Can You Create Your Own OPRAH EFFECT?

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Can You Create Your Own OPRAH EFFECT? Listen in on what to do on today’s episode of THE “S” WORD LIVE!!!

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How did OPRAH create such an incredible IMPACT on the world in such a short span of time? She has the same 24 hours as we do. . .

#1 She showed up CONSISTENTLY

I knew that no matter what she would be there. No matter what kind of day she was having or whatever was happening in the world SHE would show up. Having that consistency is hard. I get it, but there are ways to make it easier. Even for us today. Leveraging tools and technology so that we can do a little and get a LOT out of it (and so does the audience).

#2 She Shined the LIGHT on Others

She found the MOST interesting people and interviewed them. She let them talk about what THEY were passionate about and what they wanted to share. The great news for those introverts lisnetning, the FOCUS is on the GUEST.


She leveraged those connections and continued the relationship. Those initial interviews were the BEGINNING of a relationship, not the PINNACLE of it. They gave her PROXIMITY and then she was able to CONTINUE the conversation. Everyone we connect with is one of the 3 C’s. A connector, a collaborator or a client.

I get 3 Big Questions when I talk about this:

Where do I start?

What do I say?

When do I turn from interviewer to offer?

Register for FREE: and Do NOT miss out on 20+ Business Experts revealing their stories and sharing what they don’t typically share publicly!!



Hello and welcome to the “S” Word LIVE. My name is Renee Hribar, sales strategist, TEDx speaker and author and my goal today is to help you feel great about selling for yourself especially if you’re a business woman who has experience, you’ve sold maybe things for other people maybe you’ve been a part of a bigger team and that’s where you really got yourself the experience maybe you’ve taken courses or programs and you’ve really learned this amazing skill maybe you’re certified in something new. I’m talking to you if you need to sell your services for yourself. You are going to love this. Hello Karen, say hello as you join. I’m freezing cold Detroit today. It is an amazing winter day but I want to talk about something that might warm you up so who here tell me the comments have you heard of Oprah Winfrey. Oh. So you know she’s got an amazing story, coming from a really really incredible ups and odds that she had to overcome and now her net worth today as it stands is two billion dollars. She gets an annual salary reported of three hundred million dollars. So if you’ve heard of Oprah let me know say Oprah in the comments. And if you think it would be kind of nice to get a 300 million healthy salary let me know in the comments, so oh the sun decided to come out in Michigan. So listen I’m getting lighted out.

So this that’s pretty good right. How do you create your own Oprah effect. That’s the real question that I want to address with you today so let’s talk about what Oprah did that you can do too. So number one she showed up consistently. Right. Like I mean think about all the days that she probably felt sick that she was losing weight and then she was nauseous and then she was going through loves and ups and downs and all the different emotional roller coaster that she must’ve been going through she definitely had days when she wanted to phone it in. Right. She wanted to call it and she wanted to call it off she wanted to. She wanted to just be done, but instead she said you know what I am going to be committed to what I already said I was committed to. And that is being something that means more than just my job here. So that brings it to point number two. What did she actually do? What was her actual mission? And maybe this is an alignment with yours because people come to me all the time saying you know well I’m really good at being a business analyst, but that’s not my passion. Well for me sales is not my passion, what my passion is is I know that it’s my tool sales is my tool to be able to accomplish what I want.

Right. So for Oprah interviewing people was her tool. So for me my tool is teaching women how to sell so that they have options so that they can gain freedom. That’s what I get passionate about is knowing that when someone actually knows how to sell they can actually make as much as they want live where they want send their kids to the daycare that they want or the school that they want dress how they want live where they want everything I’ve. So at the end of the day. What is your mission? So number one she showed up consistently no matter what. Number two she was focused on her mission. So what is your mission? For her, her tool to accomplish her mission was to interview people. So think about what she was doing. She was bringing us valuable content consistently around shining the light on other people. So who here enjoys watching a good interview? Right. I do. I in fact started my online business by interviewing people that’s how I started my audience. I chose some people that I felt were pretty big influences at least in my space and I said wow I would love to interview you can I shine the light on you to my audience of which was very small at the time but not one person was like Well how big is your audience?

Everybody said yes I would love to be featured. Thank you.

So for those of you who are students on my program like Karen vendor Karen there’s a whole there’s a whole session inside off of cell like a mother that is all about how to connect with people via interviews and podcasts Hey Catherine Morehouse Hello.

Say hello as you join.

So think about who in your world like Oprah that you would find interesting didn’t she said that interest most interesting people who you think is interesting and then ask them if you can interview them. Now here’s the real piece here’s the third part that helped Oprah go from all the adversity that she faced to actually having a two billion dollar net worth today. So yes number one she showed up consistently yes. Number two she had a mission and she had a tool to deliver that mission. But number three and this is what she did that was different. What I am excited about talking about. Come January Oh my gosh for the women that are my mastermind there they know about it but it’s all about leveraging, leveraging what you have so that you don’t have to spend more time to make more money and impact. Right. That’s a beautiful thing. So for Oprah to the Oprah effect where she mentions a book it goes it becomes a bestseller. She mentions a bracelet and they sell out. She mentions a pair of earrings or a new hairstyle. It sells out. So we don’t need to have that kind of thing for our ego but we want to make an impact on the people that we care about. Right. On the on the sector of the community of the world that we are in so.

Hey Candy Hello Melody. Hello Catherine say hello as you join. So let me know. Say Oprah in the comments if you would want to know how to create the same kind of impact on your world that Oprah has on our world. So the leverage so she leveraged her network she leveraged her network for good. So all those people that she interviewed she didn’t just say Oh I’m so glad that we met peace and then let them wither away.

If you’re talking in the world that we live in. She sent them e-mails. Right. She sent them gifts. She sent them valuable information that they would find valuable. How would you know how much they had they found valuable because she interviewed them. She knows them. So in the world of coaching that’s like a big ol fat discovery call. Right. So you’re getting to know people by shining a light on them. You’re showing up consistently. That brings value to them and others.

And you get introduced to their audiences at the same time. It’s a brilliant beautiful nurturing circle. And that is what I love about what we have access to right now by having a production studio in our pocket a.k.a. your phone. So. How do you do that? Well the three questions I can ask the most are where do I start Renee? Who do I talk to you first? Great question. So write your questions below. I’ll make sure to answer them in the next twenty four hours we’re going to keep talking about this over in my free Facebook group. Entrepreneurial connections movement. The other question is people ask me as Renee what do I say? Oh my goodness I don’t know what to say when I interview someone awesome. We’re gonna keep talking about that too. And then the final question is Will how do I leverage that relationship without all the sudden turning that friendship. Shine the light on someone into some weird cheesy slimy awkward feeling conversation right. Phenomenal. That is exactly where the the dark little corners of the conversation are that I have so much experience in and that no matter what happens at that point with the right verbiage with the right into intention truly we are able to turn the corner so that every single person turns into either a client a collaborator or a connector. And you’ve heard me talk about that before if you’ve hung out any length of time. So let me know in the comments right. Oprah. What questions do you have? If you were thinking about starting that same thing and I can’t wait to tell you more about it. See you soon.

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