Special Guest Interview with Sharika Kellogg

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Join me as I interview specail guest Sharika Kellogg!!!!

If you don’t know Sharika, you should….

About Sharika
Sharika Kellogg is a choice boy mom, an entrepreneur, a romance novel junkie, a speaker, and podcaster. 4 years ago, Sharika went from unemployed with $487.15 in her bank account, two babies under the age of one – in diapers, to creating a successful online business as a Virtual Business Manager. Sharika resides in Florida with her three sons whom she adopted. While raising her sons, and running her business, Sharika found her passion was helping other moms turn their passions into profit. In 2018, she began coaching women on Getting that Shift Out of the Way and changing their Mom Essential (M.E.) – Time mindsets on owning their personal time and the importance of acting on their dreams and not pushing it to the side.

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About your Host:
Renee Hribar has been a sales professional since 1994 in New York. She has sold millions of dollars in products and services and trained thousands to sell for the first time. She is known in her industry as a fun, energetic executive sales coach who leads with heart. A TEDx speaker who offers training sessions at global conferences, she skillfully breaks down her decades of sales expertise. With her one-of-a-kind “laugh & learn” teaching style, you will certainly gain a new view of the “softer side of sales”.

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7 Responses

  1. Omg I love you Sharika! “ I could have had a Tesla by now.. but I wanted to have a family..”. I feel like this should be a title in a really big important magazine so that the world will know you!! You are a special human for sure

  2. Sharika, your spirit is so awesome! Your children are a blessing. Love your life story and path to your online businesses. Much continued success.

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