Special Guest Interview with Doresa Ibrahim

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Join me as I interview special guest Doresa Ibrahim!!!!

If you don’t know Doresa, you should….

About Doresa:
Doresa Ibrahim is the owner of Thinking Differently aka Acceleration Consultant, where she helps small business owners think outside the box to experience outside the box results ie profits. She is also a contributing writer for The Six-Figure Coach Magazine and author of several books highlighting the strategies and case studies implemented with clients. Doresa is a business and marketing specialist with over 10 years of experience in business management, strategic planning, marketing, and technical implementation. She has worked with businesses all over the world. She focuses on five strategies to get her clients results fast.. leads, conversions, transactions, price, and profit margin. Typical businesses she works with are accountants, marketing agencies, attorneys, trainers, healthcare professionals, coaches and any service based business. Her passion is helping business owners realize their dreams for their business.

Continue the conversation with Doresa: https://doresaibrahim.com/

About your Host:
Renee Hribar has been a sales professional since 1994 in New York. She has sold millions of dollars in products and services and trained thousands to sell for the first time. She is known in her industry as a fun, energetic executive sales coach who leads with heart. A TEDx speaker who offers training sessions at global conferences, she skillfully breaks down her decades of sales expertise. With her one-of-a-kind “laugh & learn” teaching style, you will certainly gain a new view of the “softer side of sales”.

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