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Welcome to the “S” Word LIVE, whether you’re on Facebook or Instagram, Hello, hello. Renee Hribar here. I am here to help you drop some bombs on your sales goals. It is not enough. Hey, hey, hey. What’s up, girl? It is not enough to just want and know that you have the right stuff. You got to actually tell somebody. Who here has great services?

Great idea? This great products and services, maybe even a great experience, maybe 10, 15 years of experience when you know you’ve got this thing you like about this thing.

If only people knew about it, it would change their life. If you’re Annie, you can help people build courses. You can get all those thoughts in their head on to Teachable or any platform and make it make sense so that their students get results right. That’s what Annie does. Right. Or Irena. She’s had a yoga studio for 20 years. She blows my mind. She’s my yoga teacher. She blows my mind every single class because she doesn’t just talk about yoga. She talks about yoga off the mat and all the other modalities of ways that I can feel better about my body, my mind and myself. It’s freaking amazing. So these women have this amazing thing. We gotta tell the world. Do you have something like that? Say yes in the comments, whether you’re live or on the replay. Do you have something that you know could help somebody else?

We’ve got a conference travel 360, we’ve got Wendy, Wendy, when he has 30 years of experience, 30 years of experience in the meetings industry.

She’s running meetings for fifteen hundred three thousand fifteen people in Japan, in Scotland, in Florida. She lives in Cuba. She’s lived in Guam. There isn’t a boutique hotel or resort from the beach to the mountains on the other side of the world that she doesn’t have a connection. People got to know. Who runs a master mind that you do live events?

Are you exposed to the risk? Have you hired Wendy yet? You’ve got to know. Do you have anything like that? Hey, Pamela. Pamela. She makes these amazing lotions and creams, lip bombs, because she knows that the other people that are putting stuff in bottles are putting crap in there. She knows what she’s got is amazing. We gotta get people to hear about it. So how do you do it without being sales mix salesman? All right.

So I just ran an hour-long masterclass. You can see the words behind me on exactly what to do every single day of the week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, whether you’re on Facebook or Instagram or anywhere else this is broadcast.

You to know what to do so that you can move the needle forward so that people can hear about you. Hey, we got Heather. Must be your lunch break. Heather’s an accountant. She’s got a brain. That’s amazing. Like Pinky and the brain. She’s a brain. Right. So the bottom line is, is that you’ve got to get people to hear about your services.

Otherwise, how are you going to help them? Consider it your moral obligation to make sure that you tell people about your services.

But here’s what people tell me all the time. Renee, I’m not going to sales.

I don’t like sales. I don’t want to be salesman, I don’t want to be salesy. OK, so don’t be. But here’s the thing. There’s a lot of laws out there. I want to talk about the law of sales. OK.

I want to hear about that.

It’s like the law of attraction. There is the law of you know, there’s the law of gravity. A lot of laws. Lot of physical laws.

Ok. That’s right. Wendy’s on Facebook now, she left me on Instagram, now she’s on Facebook. Yeah.

We have a moral obligation to the law of sales. The law of sales is like the law of advancement. OK. Who knows about that?

Who heard about that? Anybody heard about that? Any physics majors here?

Hey, Linda. Linda. Linda you have a phd, you got to know about this, Linda. Used to be a college professor, one of the biggest universities in the south, and Linda also played football like man’s shoulder pads, real football. Not Like footie Soccer, like football. Yes, she’s amazing. So, Linda, maybe with your phd, you probably heard of this, the law of advancement.

It’s like the law of sales. So here’s what has to happen. Anything that goes down or anything that goes up must go down first. Heather’s like, say what. I love it. So. Yeah, exactly. You guys got to click on Linda’s profile, man. She’s friggin amazing. OK. So every time you guys pop up, I want to like have private conversations with each one of you. I wish I had all the hours in the day to, like, just just hang out and talk. I’m very communal, like let’s all, this like the idea of a commun totally is romantic to me, but my husband is like, it ain’t happening. Okay. He doesn’t share a bathroom.

All right, cool. So the law of sales, if you’re going to go up and you’re gonna make sales, you got to be willing to go down. And here’s exactly what I mean.

Ok. So let’s take an example of a seed, right?

I told my mastermind people, I’m like, I have been holding out on you. I have been holding back because I didn’t think that all of those stories mattered to you guys. But hearing that story and seeing the crowd react like that, I was like, I got to stop holding back.

I’m going to be telling these stories now. So here’s one of them. The law of sales, in order to go up, you got to be willing to go down. So here’s what I mean. And this is also called the law of advancement. So anything in this case, because I must say, I talk to you about that.

So let’s take a seed. If you plant a seed, right to seed is like, I want to be a big oak tree.

I want to be a big oak tree. You’re like, no, you don’t.

And it’s like, no, I want to be a big oak tree says, OK, well, then you got to go down on the ground, right? Go get planted. So what happens when the seed gets planted in the ground? Right. So if the wants to grow up, it’s got to go down. So what? This is the key here. What happens when it goes into the ground? Whether you’re live or on the replay. Drop it in the drop in the comments. It’s going to grow roots, it’s going to get wet, it’s going to crack open its shell.

But what really has to happen and this is you guys tell me I’m bad as salesman. I don’t like selling. I don’t wanna be a salesman. Well, if you’re in business for yourself and you don’t have a sales team, there is only one way for you to acquire new customers, and that is for you to sell your services and products. P.S., So here’s what the seed has to do, so if you’re the seed and you want to be, you know, a big oak tree or if you’re in business and you want to have a million dollar business or any kind of business, you want to have a $2000 a month business, you want to have a 10. It doesn’t matter what you want to make. If you want to make money in your business and you’re saying, I hate sales. Here’s what has to happen. Just like the seed, the seed to go in the ground.

Gotta go down to grow up into a big tree. It has to cease to be a seed.

That’s it. So if you’re going to grow in sales, you’re going to grow in your business, you’re going to bring in the clients that you want that are going to give you the income that you need so that you have it again so you can deliver that service that you know is going to change your life.

You have to cease to be bad or say that you are at sales. So how do you do that? You’ve got to get some training.

If you’ve never had formal professional sales training, it is required. It is like going to Heather. She’s an accountant. You can’t just like flub up your taxes. Uncle Brian can’t do it for you anymore. If you run a business, you need somebody who’s qualified. Right on. You can’t just read a book about it. You’ve got to actually do it.

And so where do you go? You can choose me. I certainly have an option. IF you want to learn about sales. There’s a lot of other people to do what I do.

So what makes me different? I guess this is why would you want to even listen to me? Well, because I think that I teach sales differently than most people. I know this because I was the new person who needed to learn sales and my only mentors were dudes. And that’s not bad. Men are great, but they do it different. We’re different. Look at us, we’re different. If you put a man in an MRI machine and you give him a sword and you give him a conflict, his brain lights up. Yes. Good. Right. Heather and I know. Our husbands are in law enforcement or even like my son. Like we never taught him to, like, have swords or guns, but he was like making them out of paper and sticks because that’s just in him.

Right. Women, you put us in an MRI, our brains light up when we think about nurturing community and love and helping. So we light up when we can nurture and help someone.

So if you’ve got experience in something and you want to help other people get over that or get through that or whatever it is that you can help them with their mind, their body, their taxes, their meetings, their courses, all the things that you have skills in.

If you don’t help them, how are they gonna be helped? Did you go to somebody else? What if that person is not nice? The person screws them over. What if they’re not as qualified as you?

You and I both know living 18 minutes on planet Internet, there’s a lot of shysters out there, a lot of people that are like coached by a coach who wrote a book about coaching.

Right. Cease to be the seed. Cease to believe that you don’t like sales, cease to believe that lie that you’re telling yourself that you can’t be good at sales and still sleep at night.

It is your moral obligation to continue to care about people, to continue to give and give? Not just for free, but to give your gifts. And it’s OK. If there’s an energy exchange right, you’ll give your gifts and they give you money. Because ultimately, that’s how the world works, right? My mortgage company doesn’t doesn’t work on good feelings and love. They work on our dollars. I can give love and good feelings to my clients. And in exchange, they give me money so that they win. I win. Mortgage gets paid. Their business grows. Right.

So Irena says you do teach sales differently and in a way that a yoga teacher can vibe with no slime. Right. So Irena over here on Facebook is also a yoga teacher, right. So, like, I guess I also have my two all only my two hundred hour. And I like these ladies that they have like the equivalent of phd in yoga.

I’ve got like a bachelors. My 200 hour hatha yoga certification. But I do get it.

And I’m a yogi at heart and I get it. I love people. Like when I first started in sales 20 years ago, it was going house. It was a summer job.

House to house. Knocking on doors, selling. Buy one. Get one. Free greens fees in upstate New York. Like right outside of Albany. And you know what? Love it. I love it. You know why? Because I love people. I got to talk to them about their golf game. I got to talk to him about their favorite club, get talking about their favorite golf courses. You know what they wear, what their cocktail is. Do they do you drive the car or do you roll the bag?

Right. I just love people.

And from there it grew and grew and grew and obviously I rode the telecom boom and things happened.

So if you want to grow your business and use sales as a way to gain love and gain good things and to give your services to people, then you got to cease to hate it.

And I can hope I can totally help you. So I hope that today. I hope you had a chuckle and a laugh. And I hope that now you can think, you know what, I’m going to try that one more time. I’m going to talk to that person. I’m going to ask that next question. I’m going to reach out one more time. I’m going to extend the olive branch. I’m going to offer something, because if you’re not offering it, then nobody is gaining anything. Don’t hide away your gifts and your and your and your goodies or hide away all of your experience because you’re afraid to talk about it.

It’s important. Cool.

So I just had this whole masterclass, I’ll put the link below. It’s all about my Sell Like a Mutha program. That program is my heart and soul. It is the blood of my. I put it into literally this beautiful I mean, package of one hundred swipe files and lessons and video training and templates. I mean, and it’s growing every single month. And I added in live calls, I even have as a bonus this time a free call with me say wow, I don’t even do that anymore. So you say go grab it. Just that alone is worth the course. So it’s growing every day. I’ll put the link to that too. Guys.

I’m so glad you stopped by the “S” Word LIVE, cause we don’t need to be afraid of sales. We can cease to hate it. And that is cool. Have a great, great day. Happy Wednesday. What?

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