Avoid this Big Mistake When Answering “What do you do?”

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Avoid this Big Mistake When Answering “What do you do?”

Lean into the LACK to find YOUR Unique Selling Proposition:

Here’s HOW:

Let me start with a little story:

When I first came into the online space I saw ALL of the things I DIDN’T have

BUT instead of letting that stop me

I turned what I was lacking and made it my USP: No list, No Website, No Problem!!

Here’s How:
1. One one sheet of paper on the left hand side write all the things you DON’T have (should be easy because our newsfeed gets in our HEAD)


3. On the RIGHT hand side write down what you DO have

4. On the bottom of the page write down what you are passionate about

5. Allow your passion to meet your profession. Step forward with your FULL TRUTH!!

Listen in for my specific examples!!!
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Here is your permission slip!!
Your USP can connect PASSION + PROFESSION!
Start talking about it regularly. My Sell Like a Mutha’ students know that I call this Anchor Content … come forth with your FULL TRUTH…
Whether it’s a regular blog post, live stream, or podcast … share what you stand for and believe in AS WELL AS what you do for a living.
Believe it or not, this is important in why people buy.

Do the exercise I talk you through and share:

–> What is YOUR USP?

There will be a prompt to SHARE it in the group this week!!
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