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Transcription: Hello and welcome to The “S” Word LIVE. My name is Renee Hribar, sales strategist, TEDx Speaker and author. And my goal today is to help you make sales simple and fun. When it comes to selling for yourself as a business owner, finding out your hook can be a challenge.

So for many years, I studied the posture of meditation, which is that the meditation art of studying what is. And I can tell you it is super challenging because it’s hard for us to take away the filters.

Who here, raise your hand, tell me yes in the comments whether you’re live or on the replay, if you given advice and then asked someone else to help you with the same exact thing that you could give advice on all day. But when it comes to yourself, oy, I can’t do it. Say hello as you join. So this is the story of like the cobbler that has no shoes, right? So if you’re a business coach, a marketing coach, a digital marketer, an entrepreneur, you can help other people. You’re brimming, you’re overflowing with ideas for other people about what makes them different, about how they’re unique, their unique positioning is. But the idea is, can you do it for yourself? So we’re gonna run through a little bit about what I do with my clients to help them see themselves and find out their hook. So if you have a great hook, drop your hook below. Tell us, show us in the comments. This is a great place to practice that. Right. So how do we describe ourselves? What makes us unique and different? For the first time ever recently, I went to Jimmy Johns. I know it sounds crazy. We’re just not a sub eating family, I think, cause I live in the Midwest and

I was used to the East Coast where like if you went to a deli, it was like Papa Georgio in the back.

You know, it was like Mama and Papa. Here I’m not used to chains. But here’s Jimmy John’s hook: Freaky Fast. I’m here to tell you it really is freaky fast. So when you have a hook, it’s not enough if it’s just a good hook, it actually has to be true. And for those of you who are listening to this show, I know that you truly have that genuine, authenticness. So that being said, what is your hook? like “McDonald’s – I’m loving it”. Or “Nationwide is on your side”. So whether it’s a hook for your business or a hook that you have gotten stuck in your head, type it in the comments below, whether you’re live or on the replay, let’s talk hooks.

So, for example, when I first came into the online space, I would see lots of amazing business owners, specifically women business owners who were not talking about all of the things that made them great. For example, I have this one amazing client that I work with. She is an online business manager, but she’s not just an online business manager. She’s also a nurse. So she spends a part of her week each week doing triage for a surgeon. So on top of that, she’s also a Disney planner. She loves travel. Not only with Disney, but all around the world. She’s been all around the world. She’s living in different places consistently. So she’s this beautiful trifecta of I love to travel. And when she travels, one of the members of her extended family has special needs. And so there are special accommodations that she needs to make as the nurse to be able to make sure they travel with ease and comfort wherever they go. So this special piece of travel, plus her nursing background, plus her ability to take information out of someone’s brain, we know as entrepeneurs, again, we are brimming with those ideas, and then take it off of our plate. So all those ideas, all those processes and systems that have to happen every day and if we’re not around, things don’t happen. How to create those SOPs so that we can go on vacation. What? So to me, that was so clear to me within ten minutes of talking with her. And now we’ve worked together for a few months and now it’s finally becoming a real part of the foundation woven into her messaging.

But it took someone else to see her that way. She’s like, well yeah I’m a nurse. Well, yeah, I love travel. I have this huge blog that people subscribe to that, you know, that is all about travel. Oh, but really, what I do is I’m an online business manager. I’m like, really? You do all three. And it’s about seeing that uniqueness. Have you ever met someone like that that couldn’t see their own uniqueness? So this is an exercise that we went through. First of all, listing out all the things about yourself that what I say your favorite Aunt Susie would say about you. Right. So she went to school with this. She graduated valedictorian for that. Right. So make that list start there. This is step number one. Make that list that your favorite Aunt Susie would make about you, what she loves to brag about you with. So the things that you think are unimportant, we may not include all of them, but let’s start there. The list of like your all your accomplishments, like have you guys ever seen the movie Meet the Fockers. It’s like the wall of Gaylord. Even if you think it’s unimpressive and it’s like tenth place in the race include it in this list. And then here’s step number two. Show it to someone else, someone who believes in you, someone who’s always believed in you and have them circle three things that they would love to hear you share more about.

So this could be a parent. It could be a best friend. It could be a spouse. It could be me. Or someone else that loves you and sees you. You should think about. I’ve got a great mentor. Irena Miller who talks about believing eyes. When you see the people getting going up and accepting their Grammy or their Oscar, they’re like, I’m accepting this award. And I just want to thank my mom because she always believed in me. Right, or my husband because he always believed in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. So this is all a part of the hook. So step number one, make the big list, step number two show it to someone. Have them circle three things. And then the third thing is start to publish about it. What does that mean? Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do a livestream. That’s how I oftentimes talk to get things out. But some of you are better writers. Some of you really are great at audio and you’ve got podcasts. So whether you’re a writer, a speaker or a live streamer, I’m encouraging you to start talking about it. Start talking about your story. I just did this exercise with the women in my mastermind. We had an amazing retreat weekend and leading up to the retreat, we had spent two weeks doing some pre-work. And when actually came down to them standing up in front of women that know them that are supportive of them and actually delivering our origin story, our introduction, our hooks.

Wow. The emotions were high. I tell you, it was a real, it was an amazing emotional event.

And I tell you, what came out of it was an aha feeling of ahh, I know what I can do. Ahh, I know how to do it. Ahh, I know that this is possible. And so that is what I wish for you.

So use this exercise. Share it with a friend. If you know someone who needs a hook, share this video with them. And I look forward to seeing you next week on The “S” Word LIVE show. And for us to continue the conversation, click the link and I’ll see you soon. Bye!

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