How to “Henry Ford” Your Sales Process

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How to “Henry Ford” Your Sales Process

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If you are spending more than 30% of your working hours trying to figure out what to post, how to connect with potential clients, connectors or collaborators and creating proposals FAST, you need to consider this.

Henry Ford was the epitome of innovation. He did not invent the engine or the car or even the assembly line… what he DID do was improve on the process. We know him from his Model T car that made car ownership accessible to the masses.

Did you know there was a Model A, B, C. . . all the way up to “T”?

That shows he had the willingness to get things wrong. He had the willingness to keep trying and improving.

Henry Ford was an innovator. That is what I am encouraging you to be for your own sales process for your business.

In other words:

1. Use what you have in front of you (like the content of the businesses you want to connect with)

2. Re-use what you have already used (like the interview you did last Winter about productivity)

3. Create templates for everything! If you have made it ONCE (an email, a proposal, an invoice, a contract) CREATE a template out of it so that the NEXT time you want to create an email, proposal, invoice or contract, you are not starting from scratch.

I live by this motto “I reserve the right to always make this better” this gives me permission to START without it being “PERFECT”.

By knowing that I will always be seeking to INNOVATE and improve the PROCESS I have MORE time to focus on the PERSON in front of me. Whether it’s developing a genuine business relationship or delivering a promised service or product.

SYSTEMS cut down TASK time and OPEN MORE TIME for authentic connection and time to be creative!

If all of this brought up more questions than answers, we should hang out more!

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