Avoid Blundering During that FIRST (very important) Connection

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Hello. Welcome to The “S” Word LIVE. My name is Renee Hribar. I am a sales strategist, speaker and author and my goal is to help you take action. Forget about all the complexities that come with sales and just start to connect. I work with amazing global business women who are so smart and incredible within their field. And I get the chance to see them connect with people, not only in their local area and the local businesses that they help, but also to global clients and to the local momprenuer. So hello say hello as you join whether you’re live or on the replay. What I’m going to talk about today are the patterns that I keep seeing when I work within this amazing container that I’ve created within my mastermind. I see amazing incredible women who have lots and lots to give who have so many good nuggets of experience to share, but they’re trapped in a cycle of how much do I share and when do I share it, right? And then also questions like how much do I charge? But today we’re gonna talk about how much do I share and when do I share it. Well we’re coming up to the end of a quarter and right before the end of each quarter. What I like to do is I like to go back to each of my former clients and extend an invitation to them to come back or refer because I usually end up raising my rates every quarter.

And so it ends up being you know I think a very nice… So when I reach back out to those clients I reach back out to them in a very kind and specific way and I don’t go straight for the ask. And here’s the thing. So what do people say? What do I share and how much do I share and when do I share it? So what do you share? You share that there is an opportunity for you to extend an invitation. So for example it is something to the effect of Hey I’ve I’m reaching out to Suzanne. Suzanne I’ve loved working with you on this project. In fact I’ve got a few more openings for projects like that coming up in this next quarter. Now ultimately based on my current schedule my prices are going up next quarter but because I loved working with you so much I wanted to extend an invitation to you to get back on the phone and talk about the projects we’ve worked on. And if there’s any more opportunity to work with you on another project like that. Here are my times that are available and you can give them time or you can send them a calendar link.

I look forward to discussing your business and catching up if nothing else. So it’s a very clear, kind invitation to have a conversation. Now during this conversation it’s your chance to connect with them like truly look them up again find out what they’re up to. Have you ever looked back at your former clients or your former connections even if it was from your corporate career and reconnected with them just simply because it was that time of year. So oftentimes the first connection is the hardest one to make. We need that reason to reach out. So for those of my students that are in Sell Like a Mutha’ or in my mastermind I give tons of swipe files and templates just like the one I just said for you now. And when my clients wonder and worry, what do I share, how do I share it. And when do I share it? They don’t have to worry anymore because it’s almost all done for them. They just have to copy and paste. But for those of you sharing now who are just getting to know me or just breaking into the world of business on your own. Maybe you’re a new coach, maybe you’re a new consultant, maybe you’re a new virtual assistant and you’re wondering well how do I drum up business?

Well my first goal for you is just to feel comfortable reaching out, to know what to say, how to say it, and when to say it. So once you have that reason to reach out almost it’s all done. You just need to get on the phone and have that great conversation. So for those of you listening let me ask you this: Have you ever gone back and reached back out to your former clients because wouldn’t you rather have more of them than some weird stranger off the Internet, right? What if you don’t want to have more people that you’ve already enjoyed working with or what’s the worst that can happen? You catch up you end up becoming top of mind again and the next time that a project comes up that they need something that you are such an expert in they’ll think you know what? I know someone who does that. So here’s the next question. Have you ever been that person who was reached out to and that reminded you of how much you did like that person? You may not need another project done that they so expertly know how to do? But it brought them top of mind. And then you ended up being at a networking event or you ended up being at some other event and you were like oh my gosh I know someone who does that. Let me connect you, right? So isn’t it great to know someone, right? Well we all like doing that. So whether you’re the one reaching back out and you’re looking for those opportunities to either get more of the same type of client or get referrals from that type of client. Or maybe you are the person who is being reached out to and you just like to know a person. This is a fantastic time of year to do that. So that’s what you, say, how you say it, and when you say it. So if you’ve got questions drop them below. My goal is to make sales simple and fun. It doesn’t have to be creepy or weird. It definitely has nothing to do with manipulation and it one hundred percent does not need to feel like you’re persuading a prospect. It just needs to feel like you’re genuinely connecting with another human. I look forward to seeing you in my group. Check the links above. There’s so much goodness going on. I cannot wait to continue this conversation with you beyond. Otherwise I’ll see you next week Wednesday, Twelve thirty P.M. Eastern for The “S” Word LIVE. Thanks for stopping by.

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