Don’t Let This One Word Kill Your Dreams

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Don’t Let This One Word Kill Your Dreams


Hello and welcome to the “S” Word LIVE.

My name is Renee Hribar, sales strategist, TEDx speaker and author. And my goal today is to help business women feel comfortable and confident selling for themselves. I’ve had lots of experience lately, especially with giving Tuesday and lots of different sponsorships.

People are doing where they’re like, oh my gosh, Renee, I used your strategies and I we hit our goal in no time flat.

Well, one of my former jobs was the director of development at a non-profit downtown Detroit. And it’s definitely different raising money for a cause than it is selling your own services. Even though it’s you in the front and it’s you sharing with other people, it’s still different because it’s you and it makes it so much more personal. It actually lights up our primal brain like, oh, my gosh, real, this is what I talked about in my TEDx talk. It’s real rejection and rejection in is rael. So say hello as you join. Today, I’m talking about this one word, this word that I would share with my sales teams for many years. For 15 years, I had a sales office, hundreds of sales reps that would go out in the field and go business to business for AT&T and Intuit. Hello. And so I’m going to share a story with you today that I shared with them many times. And whenever I shared it with them, they would have the best month ever. So if you’re ready to have the best month ever, then give me a heck. Yes. In the comments below. Wherever you’re listening to this, I want you to know that this story is going to help you move through something that might have been stopping you for a while. So if we haven’t met yet, you might know that I have been teaching people how to sell oftentimes for the first time for over two decades. And I teach a different type of sales process. A lot of the sales strategies that are out there, they’re not built for women. They’re not built for nurturing. They’re very hard core. So if you’re looking for a sales process that is genuine and feel good and helpful to not only you, but the person you’re talking to, that most importantly keeps the relationship alive, even if right now they don’t become a paying client, then keep listening because this is for you.

So the story that I would share with my sales reps is called the Devil’s Yard Sale.

So let me know if you’ve ever heard of this story, the devil’s yard sale. I didn’t make up this story. It’s a story that I’ve shared because it’s a really good story. And if you’ve ever heard a really good story, that’s you just want to keep sharing it.

That’s how humanity figured things out before we had the written word and certainly before everybody had a production studio in their pocket, we shared verbal stories. So let me share this story with you.

It’s called the Devil’s Yard Sale. So the devil decides, you know what, I’m going out of business.

God, you win. I’m out of business.

And so he’s putting up all of his tips and tricks and scandalous items for sale.

And so all the bad guys come and they start perusing it and they peruse at a yard sale. Mm hmm. Right. Have you ever had a yard sale? Did anybody ever walk up to you like the old guy just drives up in his pickup truck?

The guys selling tools? Have you ever heard the way you used to the yard sale? You guys selling tools is so funny.

So this today? Yes. The Devil’s Yard sale. He’s selling his tools. And you know, that brings them in in droves. So of all the tools that he’s laid out and displayed and tagged, though they’re beautiful. They’re shining their nefarious. It’s the devil, for goodness sake. So a lot of them are priced pretty reasonably in terms of, you know, the average American evil guy. Who else has ever watched Dr. Evil? So he can afford it. The bottom line is this. There was one tool that looked haggard and rough and beaten up. And it was the most expensive tool. It had clearly seen better days. And it I mean, it was it was jagged. You could see that it was definitely something he used all of the time, but it didn’t look like much. And so as the story goes, we want to know more about this particular most expensive, highly used rough tool. Well, it looked sort of like a triangle. And in fact, the way that I used to describe it was if you’ve ever used a doorstopper have ever seen one of those, a doorstopper. Tell me. Yes. In the comments if you’ve used a doorstopper. So for us, when I was giving these stories originally, we would pull out the doorstopper and with the doorstopper looks like is a wedge, just a little wedge.

Now the. Hello, Tammy. Hello, Irena. Say hello as you join.

Thank you for joining. Live on the S-word live. We’re talking about this one word that can stop your dreams in their tracks. And so this story continuing on that I used to share with my sales reps.

My goodness, this wedge that the devil was using that he had up for sale, it was the most expensive tool ad in his yard sale.

It was a wooden wedge. And it was it was haggard, had splinters coming out. And, you know, of course, the story goes on like, well, hey, you know, what’s up with this tool? Why is it so expensive? Looks like a piece of wood, like, you know, just all like a doorstopper and the devil’s like. Yeah, that that’s all I really needed. Like, what do you mean? He’s like, yeah, these other tools I don’t really use. I’m just kind of off loading them. This is the one you want. And of course, like, what do you mean this is the one?

Well, I mean, this is like 10 times more than any other tool that was available. He’s going out of business. He’s selling it all.

And he’s like, no, but seriously, I didn’t even have to do much. What do you mean? Says all the evil, nefarious characters looking to buy the devil’s tools and devil says, Listen, I tap it once in these human’s hearts. They do the rest.

Like, what is it? What is the tool? What are what is it? Tell us more.

He’s like doubt.

Doubt. Doubt will kill more dreams than any bad strategy or bad luck or bad hair day ever will.

Doubt D.O.U.B.T. Doubt. So this is something that I won thousand percent know to be true.

If you’re doubting yourself, then there is no way for you to use that. Good. Great. Amazing strategy that your business coach gave you.

If you’re doubting yourself, there’s no way for you to move through. Doubting yourself You won’t take action. You’ll be paralyzed.

You’ll have cement booties on. Then what?

So how do you remove that doubt? To me, my prescription, my Rx is action.

Do the thing. Don’t do everything. Don’t plan 25 steps in advance. Don’t. You don’t have to worry about what’s going to happen 13 miles down the road.

Just take one step now. The next best step.

For that reason, it becomes super easy. If I just take one step, I can do it.

It’s kind of like all those five. You know, what is it? 5K from the couch to the 5k. Those those kinds of workouts that you have, they don’t say run a 5K on day one.

They say get up off the couch, walk to the door, walk around the block. That’s it. So the secret is out. doubt..

Get rid of it by taking one step today. Maybe that one step for you is making a post about your story and why you started your business. Maybe that one next step is writing an email to your list about that great, amazing client that you saw explode their business because of the work you did together and then shine the light on them.

Maybe that next best step is actually clicking on into your ads.

Or maybe it’s clicking on into your podcasts. I sat on my podcast. I like thirty five episodes recorded and I hadn’t pressed play because I was doubting myself. Oh my gosh. What are people going to say? Oh, my gosh. I need I need this. I need a special intro and outro and sponsorships and editing.

And you know what? I press play. I’ve got over 70 episodes in there now. People listen to it all over the world. Apparently, I’m really big in Korea.

As per the map that they show you. So doubt. Blow it out.

Take action today. And I will see you here next week for the “S” Word LIVE. Take action, my friend.

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    1. Irena Chace Miller thank you!! I never thought I could quell my anxiety and overwhelm until you taught me how to use mediation and yoga with your secret sauce and it has opened a whole new world for me

    1. Robin Carberry yes yes yes!! Every click, every interaction IS laying the foundation for a sale “in essence” but not with the focus TO sell… with the focus being to connect and through that when offers come up the “sale” becomes a next natural step and until and after that point it’s alway a friendly connection.

      Our network of professional and personal connections is a resource most of us don’t even realize we have

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