Are you looking for a powerful and kind-hearted way to sell your services?

Does the thought of “sales” stress you out?

Do you need a better way to invite the right people to work with you?

Are you a self-proclaimed introvert or just not comfortable “selling”?

When I brought my business to the online space I was excited to see myself in the company of SO many talented, incredible women with real life experiences from their corporate careers and life travels. The issue I saw immediately was they almost NONE of them knew how to SELL THEMSELVES.

It's not your fault

As women, we don’t like to brag. We think, “oh they know where I am, they will come to me if they need me”. We don’t want to “bother anyone”, even if we see someone we would LOVE to work with and could literally change their life, we stay silent, waiting for them to come to us.

So many incredibly talented women aren’t offering anything.


They are making offers but only talking about WHAT they were offering. For example: “the program includes x hours of video and x worksheets but NOT what the potential client really needs to hear (which is HOW WILL working with you change their life for the BETTER).


I met my hubby at a bar on St. Patty’s Day in Detroit in 1996

Travel is my favorite medicine – if something is wrong – solution: travel

If something is great – travel to celebrate

If nothing is going on – travel to inspire something

I chose my university because it was on the Playboy Top 10 Party school list that year.

I love working with women who have had vast, real-life experiences and were inspired to bring their business to the online space because it offered them freedom.

~Freedom to work from home or anywhere they can get a wifi connection

~Freedom to volunteer at their kids school for field trips

~Freedom to earn what they want, instead of someone else determining their worth

My favorite clients are the women who have the ability to change the world for the better in their hearts but need guidance in how to deliver their programs and services to the world.