3 of my Biggest Secrets to Selling to Anyone in Any Market Conditions

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3 of my Biggest Secrets to Selling to Anyone in Any Market Conditions


My name is Renee Hribar. I am a sales strategist and I am here to help you understand how to make sales simple and fun. And for you today, tuning in, you are going to get my three biggest secrets to selling to anyone in anytime, regardless of market conditions. So say hello as you join. I’m in Detroit today. Wherever you are, let me know. We run a global market here. And whether you’re meeting me here in my livestream, whether you’re on the podcast, whether you’re on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, I am so glad to meet you. And I cannot wait to continue the conversation. So make sure you click my profile. Click the link and let’s continue the conversation. Definitely.

Sales should not be hard, but in many market conditions, you know, we’ve just gone through a global pandemic. We are going through all kinds of amazing and intense conversations around race. This is a really exciting time. So for a lot of business owners that I know, white women entrepreneurs, black women entrepreneurs, I work with women entrepreneurs. And so when we talk, we’re talking about how do we connect with our clients? How do we know who to sell to? How do we know what to say? Right. So those are questions you’ve ever asked yourself, let me know in the comments, because I definitely have some secret presence for you. And if you comment below, you know that I will hook you up. So what is it?

Oh, no matter what it is, I’ve been selling in the field since 1994 professionally. So whether it’s big companies like AT&T or Intuit, which owns quick books, or whether I help the local freelancer sell more of her local, you know, Website design services, or whether it’s an agency who wants to help someone sell their, you know, work with their Facebook ads or whether it’s another client who like, for example, other coaches and experts and authors that want to get speaking gigs or want to coach someone for a program or a mastermind. These same rules apply. Who they don’t apply to are mass marketers. So if you are a mass marketer, you can tune out right now. This is not for you. But the people that actually sell one to one, the people that get on the phone with, someone who get asked to send a proposal that people that want to know how to deeply and authentically connect with the other individual who they can sell to five, ten, fifteen hundred thousand dollar offers to you should be tuning in right now. And I’m going to keep it super simple because nobody has time for that. So here’s the first one. When you are looking at who you want to connect with and you’re looking at their actual name,

so back in the day, this was our prospect list. I call this a love list. So if you are a student at any of my courses or you’ve been a client of mine for any amount of time, you know that I really don’t love the idea of a lead. I like the idea of a person, a human. On the other side of that data point is an actual person. They are someone’s daughter, someone’s most likely sister, someone’s neighbor, someone’s wife potentially, someone’s mother potentially. So I want you to look at them as the whole person and know that that intention is so important. So what I say, do the work. This is number one. I mean, look them up. Look them up on I tunes. Look them up on YouTube. Maybe they have a crocheting channel. Sure. Maybe they also do something else. Maybe they’re also a lawyer. And that’s why you’re talking to them, because you can help them with their website SEO, but they might also have other levels. Most likely they do of their personality, of who they are, what they believe, of what they stand for. And wouldn’t it be fantastic if you also shared those commonalities and could talk about them? I’ve hired lots of people because we shared common beliefs, because we shared common interests.

You know, I have doxins. I people that reach up like I am toxin’s, too. And that starts the conversation. Then we see how we can, you know, explore connecting. Because bottom line is, even if this person that you’re connecting with doesn’t end up being your client right now, you’re building your network. And, you know, I didn’t invent this, but your network is your net worth. Most of my clients and again, I’ve been selling since 1994 professionally. Most of my clients have known me for years. They don’t pay me constantly. We don’t always work together. But whenever I have a new program or a service or something that I’m launching or even to something that I notice that they might benefit from, I reach out. We have a genuine conversation. I might be totally off base or I might be completely on. Either way, I have a genuine conversation. But before I do, I do the work right. So say hello as you join.

I see a lot of people are joining live. Thank you so much. So, number one, do the work, look them up. Don’t just assume that they’ve looked you up and that they know who you are. And don’t assume that what you see on one social media profile or on their Web site or on LinkedIn or Pinterest is all that they are. So do the work. I think we’re learning a lot about this here now.

Number two, when you do actually begin to converse with. Whether it’s via email or in messenger or on the phone, I really want you to ask specific questions. There are so many people because I’ve been in sales for so long. Just give me give me a script, Renee. So, you know, I do have templates. I do have I love, like the Mad Libs style templates. But I’ll be honest, you know, you do. It’s just another template. Like, it’s like training wheels. What we all really need to be able to sell to anyone under any market conditions is specificity. Say it with me. It’s a big one. Specificity. If you ask me general B.S. questions. I’m going to know their general B.S. questions. What do you really want to know? Ask me. Same thing goes for you. What do you really want to know? Ask. None of us has enough time. So just get to it. Tell me what? Tell me what you want to know. And I will tell you. Right. That leads into.

I just wanna say one more thing about. Ask specific questions to get to the heart of the matter. My three favorite words. And here’s a bonus for you. This is above and beyond the three biggest secrets of how to sell to anyone anytime under any market conditions is the three. But my three favorite words are tell me more to get to the heart of the matter. Be specific. OK. Last of the three big secrets that sell to anyone under any market conditions. I’m talking to you, Freelancer’s, talking to you agency owners and talking to you coaches, not the mass marketers here is repeat back.

Once you do your work, once you ask specific questions to know that you are on the right track. So here we go. To qualify to specifically qualify this person as someone who actually is ready and willing to hear an offer from you. Repeat back everything you know and ask if you got it right. Who wouldn’t love that? I’ve never met anyone being like, why you’re ruining everything back. I’ve always gotten. Wow. Yes. Thank you for listening. No one ever listens to me. I get that a lot sometimes because I repeat them. But I repeat back exactly what I took notes on. P.S. I’m taking notes. I care. I want to get it right. I oftentimes get tears because no one ever listens to them. All of us feel like we’re oftentimes not heard by anyone, even the ones closest to us. So to have someone, a service provider, a coach, a freelancer or an ad agency or any sort of agency, that person who’s talking to you, if they can actually do the work. Ask specific questions and repeat it back and get it right. Man, you’ve got it right. So those three things, my friends, will help you succeed in any market.

Of course, are there lots of other specifics? You betcha. We should hang out more. I’ve got a lot of free resources. Click the link. Let’s continue the conversation.

See you soon. Thanks for watching.

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