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Hello, welcome to The “S” Word LIVE. I have something amazing to tell you today. It is a simple three step process that I take, usually just my paying intensive clients through.

But today I’m going to take you through it. So here’s my question to you. Do you have a product or a one to one strategy session or another type of material inside your business that you use that all of your clients have to go through anyway, or that you find once they’ve gone through it, it’s so much easier to get the big things done. Hey, guys, say hello as you join. Please give us your say hello. Tell us where you are. Tell us where you are in the world. Tell us about your business. Drop a link when you come on back in. The goal is for us to share. And so right now with the “S” Word LIVE, I’m sharing something that you can use right now this week for a cash injection. When clients come to me, they often times have the emergency brake on. I mean, they have zero clients. They’re freaking out. Maybe the referral well ran dry or they’re just not automated. The bottom line is they need clients now. They’re not looking for clients, you know, six months from now only they’re looking for more clients right now. So the thing that I’ve been working on with my intensive clients over the past two months specifically is taking a piece of what they already do and packaging it up if they don’t already have a package like this. I know Kerry has a package like this. I know Michelle has a package like this already. A service or a package. Whoa, you like that one? You just went down. OK, there’s a beauty of live video, baby. Anything can happen. So who here has a package or a service or a piece of a package or a service that is less than two hundred dollars? So type it in and type yes. If you have a package or a service or if you think you could slice off a piece of a package of service that you do, that you could create and have it sell for less than two hundred dollars if you can carry says yes, I know she’s an amazing how to go live workshop whole digital program for I think it’s ninety seven bucks or maybe it’s one forty seven. Now that was the early bird pricing. So bottom line is, if you have one of those products, one thing that I’ve been working with my clients on because they want that cash injection now is without a sales page, without creating anything new. I have a lot of clients that like to tweak things and redo things and make more work for themselves than they need to do. Please stop doing that. Stop buying things. Stop subscribing to things. Hey, Rosie, thanks for joining. So as you join, please type in your name type where you are in the world. This is the party. This is for all of us to learn. So the three steps that I take my clients through so that they don’t have to write ten more blog posts or try to get on CNN or try to get published in Forbes the bottom. Those are all great things, by the way. But that’s not going to help you this week to make money right now to fund all those other things that are going to grow your business immensely.

So who here has is a member of a Facebook group or a couple? Hundred, me right, OK, so if you are a member of a Facebook group type, yes. In the comments sorry I need my juice have you guys ever have this, found it at Costco.I freaking love Costco. All right, Michelle says, me yours great. I know you’re in a few other ones, Michelle, and I know a lot of you. I have them. Rosie says, I like that. OK, so you have a product that’s less than two hundred dollars or a service piece of your service. You can you can you can piece off or and you are a member of some Facebook groups. Excellent. So if you’re a member of these groups, I’m assuming you’re there because you enjoy being there. It’s highly engaging. You’re able to ask questions. You’re able to seek out other people that might have the problem your business solves. There’s people there that you enjoy being around that might be maybe even a champion of yours. They like what you do. They talk about you to other people in a good way. They tag you great. So if this is the case, if you have one of those products and you’re in Facebook groups, here are the three steps that I coach my clients through. Now, of course, there’s a thousand ways to skin the cat here. Ladies and gentlemen, I am not saying that this is the only way, but this is this is one way for sure that will work right now. Ok, so.Number one, I like to offer multiple choice, you know, I’m a really good test taker, so I’ve always scored super high on tests. I don’t think I’m that smart. I just think I really I understand whoever wrote those tests. So that being said, you want to you want to create a multiple choice question and you want to do it so that you can research Number One, validate, research your product, piece an idea or revalidated or get some more hell yeahs in there about it. So you create this, I would say, three or four questions about, hey, Nicole, thanks for joining about your two hundred or less product or service that you’re that you that you are ready and willing and able to perform or deliver this week. Thanks for saying hi, guys, as you join, say hi and tell us where you are and tell us about your business drop link after the program is over on the replay. So you’ve got these pieces in action you’re going to create. You can call it a pole. You can call it a questionnaire. You want to start the conversation? That’s the number one goal. So, number one, start the conversation by asking a question with multiple choices. The reason I like multiple choice is because it’s easier to answer. So by it being easier to answer, you will increase engagement. So if you’re in a big group or a highly engaged group, you might get 10, 12, 15 people answering that multiple choice question. So in my case, I might ask, you know, who here is interested in hearing about what happens if they say no or who here wants to know how to run a phone call once they get on the phone with somebody to sell their high end coaching packages or their high end unfree services? I might ask who here in this group wants to hear more about helping you go from zero to sales in ten minutes a day.

So those are some pieces that I might throw some questions at, the pieces that I might ask when I’m talking in a group. So multiple choice questions. You get 10 to 15 people engaging every single one of those people, even if they don’t write a comment, if they just like it or love it or give it a high five, those individuals, I’m going to thank them. So this is step two. I’m going to go into private messaging and I’m going to thank them. No one ever got upset for being thanked. I’m not going to go in hard and fast and try to offer them something straight away. I’m going to go into messaging them with an intention to ask a few more questions, because, again, this process is helping me do two things that help me validate the exact service or product or promotion that I’m thinking about doing. That’s two hundred dollars or less. And it’s also helping me identify qualifying and disqualifying people that may or may not be ready to take advantage of it today. Nicole says, good point about people who just click like, absolutely. So I’m going to go in and I’m going to thank them in a private message. And I’m going to say thank you for answering that question. Can I ask you a few more questions about that subject?

Who here thinks they could create a multiple choice question and then engage in a private message with the people that participated and be ready to ask three more questions, right? Yes. In the comments, if you think a few, they can do that. Or do you have any questions about those first two steps? Do you have any questions about creating hi, Samantha. Do you have any questions about creating a multiple choice survey? I guess, if you will, with a poll and then engaging with those people further in a private message and asking, I like to ask three more questions because it helps me identify where they’re at in terms of needing it right now, in terms of deeper into the subject matter. I have a lot of clients that are very highly specialized. They don’t they are niched down or niched down, however you want to say it. And so they don’t they don’t work with broad things. They’re very specific. So if you think you can do it, say yes. OK, great. I got a few yeses here. OK, so that being said, everybody says yes, a bit out of my comfort zone, step two. But yes. Well, and Rosie and this is why I wanted to ask so thank you for saying that most of my clients are like flag waving, card holding, 100 percent shy, like not interested, not interested in being the face. Like not they don’t want to do Facebook live. They don’t want to get out there like this. They’re not they don’t get it. They don’t they don’t get lit up by this. They like digital products. They like putting up a sales page. They like putting a funnel to it and like never talking to anybody. That’s fine. Here’s another workaround. Kerry says, yup, that’s so much better than the totally unsolicited pitch I received this morning.

I should have screenshot it. It totally. Khari, please do screenshot it for you as a what not to do example. Yeah, please. So this is, guys. This is an OK right here. Carrie, thank you so much. On the replay, go back in, put the screen shots up right in the comments, if you’ve gotten some crazy hard and fast, come on, baby, let’s do it. Unsolicited messages. So going into messenger, I’m never going to encourage you to go in like, hey, baby, buy my stuff ever, ever, ever, ever, ever. What I am going to encourage you to do. Hey, Linda. Linda, I’m so excited about twin girls, OK? Side note I know I’m going to get excited here. So excited, Linda, about twin girls. So I’m thinking about as glitter and tutus and pink sparkly things. OK, so that being said, when you go into messenger, have the intention of connection and truly researching and asking deeper questions. These people are your not only not only your potential buyers, but also they’re really the best focus group you can find. So curious is I deleted and blocked her. Oh, no, she should have screenshot it at first it was awful. So slimy. Yeah. Carrie, there’s a lot of people out there that I know. I’m sure that she’s a very nice person, but she unfortunately just got some bad advice and took action on it.

So I’m not encouraging guys to do that. I am encouraging you to go into this message saying thank you for engaging in my questionnaire or my poll and then asking you a few more questions. So ask asking them say thank you. Can I ask you a few more questions? Now, they may not answer you or they might say sure or yeah. Then you have three no more than three more questions that dive deeper into the topic. What does this do? This continues to keep the conversation going. I also encourage my clients to ask personal questions like how do you like the group so far? Or, you know, how long have you been in business or, you know, where are you on the planet? Because, you know, you are a person and the other person on the other side wants that, too. Here’s number three. Once you have gotten through the messaging sequence and I go through this explicitly with my paying clients, so this is this customizable messaging sequence so that it’s soft, so that it feels natural, so that it’s comfortable, so that it can be done any time of day or night, so you don’t have to spend hours and hours with tech or creating anything new or trying to go through a whole big process that you’re not comfortable with.

What I encourage my clients to do in this customizable sequence is to connect with the person as best as they can while still drawing out the information that they need to help solidify that under two hundred dollar product. OK, the people that have engaged in that initial pull or that initial question, that research question, they may just be your champions. And so once you ask them these questions and you’ve gone back and forth, thanks for the hearts and thumbs up, guys. I want you to ask them. I want you to, first of all, really think about is this does this person sound like somebody who would benefit from what I have? If they do sound like that, then you can say, you know what? I actually listening to all the things you’ve said, it sounds like you are very much the person that I built this for, that I created this for or that I’m creating this for. Can I tell you more about it? And if they say yes, then you can then you can send them a detailed description of what they can expect if they take advantage of your offer. Tell them, you know, obviously there is a limited time to this offer. There’s a limited quantity and this is the price. And here’s a PayPal link. So that’s if they seem to fit the description, if they don’t, you what you can ask and I encourage you to ask this is do you know of anyone that fits the description that would like to hear an offer surrounding this type of service or product or situation? So whether you’re a virtual assistant and you do done for you services or a social media manager or a funnel strategist or a million other things that you can help someone with, I know there’s a lot of very specialized clients out there that I’ve worked with that have gone through this cycle.

They know that they can find the right people right now right in front of them. And by creating this little mini package, you can do, like I said, two things validate that this little mini package is worth it, that it’s a great low price and you can get a quick cash infusion without even getting on the phone. So the first time you actually end up talking to that person would be after they’ve sent you payment and they’ve set up appointment to actually have that one hour of a strategy session or that one hour workshop, one on one. So does anybody have any questions about that three part sequence that I just walked you through to not create a sales page? No more creating, you know, 10000 new technical pieces? To me, this is I’m a little bit late, but I made it absolutely know. You can go back right to the beginning and this is over. Does anybody who’s been here have any questions? If you do, please, by all means, PM me. I’d be happy to answer these questions. I’m going to go deeper into this subject inside of my group, Entrepreneurial Parents Movement, inside of Facebook. We just start hitting two hundred members. I want to do some special things in there this week, all about that. So, you know, we’re meant to be.

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