5 Places to Find New Paying Clients

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5 Places to Find New Paying Clients! Get my free sales training today: https://www.reneehribar.co/zerotosales

ATTN: Women in Business

Women who have skills that they want to package up and with all of their experience they are finally ready to offer their “brain” for strategy, consulting, coaching, done together (like LIVE group programming) or “done-for-you” (like for website builders) but they have never been responsible to sell for themselves. Whether they acquired those skills working for someone else or by taking courses . . .


Paying clients are everywhere!!

Here are 5 places you may not have thought to look:

1. They are in the people who like and comment on your posts

2. People who request to join your group

3.They are in the person who has “a quick question”

4.They are in the people who send you friend and connection requests on Facebook and LInkedin.

5.They are in your former colleagues and people you took courses WITH (did that course have a group component – have you reached out to them)

There are literally THOUSANDS of other places to find your next paying client.

If you are unsure where to BEGIN the conversation with them, what to say so it doesn’t feel weird and even if you are wondering WHAT to offer them… take the next step and click the link to get free sales training (while it’s still free) delivered directly to your inbox TODAY and stop wondering WHERE your next paying client is. . .


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