Avoid Business Burnout (from a 24 year entrepreneur)

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Hello and welcome to a special on location edition of The “S” Word LIVE. My name is Renee Hribar, TEDx speaker, author and sales strategist. I have run my own successful business since nineteen ninety-six right here in Michigan, although I’ve had lots of locations from New Jersey to Florida to Los Angeles. The goal here today is to share with you some of the secrets that I’ve been sharing with my clients for years about how not to burn out as an entrepreneur. I am at Whittaker’s Berry Farm today in Ida, Michigan. If you’ve been here, let me know. It’s a great place, we come here every single year to pick the best beautiful strawberries. And so when we think about our businesses and think about all the things that we need and should do. The list is long, right? Like let’s say we just want to make an offer. OK, so we have to create a sales page and create a link and create an email sequence and attach it to ClickFunnels or ThriveCart or Teachable or wherever we’re going to be sponsoring it and then we’re going to decide on which platform we’re going to use. I’m already exhausted, right? So we know what to do. But the reality is we don’t have to do all of those things to be successful. There are layers and layers and layers of things and activities that can fill our day. A, number one, we don’t have to do all of them. B, we don’t have to be the one to do all of them to be successful.

And C, you know, there are a lot of ways to slice it. So when we think about being successful and having that profit center. So as a sales strategist, I think a lot and talk a lot to my clients about what are you selling this week? Where is the profit, where are the margins? Who are you selling to? Where is the value? Do they see the value? Do they know and establish you as the person in that field to be the expert? So let me give you a specific example. So I have a client who is a web designer. She is brilliant, like fabulous and brilliant. She builds ten thousand dollar websites for big corporations. She’s been doing that for over a decade. Well, when we first met, she came to me because she wanted to get new paying clients more of those ten thousand dollar website builds. So that is exactly what we did. We set out to create a very specific marketing campaign on one specific platform so that she can establish herself as the go to person in that space. So we did that very quickly. This happens all the time. Very quickly. She was maxed out. She’s like, I literally cannot take on anymore clients. So at that point, we started looking at how can she use what she’s already doing for her clients to create a digital asset, another income stream. So what I had her do is I started having her record over her shoulder, what she was doing for her clients.

So evaluating the website, looking at SEO, look at there’s a tractor. You can tell them on the farm there’s a tractor driving by. I’m a total city girl, so that’s probably not even a real tractor for those of you guys were like actual farmers, you’re like that’s not a real tractor. All right. So long story short, so when it comes to what she was doing, I had her record over her shoulder, what she was already doing for her clients. So what was she doing for SEO, what she was doing for the WordPress build, how she was framing out the site, what was good, what was bad, how they got ranked in Google and all of those became modules in a course. And then we went through and we named everything for her own intellectual property, her own unique system. And then we packaged it up, wrote a sales page and started putting ads to it. Well, she had already created an audience. And so now it was just a matter of communicating with them via email, communicating with them via posts and sharing specific messages with the people that were opening her emails, engaging with their posts, and most engaged so that all the say she was able to create another income stream within weeks versus months or sometimes even years. So how does that help you avoid burnout? Well, number one is about scheduling time for yourself knowing you don’t have to do everything and creating other income streams, specifically digital income streams that allow you to show your work, teach what you do.

But to people that maybe can’t afford you privately can’t afford you to consult them one on one or can’t afford you to do the work for them. And there’s a huge segment of the marketplace of people that can do that. So if you are a one on one consultant or author or agency and you definitely love the one on one work, I know I do. But you also are considering, especially in this beautiful time of year and again, if it’s not this time of year, it’s the holidays or it’s back to school or it’s spring break, there’s always something, OK. So eventually you’ll want to have another income stream. And the how do you create that when you look at what you’re already doing, break it into pieces recorded over your shoulder when you’re already working with your existing clients and then start to put together that sales page and invite your existing audience to look at it. And that’s what I call a Duck Launch. So if you want to know more about a Duck Launch, type the word “duck”. Careful how you spell that in the comments below and I will send you something super special. All right, guys, have an amazing Wednesday. Thank you for stopping by The “S” Word LIVE today. I’m going to show you this beautiful farm here, look at this, those are all strawberries. We are going to have some beautiful strawberry pie tonight, most likely. So check it out. Bye.

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