Why Your Goals May Be Getting in the Way of your Business

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My name is Renee Hribar and I am a Sales Strategist, TEDx Speaker and author and my goal today is to help you feel like sales can be simple and fun. So if we haven’t met yet you may know that I like to make things simple, or you may not know that about it me. The goal is when I see people writing all their goals out and especially whether it’s the beginning of a quarter or the beginning of a new year.

The goal is that you make it simple for yourself. It’s very easy to get all wound up in all the things that we want to do and forget about the fact that if you are running your own business and you are selling your own services and you truly are the only sales person in your business then you need to be the best salesperson in your business. And that means not forgetting about those selling activities.

I love that planet Internet brings us all together to make sales simple and fun. So as we move through our goals it’s easy to get caught up in the weeds of all the little details that get us deluded right.

There are people out there that need what you have. Are you or are you not an expert in what you do. Could you help them do you see people regularly that are doing things that you’re like oh don’t do that. I can help you would be so much better if I just helped you. And you want to give your help and then oftentimes you offer that help and you get them on the phone and you talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and then you become information booth and you don’t really end up helping them because they think they have a solution but then they get off the phone and they don’t really have a way to implement it. If they had hired you then you would have been there for continued support, strategy, and implementation. Am I right. So how do our goals get in our way.

Well what our goals say, especially when we go spend too much time listening to too many people, consuming too many good ideas. We think like I need to write the book. I got to start the podcast. I got to get my new photos. I have to get my new branding. I have to I have to fill in the blank and all of those are truly just lies that we’re telling ourselves because we don’t want to do the thing or we feel uncomfortable doing the thing that might actually turn our business into that six figure business that it’s very possible to do.

I’ve got clients that don’t have business cards that don’t have a website that makes six figures. So it’s not necessary to do all that. And yes they still use social media but they’re not content machines, they are not pumping out bunches of content. They’re putting out one key piece of content weekly maybe twice a month if they’re super. You know if they’re if they’re if they’re super busy selling. So would you rather be busy pumping out content or and have that be that passive way that you hope people through SEO and goodwill will eventually come your way. So that maybe you can become an information booth or maybe you can convert them.

Or would you rather identify who you can talk to directly speak to them see them look them up get on a phone call with them ask them great questions and then actually get them the help that they need that full service of strategy support and implementation because that’s really where people fall out and that’s no matter whether you’re a coach a consultant or done for your service provider. Every business that you’re about to help or if you’re even if you’re a health coach and you’re helping individuals they need help in deciding what to eat. Support in continuing to have the right exercise and menu regimens and implementation of those exercise and menu regimens. Right. And so no matter what it is it’s still all of those three components. You have to help them to do that.

If you if you do that’s called hiring you. So we get into our goals especially this having year we’re like there’s nobody gonna write that book and I’m gonna do that podcast I will do my branding and I’m I get this SLO funnel and I’m going to get this I hear myself and I hear as well.

Those are great but today right now you still can sign clients this week even if you don’t have one book right now you can put out something into the world a question you can identify the right people right now that I’ve already been swimming around you maybe they open up e-mails that you send maybe they’ve already engaged on posts maybe they are always showing up to things that you’re doing you can reach out to them and invite them to a call just to talk. It doesn’t have to be a sales call. No you’re never going to convince anybody of anything they don’t want to do anyway. And so if that scares you then you make you really want to think about either getting some professional sales help and some training in that area or or finding another place that can do the sales for you.

So a lot of people I work with they’ve got they’ve sought out that professional sales out because they already have that expertise they had those 10 15 20 years 30 years of working for someone else getting that expertise. They were art directors. They were travel experts. They were they owned studios.

But now that they’re on their own and they’re they’re just going to work part time looking to make you know that 20 30 thousand a month. Those people you don’t need to be pumping out tons of content you don’t need to have all these goals get in your way. You can sign clients right now. So why are your goals getting in your way and what to do instead. Instead find one to five people right now today that you already know that are already connected to you and reach out to them with a friendly invitation to get on the phone. And if that scares you then you should grab my free sales training. So click the link above. Grab it now while it’s still free. It’ll help you with that process of getting over the hump of identifying and connecting with the people that need you now. Sales can be simple and fun.

You don’t have to be pushy or weird or awkward. You can simply be genuine kind and authentic in delivering a message. And there are people out there that are ready to hear from you.

So don’t make them wait anymore. Happy New Year.

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