You are in the RIGHT place if SALES makes you feel nervous, nauseous and like you want to run and hide!

We can make it fun together!!!

First day on Planet Internet with your new business?

I got your back!

Established, but looking to pivot with finesse (and without going broke)?

I 100% feel ya’ and won’t let you fall…

My favorite saying when it comes to Sales is “You are YOU, wherever you are!”

You don’t need to be in a suit in a board room to be brilliant! Watch me as I go LIVE from my business Facebook page every week to teach a free, public, sales micro lesson from wherever I am (a museum, a bar, the kitchen, or my son’s class trip).

Selling for women, especially mothers, is MUCH different than selling for men. The same rules do NOT apply. With core values forged from years in the field selling face to face, I guide women in the unveiling of their brilliance in the most authentic, nurturing way. So that it is completely natural and unique to them.