Zero to Sales in 10 Minutes a Day





It may seem far off now, but chances are the Summer is going to fly by…
And come September you DON’T want to be saying:

“Why did my sales dry up?”
“Where did the Summer go?”
“Shoot, I’m done working with these clients, what do I do now?”

I don’t want you to be resenting the picnics, vacations and lazy days that took away from your business.  I want you to soak up the sun and the clients.

You can grow your business and make sales in 10 minutes a day. And still, enjoy your summer.

Your kids shouldn’t be the only ones having fun. While they’re having a ball at summer camp

Presenting: Sales Summer Camp

A new way to have fun IN your business, by growing your bottom line.

Imagine starting off your day checking in with your group.

Having someone to guide you through money-making activities connecting with potential clients in a way that feels good and makes sense.

Here’s the truth: using my system you WILL MAKE SALES.

No more blending in with the crowd.

No more putting together offers that collect dust..
No more guesswork.

Proven, strategic, feel-good sales.

Each day we’ll do ONE thing to bring in the moola.

Ideal clients on the phone with you?  Lickity split.

Referrals?  You’ll get ‘em.

Cash infusion?  You betcha.  

The Sales Summer Camp is built on my “Zero to Sales in 10 Minutes a Day” system.

It’s the foundation I keep using to fill my programs and offers, every month, for month after month.

Even being new to online business, working from home with my kiddo and dogs, and not paying for a single ad.

This program is for women ready to get shit done, and enjoy the summer.
Our group is setting out for summer sales lovin’ on June 5th, and we’ll be hanging out all month.

I’ll show you exactly how to:

– Create offers that sells
– Maximize 10-minute social media sprints
– Cherry pick the perfect people for you
– Nurture relationships that lead to sales
– Anchor your sales (and your business) through 1 weekly piece of free content
– Continue with ease to the upsell

You’ll learn, but you’ll also IMPLEMENT with my guidance and support every step of the way.

Not sure how to get someone on the phone?


Not sure how to get someone on the phone?


Don’t know what to do when an objection comes up?


Need help crafting the perfect response?

I’ve got your back.



Immerse yourself in a small clan of like-minded women, determined to enjoy the heck out of summertime and their business


Listen and learn at your leisure to training videos on your time and use the workbook every time you create a new offer.


Map out a cash infusing Duck Launch


Attend LIVE done-with-you exercises time every M, T & W morning to build up your sales muscles


Role play with LIVE WEEKLY HOT SEATS that make sales less scary

This is NOT one.more.course.

I get it, you swear you’re not going to do another program, but then you get off track, wonder if you’re “doing it right,” buy a course, and then you’re lost in a sea of people, more confused than when you started and unsure where to turn

I won’t let that happen to you.

In this program I’ll throw you the life preserver.  I won’t let you flounder.  I’ll be here every step of the way to answer your questions, check in on you, and show up so you get results.

You get a fusion of strategy.


Group mastermind.

And summer sisterhood, so you can breeze on through.

I’ve literally trained THOUSANDS of people to sell.

Whether you’re working on your first sale or refining your system I’ll teach you how to make sales forever.

How?  I preach systems.  Life is hard enough, so I’ll show you a simple process that helps you succeed with each new offer.

Here’s What My Clients Have To Say

Before working with Renee I didn’t have a system in place to authentically follow up with my connections. The way I’d been taught to sell just felt wrong and “not me.” I struggled with asking for the sale at all. She laid out a system to sell in a way that adds value and feels like the next natural step. Now I’m being sought after as “expert” and gaining speed!

Julie Ford

Julz of Life

Before working with Renee the way I was selling wasn’t working. I’d have conversations and pitch offers, but I wasn’t making sales. I tried using free downloads and DIY options to no avail. I knew I needed an expert to give me personalized feedback. Now, I feel awesome!! I have a step-by-step process to get ideal clients on the phone, and once we’re chatting I’m super confident making an offer. I know that I have the system to fill all of my 1:1 slots for months and years to come.

Carrie Hawson

Before working with Renee I had an idea of how to connect with potential clients, but it wasn’t consistent and sometimes felt awkward.

After working with Renee I have a system in place to consistently build new relationships and get paid clients. I’ve sold 3 1-1 coaching packages and I’ve doubled my email list. She laid out a system to sell in a way that is comfortable, authentic and NOT sleazy in any way! I simply connected with amazing ladies and if right, offered my services. Even as a seasoned sales lady, I learned new information (NOT the typical Sales-y training) and was able to start seeing results within 2 days.

Danie Muniz

Before working with Renee I was unsure about how to create and market  my skills to my target audience.

After working with Renee I have a system in place to sell out my course. I sold 8 spots in 4 days while on vacation and already created a wait list for the next course (which I created because of the interest generated from my posts and Renee’s guidance).  I also decided to run the course monthly, and, still using Renee’s guidance, I filled the first one up before even launching it.  She also offered a system to upsell within the course in a way that adds value and feels like the next natural step.

With Renee’s help, in just one week, I went from a non-course creator, to a course creator with a wait list and a full course, with a plan to position myself as the go-to person for my course content.

Sasha Gray


Spend 10 minutes a day working ON your business with expert guidance so that you can:

Make the sale

Get the new paying client

Close the deal

If you buy by June 1, 2017 the price will be only


Then it will be $600 through June 4th…

Then…. it’s GONE!


1:1 mini-session with Renee (normally $249)

2 people will get a 20 Minute audit of one LIVE stream by Communication Expert Carrie Sharpe

2 people will get a 10 pack of custom, branded meme’s to use anywhere in their social media from the amazing Leslie Laws

2 people will get a Facebook Business Page Audit by Sasha Gray (who happens to have 250k followers and does not pay for ads)

2 people will get a detailed Landing Page Audit by Elizabeth Salazar, Funnels Expert, to increase conversions up to 40%

This group will stay open as long as Facebook exists

All of the materials will remain at your fingertips

© 2017 Renee Hribar International, LLC. All Rights Reserved. This material is for training purposes. No guarantees made to increasing your income, making you beautiful and all your dreams coming true, only you can control that, but I’ll be here to support you each step of the way!