Special Guest Interview with Marina Villatoro

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Special Guest: Marina Villatoro on “Why Women Make the Perfect Day Trader”

About Marina Kuperman Villatoro
As a Russian refugee during the Cold War after arriving in the US, Marina grew up in NYC until she took off over 20 years ago on a backpacking journey without no end in mind. While camping in Tikal Mayan Ruins of Guatemala, she met her husband, the first Guatemalan she ever met, who was camping in the next tent over. Now they have been married for over 18 years, living in Central America raising their 2 trilingual sons.

Marina Villatoro has been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. Starting out as a top fitness instructor in NYC gyms. She then became a travel writer and still runs a travel online business and is now a professional day trader. And an TEDx organizer.

Seeing that there is a huge gap in kids’ education, 4 years ago she started teaching ‘Entrepreneurship for Kids’ course. She created one of the only TEDx events in the world completely organized by her the teens from her class. Plus it was one of the only events that was held completely outside on a gorgeous farm.

Today, Marina stands out in the industry amongst the guru’s as one who embraces the spirituality of Day Trading and works hard to help others start transforming their lives one trade at a time! She specializes in helping the true beginners to Day Trade with confidence and ease. For anyone who has a desire to learn Day Trading but has no idea where to start. She shows you the best way to go from newbie to pro (trader) fast while avoiding the mistakes she made.

She can also be found traveling around the world with her family as an educator, public speaker and a mom of climbers, 100% supporting her sons on their professional rock climbing career journeys.

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