5 Places to Find New Paying Clients

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Where did you connect first with YOUR most recent new paying client?

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Coaches, consultants, done-for-you service providers I AM TALKING TO YOU.

This is for women who have skills that they want to package up and offer their strategy, consulting, coaching, done together (like live group programming) or done for you (like for website builders, copywriters, freelancers, virtual assistants) but they have never been responsible to sell for themselves I have news for you:

Paying clients are everywhere!!

Here are 5 places you may not have thought to look:

1. They are in the people who like and comment on your posts

2. People who request to join your group

3.They are in the person who has “a quick question”

4.They are in the people who send you friend and connection requests on Facebook and LInkedin.

5.They are in your former colleagues and people you took courses WITH (did that course have a group component – have you reached out to them)

There are literally THOUSANDS of other places to find your next paying client.

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Hello and welcome to the “S” Word LIVE.

My name is Renee Hribar, sales strategist, TEDx speaker and author. And my goal today is to help make you feel like sales can be simple and fun, especially if you do not identify as a salesperson.

So, if you are a woman who has years of experience. Hello, Robin. And say hello as you join. Maybe you worked in corporate. Maybe you had a brick and mortar, but it was a different kind of business. And now you’re going out into the world hanging up your own shingle and you are a coach or a consultant or a freelancer or a done for your service provider. So hello. Like Robin or Irena. For you, you’ve never had professional sales training or you just didn’t feel comfortable with it. So I’m talking to you if this is, you know, what you want to accomplish, you want to find new paying clients, but you’re not sure where they are, this is what I do. Remember, I came from the world of sales, so I had, my gosh, at least 300 employees in my office every day going where do I find clients? And I had my clients, which were AT&T and Intuit and these big companies, and all they give you is a bunch of marketing material and basically a geographic area.They’re like, figure it out. So that’s what we did. You know, before the Internet. Hi, Linda. So say hello as you join. Today, we’re going to dive into five places that you might not have thought about to find new paying clients. All the time. People come to be consistently saying, oh, my gosh, Renee, where do I find new clients? Where are the people that I need to talk to? Who do I need to talk to? Where are they? They’re looking around. And I say, oh, my word. They are literally crawling all over you. They are everywhere. So give me a heck yeah, if you want to know.

Now, that being said, before I give you these five places that you might not have thought about, I want to give you this secret password. So there is a secret password that will unlock a free sales opportunity scan opportunity for you. I’m going to be doing one big sales opportunity scan for one lucky person. This coming Monday. And I will ask you to do one thing. Type SOS. That’s the secret password. s.o.s. When you type s.o s by tonight, so you’ve got a couple hours, by tonight, I will personally make sure that you’re considered for the sales opportunity scan and I will personally go through with you your back end and where you can find your next paying clients.

This is what I do all the time. So that being said, let’s talk about oh, we got s.o.s. s.o.s. I see them coming up. Great.

So this is just for my live Facebook viewers, guys, it pays definitely to come live to these. The people that are on the replay  for the next few hours. So whether you’re in my group or you’re on my e-mail list, definitely pays to be in there because you get opportunities like this to get these insider perspectives. And I definitely want you to take advantage of it. So where are the five places? Well, I want to paint a picture for you, of one person that I’ve just done this for. She was an art director for a big company for the last decade. And due to life experiences, you know, she wanted to be able to go to doctors appointments with her child. He had some situations that she needed to go to extra appointments. She couldn’t go and work the corporate day. Today, the 9:00 to 5:00 anymore. And so she needed an opportunity for herself to be able to still work, be in her industry, but she had never been responsible for selling for herself before. So she hung up her own shingle. She went to local networking events, you know, went to the BNI groups, went to the local places that you’re supposed to go to, the Chamber of Commerce, and she connected with people one on one. But she had never been in charge of selling for herself. Until we started working together, she was making lots of connections, meeting lots of people, shaking lots of hands, giving out hundreds of business cards a week, but still wasn’t connecting the dots.

And when she did make a sale, it was for a fraction of what she charges now. We were able to go from her average sale being about one hundred and fifty dollars to now her average sale being over ten thousand dollars. So this is what I’m talking about. There are lots of opportunities here. Before we get into how to do that, because that’s obviously in my program when you work with me.

Let’s talk about where to find those people first. So here are the five places that I recommend looking. And I see, Hi Irena, Hi, Tammy. Hello. Hello.

Yes, that’s right. So these are amazing woman that I work with. Thank you so much for showing up live. I truly appreciate you. I’ve got them listed over here because I have honestly thousands of places that I look for new paying clients. The number one thing, now that we have literally access to planet Internet, which gives us access to people 24/7, no matter where you live on the Earth, no matter what time it is right now when you’re listening to this, you 100 percent can have access to paying clients.

Here’s the first place. Who here posts on social media? I don’t care whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, if you’re posting on social media, the people who like those comments, they’re strangers or they’re people that you know, either way, if they’re liking or commenting on your social posts, these are the first people that I would talk to. Because social posts are in the moment, right? They’re now. They’re happening. This particular person I was referencing had a full content calendar. She was posting consistently for a long time. So if you are posting on social media, give me an I post on social media, say yes here and let me know, because if someone likes it or comments, definitely that person, I would look them up. I know the women that are here, Pamela, like if you’ve got your lotions and potions, I would look them up. What are they using? Send them something. Give them a free gift. Ask them a question. Ask them a question in the comments. If they’ve only liked it, look at their page. Ask them a question. Find a way to start the conversation. Now, if that all feels fuzzy. Well, I’ve got I’ve got amazing offers. I post on social media. Yes, I post on social media. I see it coming up. Thank you. Awesome. So if you’re posting consistently, not eighteen hundred times a day, but if you just have literally one post.

Anybody who comments on that or engages with it, that is one place to find your next paying client. So that’s the first place to find. Number two, who here has a Facebook group? I have a Facebook group. I love my Facebook group.

My Facebook group is like a personalized focus group. They are people that I can talk to about all kinds of things. We talk about everything from what, the tooth fairy to the elf on the shelf to business. Right. What’s your favorite app? Do you like use Trello? Or do you use acuity? Who do you trust for Facebook Ads? Tammy Pereira. Who should you go to for this? You know, like these are great communities.

So if you have a Facebook group, say, I have a Facebook group, and if you do have a Facebook group and you’re not listening live, check people out. Right. Because Facebook groups are phenomenal place. Now, if you are the admin of a Facebook group and someone requests to join your group, that is like a lead, guys.

That is a hot lead. They are literally knocking on your door saying, hi, how are you?

Can I come in and hang out? That is a massive hot lead. So, yes, I understand Facebook groups are harder to administer than a post, but if you do have one and there are people requesting to join, then one thousand percent whoever, whoever requests to join, consider them a hot lead, and someone that you can talk to. Remember, everyone we talked to is one of the three C’s. They’re either a client, a connector or a collaborator. They’ll connect you to the next client, collaborate with you or buy something. That’s a second place. And number three, they are the people that ask you those quick questions. Who here ever gets asked a quick question. Hey, I got a quick question for you. Whether it’s in a thread of a post, whether it’s at a local networking group, whether it’s a cousin, or if, I have lots of cousins, I don’t know about you, but I’m an Italian from New York. So I got lots of cousins. So if you have anybody ask you, I have a quick question. That is a lead. That person wants to talk to you.

Great. That’s all we need. You know, part of the sales process is getting in proximity and then having a reason to reach out. So proximity in a reason. So this is what you have. The person literally reaches out to you, whether it’s in a thread or whether it’s PM or DMM or LinkedIn message. Sure. Maybe they want to sell you something, too. It doesn’t mean you have to buy it. It doesn’t mean you can’t buy it. When I get on the phone with somebody I am fully aware that we are both in business, and that is ok. They can make me offers. I can choose to take them or not. And I also can make them offers or invitations. But what’s happening is we’re getting to know each other. This is where new paying clients are. they’re in your network. And believe me, they’re all around you. Tammy says, I get questions asked all of the time. Yes. And when Tammy learned the way to move that phrase forward, she built her business, expanded incredibly because her skill set was already there. She was already brilliant at being an ad manager. She already understood the strategies and the high level needs of businesses to get their message out. She already knew that. And people were all around her. And now she’s finally able to open that way. Right. Open the connection to have those conversations. And it’s so powerful. All right. Number four. They are the people who send you friend requests and connection requests on social media. So whether they following you on Instagram, whether they’re asking you for your a friend requests on Facebook, whether they’re sending you a connection request on LinkedIn, these people are leads. They are not trying to bug you. I’ve got lots of people that tell me, they’re just trying to sell me something. OK.

Let them talk to me. I would love to talk to them. Doesn’t mean that they also don’t buy things.

Right. We all buy from each other. This is a marketplace. Thank you, Planet Internet for opening up this space 24/7. I can have a business open without having to have the overhead of a brick and mortar. It’s about that. Oh, thank you, Tammy. So at the end of the day, these friend requests are not annoyances. They are leads. So when I see people saying, oh, I can get you a thousand leads, we don’t need a thousand leads. I just need a couple. Right. I sell high end services. So if you do too, or you sell coaching, consulting, done-for-you services, if you’re a freelancer, you sell group programs, done together programs, these people could be your next paying client. There you have proximity.

Now have a conversation. All right. Number five, this is a place that most people never look for. Those of you who worked in corporate, for those of you who were in other environments and you had a whole other network in a whole other life. Let me know below.

Do you have a network at a former job or a former career?

Maybe you do something different now. Maybe you were an engineer and now you’re a consultant. Well, I want to encourage you that that former network that you have written off is a network. And it 100 percent is a phenomenal place to start to start to ask questions and look for your next paying client. I have walked my clients through this process and they didn’t end up with just one new client.

They ended up with 10 because all of a sudden the company that they used to work for hires them back as a consultant at 10 times what they would charge one person to be able to come in and run a workshop or offer some continued guidance and support in an outside consulting capacity.

It’s a beautiful thing, guys. I wouldn’t share this with you if it weren’t the first place that I look. If you want a sales opportunity scan type SOS in the comments by tonight and let’s find your next paying client. Thank you for listening to the S-word live today. I’ll see you next week.

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