Why The Two-Step is Such a Popular Dance!!

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Hello and welcome to The “S” Word LIVE. My name is Renee Hribar, I’m a sales strategist, TEDx Speaker and author, and I’m coming to you again this week for some actionable sales steps that you can take right now. Now, today, I am in Nashville, Tennessee. Have you ever been to Nashville? Oh, goodness gracious. There is a popular dance here and it is called the Two-Step. Have you ever tried the Two-Step? It is such a fun dance. I can tell you I’m not a born dancer, but I absolutely had so much fun trying it out. Say hello as you join. Tell me where you are on the planet. You know, it’s all about connecting globally and locally. So I’m in Nashville at a conference and my goal here is to help connect other people with who needs them. And this is what I do all the time. But when I do it in person, it is so much fun. So I want to talk about why the two-step is so fun. The two-step is fun because it’s simple and almost anybody can do it. Well, how does that relate to sales? Well, when I see people that are struggling with getting new clients, now do you know anybody who does that? Do you know anybody who struggles to get new paying clients, whether they’ve had years of experience or whether they’ve just started out? Sometimes it can feel like a struggle to get new clients.

And so we look for strategies that we can put into place to get those clients. Have you ever felt that way or do you know anyone that’s ever felt that way? Let me know when the comments below if that’s ever been something you’ve said to yourself, like, hmm, I wonder where I can get new clients or if you know anyone who’s ever experienced that, tag them in the comments below, because this is going to give them some excitement and hope and fun. So why is the Two-Step such a popular dance? Because it’s easy and therefore it’s fun because anybody can do it. So when I see someone struggling with sales, they oftentimes will buy into very complicated strategies. Has that ever happened to you? Have ever bought into a very complicated strategy? Say hello as you join. I know lots of people that do. And so I’m going to give you a challenge today to keep it super duper simple. The challenge today, it can be literally as easy as this. If you’re watching this, you’re on social media. So I challenge you to put up a post on the platform that you’re seeing this. I don’t care whether it’s Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, wherever it may be. Put up a post and talk about who you like to work with or ask them a question or just simply talk about why you love doing what you’re doing and then invite people to comment and give their opinion and out of those people that comment and give their opinion because social media is full of people wanting to give their opinion and commenting.

Right. And I’m sure you have comments and opinions too. Those people that do that. I challenge you that once you do that post to look them up and hop on a quick phone call just to get to know them, just to get to know them, not to sell them anything, not to convince them of anything, you don’t have to have some ulterior motive. You don’t even have to have offers formed yet. But this is my challenge to you, this simple two-step sales process. Why is it a sales process? Why am I even calling it a sales process? Because what you will uncover is what so many of my clients discover all of the time, that when you actually inject fun and you keep it super simple, you will get amazing results. Say hello as you join. And so when you connect with someone, every time you connect with someone, they have the potential to be a paying client. They have the potential to be a collaborator, and they have the potential to be a referral partner or a strategic partner.

Every single person you connect with falls into one of those three categories. I don’t see how you can lose, but what happens is, is we make it too complicated. We put too many steps between us and the fun. I’m saying keep it simple. You know what? Why is it so fun? Because it’s easy to do and everybody can do it. And then you’re dancing and you’re enjoying yourself and you’re enjoying, if you’re taking my advice today, you’re enjoying your business again. So enjoy this today. Take my two-step challenge and let me know. Come back into the comments and let me know how it’s working for you or send me a private message or email me. Wherever you’re seeing this, I challenge you to get in on the two-step because it doesn’t have to be more complicated. Are there layers and layers and layers of strategy that you could be using that you could do? Well, sure, and eventually you very well might, I do, but I didn’t start there, and if I’m ever struggling to try to find a new client, I don’t make it complicated. I make it fun and super freakin simple. I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with you and your two-step challenge. I’ll see you here next week. Twelve thirty p.m. Eastern for The “S” Word LIVE. Have a great day.

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