Special Guest Interview with Roshanda Pratt

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Join me as I interview special guest Roshanda Pratt!! She has been in my life for years after friendly chat back in January I was FINALLY able
to convince her to be a featured guest ❤️

About the Ro
… (if you don’t know Ro, you need to!!)
Known as a digital media pioneer with 20 years experience as a news producer on the frontlines of history, Roshanda is on a mission to raise up messengers who will shape the narrative through media. She is a respected news producer, live stream expert, speaker, storyteller and First Lady of Visibility. Roshanda is known in the digital streets as The Rosho Live, a nickname that has followed her from her TV news days. Roshanda uses her passion for media to equip brands, thought-leaders and world changers to be seen, heard and paid. Roshanda has been featured on CBS’ The Talk and The Tamron Hall Show.

She is the author of CEO of Live Video, a number one Amazon bestseller.

When she’s not “going live,” she is creating her greatest story with her husband and children in South Carolina.

Continue the conversation with Roshanda: www.therosholive.com

About your host:
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