That Time I Almost Got Fired On My First Day in Sales

I was almost fired on my first day as a sales rep. I’m not a natural-born salesperson. Every ounce of my success has been derived from hard work, tenacity, and investing in myself. I remember that day like it was yesterday. When you are trying to sell for yourself, there is nothing more difficult than learning this lesson. This week, episode 2 of Selling for Yourself: a guide for non-sales people Podcast is sharing the story of that time I almost got fired on my first day as a sales rep! 

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In this episode of The Selling for Yourself Podcast, I’m sharing the importance of preserving customer relationships. When you sell to other people, the amount of crap you are willing to take will directly impact the amount of money you can make. Checking our ego at the door doesn’t mean being a doormat. It means listening and always preserving the relationship with the customer above all else. 

Your job can change, but the people that you’ve met and interacted with can remain valuable pieces to the puzzle of cracking open any market. I’m not saying to never speak your mind or stand your ground. Instead, be kind even when you know you’re right. 

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