Have you ever thought you were going to make the sale, but didn’t?

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Have you ever thought you were going to make the sale, but didn’t?


Hello and welcome to the “S” Word LIVE. My name is a Renee Hribar, sales strategist, TEDx speaker and author.

And I’m coming to you live today from Detroit to help you feel great about sales. So my number one question to you is Have you ever thought you were going to make the sale but didn’t? So I’m talking to you if you’re a service provider and you’ve been on the phone talking about how you can support other businesses or maybe you own a brick and mortar store and you’re finding new ways to connect with your customers and getting on the phone with them is one of these ways. So for those of you who are listening today, say hello, say hello in the comments. Tell me where you’re calling in from or where you’re watching from, whether it’s live or on the replay.

I had the pleasure yesterday of spending three hours with a dozen of some of the best women on planet Internet and the greatest businesses, talking about just their sales conversation.

So those tiny corners, a lot of people love to rush through them. Back when I first came into the online space, I met tons of great people who, you know, I wanted a higher VAs. But they were horrible on the phone. It was so hard to hire them because they expected me to know what I needed. I didn’t know how to explain everything. Or I had tried to hire coaches, but again, they expected me to know all the answers or they expected me to make these big leaps of trust and understanding. Oh, hey. Yes, you were there. Hello, Pamela. Hello, Irena. So there’s so many people that tell you they’ll show up in your inbox, whether it’s on LinkedIn or Facebook and Instagram. They’ll say, I’ll get you leads or I’ll get you visible. OK. So that’s great. I mean, yes, I mean, like bar none. People do need to know you exist. Barring that, though, the next step is not money in the bank. It’s not visibility. I make money. It’s visibility. I need to learn to sell myself so that I can connect with the person, you know, so that I can actually help them. Because one thing you’ll learn, if you’ve been a business for any length of time is you can make sales, but then it’s a delivery. So who here has ever had to deal with a customer return because they didn’t get what they expected? Right. Because we explain ourselves properly. We didn’t ask enough questions to them.

This happens so often in the mass market, right. Where you see all these ads in your news feed. And it goes through a sales page and you hope, you know, amazingly, they’re going to come into your world and buy your highest ticket offer. And there’s lots of people that will tell you that idea. The reality is having this world for years now, isn’t it? It still has to be that human touch. So whether you’re selling your services, whether it’s high end coaching, whether it’s virtual assistant services, whether it’s coaching services or products, there still should be some level of connection with your audience, with who you’re selling to, if not the exact people. Then at least people to at least some people in your audience, but not everybody. I mean, I can’t connect with everybody on my email list every week. I try through this method, but I do systematically get on the phone with the people in my community so that I don’t make these glaring mistakes. So yesterday helped me see again that it’s so easy to help us move forward. Have you ever thought you were going to make the sale but didn’t? Here are some key corners that I’ve seen people get stuck in. So I want you to have, first of all, have confidence in the fact that you are a great person.

Right. And what you do is fantastic. So it’s not about your offer really even. It’s about how you’re explaining the offer, how you’re talking or how you’re communicating with the person who needs it. So all we have to agree to is that the person who needs your service doesn’t know how to explain their pain. Like I talked about oftentimes with the doctor. Right. The doctor doesn’t assume that I’m gonna be able to use his vernacular to explain my sore throat. I want to say I’ve got a sore throat, right. The doctor has to ask me questions and possibly do a series of tests to evaluate me fully to get the full picture. So what I learned yesterday, again, reinforces that there’s this grid. We spent so much time on getting visible and putting out ads and putting out, you know, the marketing. And then we just hope that the ching ching ching’s going to happen. The reality is, it’s not just about getting them to look at your sales page. It’s not just about getting them on the phone. It’s about OK. Then you have to actually get to know them, build a report. What do they want? What questions do you need to ask? How do you know what questions to ask. If you’re not experienced and that you might need a guide. Right. Or better yet, how many times have you gotten on the phone with somebody and you assume they looked you up. You assume they read your bio and that they went through your indoctrination e-mail sequence.

I guarantee you 99% of the time they did not. So when people got on the phone, specifically service providers, they’re being taken advantage of or they’re being undervalued because they’re not establishing their own value. So yesterday we worked a lot on what I call the authority statement. So when I do get on the phone to them, that’s literally the first step of about 12 steps that have to happen between actually accepting money. Doesn’t have to happen over 12 years. It can happen within, you know, a few minutes or within two days. It depends. The longest is usually it’s usually seven days, which is still fast, by the way. But if I’m selling a three thousand or fifty thousand dollar program or service or better yet, a recurring service that I’m going to be doing for your business every single month, then I need to make sure I don’t get stuck in a corner. So don’t assume that they looked you up. Number one authority statement. Know who you are and share that with them. Number two, asked great questions. How do you know what questions to ask? You look them up, look them up on YouTube. And check them out all across Google. Find out more about them so you can ask smart questions. You can say, hey, I noticed that you did this at this time. Tell me more about that. They’re like, oh, wow. She does her homework. Yes. So you just elevated your value because they’re not coming to you like, What do you charge for a head shot? What do you charge for a logo? I just need social media. First of all, that means any one of those things means a lot of different things. Right. So there’s so many different components to creating a logo or just doing social media. So that being said, number one your authority, who are you. Number two. Have you looked them up so that you can ask the right questions? And number three, establishing your value in the conversation. So what I mean by this. I teach something called the RH3 method. OK, so what my students learn is that, and they knew this but didn’t know how to explain it, Right. They learn that people need to hear the value of the offer before they actually get the price. We see it all the time on sales pages. Well, guess what? Sales figures were created after conversations. So my sales pages hit home because I’ve had so many conversations. So having conversations will help you sell more on your sales pages. I promise you.So the value stack as we call it on the sales page, I call the RH3 method in your conversation. You’ve got a stack the value of the result that you can get them. So if you sell a product, what results are they going to get? You don’t care about if it’s one and a half ounces or two and half ounces.

They just want to know is this going to help me get rid of the chafing on my hand from washing my hands all the livelong day. Right. Is it going to smell the way I wanted to smell? And to get a feel the way I like to feel? If somebody is hiring me to do their social media for them, all they want to know is if you’re going to increaser their views. They’re going to increase their awareness so that they don’t have to worry about that anymore. So establishing your value. Showing the results first by explaining the results first before you explain how it’s going to work is so vital. So how how how comes after result result result. So results always come first. And again, if I’m talking over your head, I feel like, oh, my gosh, I don’t even know how that would work. That’s why I have coaching services, because I just see so many smart, amazing women with services and products and coaching and programs that are struggling because they’re missing that one little bridge, that piece that connects everything else. It’s kind of like wondering why the electrical isn’t working in the kitchen. You’re like, oh, I’ve got to go to the breaker and as soon as you flip that switch, bam, everything turns on and it’s all humming along nicely. So by focusing on learning sales, and sales is any essential skill, I have not met one anybody that you would consider a successful business owner. I have not met one that isn’t good at sales.

They’re all good at sales because that’s how they made the money. So don’t let them fool you. There wasn’t some silver bullet. It was because they invested time and energy in getting great at sales. So if you’ve ever thought you were gonna make the sale and didn’t, then I want you to go back and listen to this. Those three key components. The system works. So I’m encouraging you today to think about your authority statement and who you are and how you would explain it on the phone. I’m encouraging today to prepare for the call that you’re about to have, whether today or tomorrow or next week. And look the person up and come up with some really super specific questions for them so that you can move the needle forward. I’m encouraging you today to establish your value that when you’re explaining your services, you explain the results first and then explain how it’s going to work and then say the price. And the last thing I to leave you it is as my bonus. Today, if you ever thought you were going to make the sale but didn’t, oftentimes what happens with they say yes. You say, great, I’ll send you over the invoice and then you never see them again. So the last piece I’m going to leave you with is please take payment over the phone. There’s no reason why you can’t. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t. If I go to Kroger or anywhere else, our target, they don’t say, OK, we’ll send you an invoice, Ms Hribar.

And I go home and I and I have to pay them invoice later. No they take my payment at the moment. So take payment over the phone. It makes it easier for the person that you’re selling to, makes it easier for the person buying from you. It just makes it all easier. Plus, there’s always that last little bit where they have a question and you’re not there to answer it. So once they pull out their credit card and they are ready to pay, Wouldn’t it be great if you were there, if they had any questions so that you could answer them? Right. So no pushiness. No tactic. Just straight up conversation, clarity and caring. And when you do sales that way, you end up creating a long term, strong network for years and years and years so you can continue to develop, whether you’re, again offering client services, offering products, looking for collaboration or simply connecting with more networks. So if you’re looking for a platform independent that is accessible and able to thrive in all market conditions, I encourage you to listen to this again and apply these systems and methods. And if you want to continue the conversation with me and you want to hear what it looks like to get coaching and programs and swipe files and services from me, then make sure you reach out. I will talk to you soon. See you next week for another episode of the “S” Word LIVE.

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    1. Irena Chace Miller yes, it’s like doing all the work to prepare for a party and when your guests finally arrive rushing them through the house and handing them a goodie bag as you push them through the door ….

    1. Irena Chace Miller yes! We all have That’s why investing in sales training is so impactful. It helps us sharpen our saw in the ONE area that actually deposits money into our account

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