an idea you want to try out on a trusted friend first

The group programs are run with these core concepts in mind.

These are your people.


No one gets you like your crew.

'Before working with Renee I was unsure about how to create and market my skills to my target audience.

After working with Renee I have a system in place to sell out my course. I sold 8 spots in 4 days while on vacation and already created a wait list for the next course (which I created because of the interest generated from my posts and Renee's guidance). I also decided to run the course monthly, and, still using Renee's guidance, I filled the first one up before even launching it. She also offered a system to upsell within the course in a way that adds value and feels like the next natural step.

With Renee's help, in just one week, I went from a non-course creator, to a course creator with a wait list and a full course, with a plan to position myself as the go-to person for my course content.'
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Sasha Gray

1:1 Completely Customized Work

This experience will be full of laughter and revive your belief in YOUR abilities.

I am NOT plastic. I am full of life. I am intense and expect a lot out of myself. I take the success of each client to heart.

'It worked!!! The call I had this morning - she said let's do a strategy session!!!!!!!! OMG! OMG! OMG!'
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Wendy S Livingston
'You're such a geat coach! I really got a lot out of your services'
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Melissa Medez