3 Huge Mistakes to Avoid when you GO LIVE (and what to do instead)

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3 Huge Mistakes to Avoid when you GO LIVE (and what to do instead) on the “S” Word LIVE show today!!

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Today I dive into how to AVOID:

1. Boring your audience (without being an extrovert or a clown)

2. It doesn’t have to be LIVE (whaaaat??!)

3. ONE, clear, compelling CTA

Celebrating the one year anniversary of checking a big box off my bucket list, hanging with my crew, I realized something… I have not been talking about the BIGGEST thing that GOT me there… I go LIVE every single week.

I have gone LIVE 476 times since I brought the sales consulting side of my business to the online space.

Interviewing people LIVE

Going “on-location” LIVE

Sharing sales stories and strategies LIVE

Publicly and in my Facebook group. I have done LIVE Welcome Parties, “Ask Me Anythings” and “After Parties” to dive more deeply into topics I start to talk about publicly.

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Hello and welcome to the “S” Word LIVE. My name is Renee Hribar, sales strategist, TEDx Speaker and author. In fact, this week last year, I was at my TED Talk.

Oh, I was just talking to some of the wonderful and amazing woman that I met also doing this talk. And we were just reminiscing about the amazing times. I had been talking to my audience about doing TED Talks.

How do you apply? How do you know which ones it’s to apply for? But the one that they kept coming up is how did I get in a spot so fast? Right here. Because I have a weekly show. They ask, can you speak with slides and without notes on a very important topic and get to the point quickly within 18 minutes. I’m like, yeah I can. Do you have tape to roll? Yes, I do. So if we haven’t met yet. My name is Renee Hribar and I’m excited to bring you sales tips, business productivity strategies every single week, Right here live on Facebook. Now, this gets syndicated across all social media channels, YouTube, my podcast and my Website. So if you can’t catch me here, catch me soon. At the end of the day, the goal is, is that you get what you need to sell your services, especially if you’re a woman who’s not a salesperson, you’re not a salesperson. You didn’t get that training. You didn’t get your 10000 hours of mastery in sales, but you did get that 10000 hours of mastery in Website design. Or maybe you own a business or maybe you’re a Facebook Ad strategist. Hello, Irena, how are you? Thank you for joining. Hello, Candie. How are you? Say hello. How are you doing? I’ve got something amazing today. So of all the talk that I’ve had about TEDx, what it came down to is livestreaming. So most women that I work with, I teach a program. Hey, Shasta, how are you?

I met Shasta in person when she came to a workshop that I ran this time last year. So actually it was May, my gosh, where’s my months? So at the end of the day, is this, when I started talking to them about the TEDx talk. They were like, oh, my gosh, how do I do it? Well, this live show was one of the ways that I got in so fast. So what I want to talk about today was livestreaming.

So I don’t really talk about it, except in my program. I have a program called Sell Like a Mutha. And I’m going to give you a chance to get my livestreaming lesson, well one of them, because I have a ton of them in there. One of my live streaming lessons, all you have to do is typed the word, go live in the comments and I will send you one of the lessons. I will personally message you. I’ll give you a couple hours to do it and I’ll be sending this out across all my channels. So make sure you get in on it. It’s amazing.

But here are the tips I want to share with you today, right now so that you can use what I use to get the kind of business action that you can get. Because at the end of the day, I’ve had a business since 1996 and we never had a production studio in our pocket like we do today. If you have a phone, I don’t care if it’s Samsung or iPhone, you have a production studio in your pocket. And I’ve been going live every single week. I’ve gone live hundreds of times since Facebook Live became a thing. And I now have tried all other types of platforms. But I will still say Facebook live is my favorite.

So Candie says, oh, my gosh, what a cool free offer. Yes, yes, yes, yes. So Candie has access to it already. Irena has access to it already, Shasta has access to it already. So let’s figure out what to avoid. OK.

So if you’ve been hanging out me for any length of time, this might sound familiar. OK, thank you, Shasta. Yes. Sell Like a Mutha. So I talk about going live alot in Sell Like a Mutha.

So let’s talk about three things to avoid, huge mistakes that I see people making all the time when they go live. Because when you go live, it can syndicate and give you so much.

Just from my livestreams, a book is getting created. Just from my livestreams I have a podcast. Just from my livestreams I’m getting invited to talk in front of groups all across the world, including TEDx. So do this go live. OK, so here’s one to avoid if you decide to use that production studio in your pocket. So number one, don’t be boring. What? So if you’ll notice, I’m not sitting. I’m standing. How did I get standing? Well I bought a tripod and that’s falling down. But at the end of the day, I used to prop it on my filing cabinet or on my bookcase. And I mean, there were days I had it propped up with a wine glass. You know what I’m saying? So don’t make it too hard on yourself. Just get eye level. Get the camera to your forehead height or just above and you can look right into the camera hole, boop, boop. And you’ll know exactly how to look at your clients in the eye, or your potential clients, your audience. So don’t be boring. Stand up. Have an exciting title. If you don’t know how to title something, there are tons of resources that I offer for free. At the same time, get inspiration from reality TV shows like Naked and Afraid. What? Compelling. Right. The behind the scenes of dot, dot dot. Insider secrets from dot, dot, dot.

So get inspiration from titles, headlines all across your media, right, so magazines, newspapers, online and on TV. Don’t make it boring. You also want to start right away. Don’t wait. Don’t go. Oh, I’m just waiting for the live viewers to show up. This is all about the replay, Baby. This live is great. And I’m so glad that you guys showed up live. There will always be special benefits, especially in my heart for when you show up live. But this video and the audio and the transcription lives on within my content portfolio for years.

And so don’t just worry about the live viewers and definitely don’t wait for the live viewers.

Also, go on location. So today I’m in my office. But if you’ve been watching for any length of time, You’ll know that I go on location to museums, to boardwalks, to the beach, to the mountains, to the lakes, to the airports. I take you with me to different places. Which leads me into the next one, which is it doesn’t necessarily have to be your face. If you are someone who is like, oh, my gosh, my face, I don’t want to. You can show us other interesting things. Show us your screens. Show us some cool scenery. Show us some interesting magazines that you found. I know there’s one of the clients that I work with. She is a story seller. So she tells and sells through story and she leverages all the time she’s spending in the waiting rooms because she’s taking her mom to doctor’s appointments. Who can relate to aging parents? And she’s leveraging what she sees, what’s right in front of her and she’s using that as her content. So that can be your livestreams. It could be other people’s content and what you decide.

I also right now have a ton of holiday flyers coming in and I’m evaluating them, like I’m saying, well, this is really good sales strategies and this really stupid sales strategies. And I could literally just show those and talk about those as content as a livestream. And so can you. So show something that someone else has done and give us your opinion on a product or a service. Do an unboxing. It doesn’t have to be your face. That’s number two. Number one, don’t be boring. Number two, it doesn’t have to be your face. You can show us other things. You also kids show up. Do demos of things.

So if you sell a product, so many people that I work with now are selling lotions and oils and different amazing things. Demo it. Tell us a story around it. You also can use the Premiere feature. So this is the fun thing. Your live doesn’t actually have to be live. If you don’t know about the premiere feature type, go live right now into the comments before you lose out.

Because a part of that lesson that I’m going to send is going to be about how to use the premiere feature. It’s inside of my program, Sell Like a Mutha. It’s amazing.

And it really it allows people to batch record live streaming. And with this syndication that I do that, that I teach my clients, It becomes such an important, pivotal point of their content creation to make it so simple.

OK, great. So, the third one. Ha ha. Have one clear, compelling call to action.

So many smart, amazing, lovely women that I work with have lots of ways that they can continue the conversation with you. Check out my podcast. Check out my YouTube channel. Join my e-mail list. Join me on Facebook group. But if I give you so many options, it’s like going to eat at The Cheesecake Factory. If you guys ever go to The Cheesecake Factory, it’s like, oh, my gosh, there’s eight hundred thousand things here.

I don’t even know what to eat. I’m just going to have the bread basket. I’m full already. So at the end of the day, have one. For me, it’s always continue the conversation. Click the link above. Because I have designed a Bot, which is where I met Shasta, like Pasta, to be able to continue the conversation with someone and take them to the other places that I might want to show them.

But have one clear, compelling call to action. Today my clear, compelling call to action is type the words go live. Get a lesson out of Sell Like a Mutha. Get and go live more. Because if you want to know how I did TEDx, you want to know how I can syndicate, how I was able to get all the things that my business is growing into. It all starts with one hot lifestream. And the magic thing, the magic little piece at the end. A little a piece of advice that isn’t part of the top three is consistency. Consistency. How do we stay consistent with one thing? We make it simple. We remove all the barriers and we clear the path for ourselves. That, my friends, is what I teach. That is what I do. How to clear the way for yes. Yes to us showing up. Yes to our clients getting what they need. Yes. So I look forward to seeing you soon.


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