The BIG Problem with Sales Calls

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Hello and welcome to The “S” Word LIVE. My name is Renee Hribar, sales strategist, TEDx speaker and author, and my goal is to help you make sales simple and fun. So for so many of you, you have looked at sales calls as dun dun dun a huge waste of time, that was horrible. Or gosh, I got to find people who can afford me. So if you’ve ever said those things, you’re in the right place. I’m going to talk about this today with some action steps that you can take right now and put in your pocket. So if you have not come to The “S” Word LIVE before, this is a weekly live show that I broadcast for you so that you don’t struggle anymore. So that you can find the income that you’re looking for. So that you find that intersection of joy and profit. And so my goal today with you is to break it down. So this is coming from an experience I just had with an amazing business coach. She is a strategist. She is certified. She’s taken life coach certifications, business coach certifications, physical trainer certifications, travel certifications, if there’s a certification she’s in and she is well qualified. Add to that her thirty years of experience. And now you have a person who is way qualified to help so many people with their business and life.

So in this case, she was struggling with getting on the calls. She had had some bad experiences with phone calls. Who here with me, who has ever had a phone call that you’re like, Oh, that was horrible. And she wasn’t getting the results she wanted. She was really, really, really hesitating even getting on a call with anyone. So if you know, if you’ve been hanging out with me, with my sales strategies and systems and processes, you know that I approach sales in a very different way. I have taught thousands of people to sell, often for the first time for themselves. When you’re selling for someone else, it’s very different than selling for yourself. So in this case, what I encouraged her to do was to use a little hack that I learned way back in the day in the streets of Manhattan when I was selling for the first time ever. And so let’s talk about what that is. I want you to get out your pen and paper and write this down. So when you get on a sales call, what do you expect to happen? Let that be number one. So when I did this work with her, she wrote down all these negative things. She was like, I expect this. I expect them to say, I can’t afford you. I expect them to say, that’s crazy.

I expect them to say, I’ve got to talk to my husband. I expect them to say, I’ll get back to you, or now’s not the right time or I’m all set. So the first thing I had her do was write down what she expected. The next thing I had her do was say, well, what if and it was what if, what if they said, This is phenomenal, I would love to do this. This is great. I want to hear more. When can we start? Can I get one for my sister also? So she had never thought of those possibilities before. And so just by presenting those as possibilities, I could see like her shoulders relaxing a little bit. Now this is just a little bit of a mindset, fun exercise, because honestly, the big problem with sales calls oftentimes is this territory. The territory between our ears. We get so overworked, overwhelmed and and overtired, and we’re just over it. Where we’ve had so many bad experiences that we just don’t want to do it anymore. And so we expect all these bad things to happen. Therefore, we don’t even take the first step to put ourselves in a position to have a sales conversation. This is very much like my friends back in college who didn’t want to date anyone because they had had bad experiences.

You know, they wanted to, you know, get married or they wanted to have a long term boyfriend, but they didn’t want to go on a date because, well, Bobby was this way and Johnny was that way, and Timmy was this way. And so my attitude, my encouragement to them is the same encouragement to you. How about this? How about instead of, you know, wanting to get married or wanting to get a long term boyfriend? So in this case, with this particular coach, instead of wanting to sign someone to a twelve month program that will really, truly transform their life and business? How about we just go for a coffee date and like the whole world opened up. So in this scenario, the work that I did with this particular coach was the third facet, which was just get on a coffee chat, have no expectations, do not make any presentations, do not make any offers. The call will end one way and one way only. Just like with my friends back in college, I would say, just go for a coffee date, middle of the day, just go for. It’s going to end one way and one way only. You’re going to stand up. You’re going to say, Great, I’ll see you around campus, and that’s it, and we’ll take it from there.

So in this case with the business coach, I said, Listen, the call is going to be fifteen minutes, you’re going to set an audible timer. So for those students that are listening who are in my Sell Like a Mutha’ program, this is going to sound very familiar. Set an audible timer to go off in fifteen minutes. And just like all of those fabulous therapists out there, as soon as that buzzer goes off, what do they do? They just stand up like, Oh, I guess our time is up. And so this allowed her to get out of her head and over the hump of feeling like all the times that she’ll ever get on a call with any kind of offer. It’s going to end badly. So this little exercise is just one grain of sand on the beach of all the things that I teach my clients and students, and that I talk about all the time. So keep tuning in. This little mindset exercise. You can re-listen to this video over and over again. Do step number one, do step number two, and then I encourage you to try step number three. To just get on a quick fifteen minute coffee chat, let the buzzer go off. And as you have that coffee chat, you’re just asking questions. You’re just literally getting to know the person with no, no, no wondering or what’s going to happen.

I have to present to them. I have to show them I’m smart. I have to show them I’m worthy, I have to. I have to have to… Done. It allows you to get out of your head and over the hump and realize that all the possibilities of a possible sales call could be really, really great, especially if you had the proper sales, training and support. So if you want to continue this conversation and find out what proper sales, training and support looks like, click the link that comes with this video. I want the best for you. I want you to make sales calls easy and fun for yourself, and not a lot of stress and not a lot of worry and only one way that it ends. And that’s always a good way, because even if, God forbid, you don’t end up selling anything to this particular person ever, every single person you connect with is what I call one of the three C’s. They’re either a client, a connector or a collaborator, and those are all people in our network and those are all people that will always make our life better. So thank you for listening to this week’s episode of The “S” Word LIVE show. I’ll see you next week for another episode.

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