Where Have All the Good Clients Gone??

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Where Have All the Good Clients Gone??

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Do you get clients on REFERRAL?
That means one thing – you are GOOD at what you do!

Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn on the faucet for NEW PAYING CLIENTS any time you wanted??

Are you prejudging and making decisions FOR them without even giving them a CHANCE?

Just like finding the right spouse… give them a chance!

Here are some action taking tips:

1. Look at who is opening your emails and ask them more questions.

2. Look at who is engaging with your social media posts.

3. Look outside of your industry for inspiration for new revenue streams (it may not look like you had imagined).

There are new paying clients literally EVERYWHERE!!! This place is crawling with them 24/7 …thank you Planet Internet!!

Not sure where to look?

I have a special gift to share with you IF you are in my Free Facebook Group!! I will be popping up an event in my group and doing 3 Sales Opportunity Scans LIVE … i usually only reserve these for my paying clients!! This has opened up WORLDS of new paying clients!!

Click here and never miss a FREE training (plus get the VIP treatment from my super assistant BOTGIRL) so that we can hang out in my Free Facebook group: https://buff.ly/2HZPNzQ


Hi. Welcome to the “S” Word LIVE.

My name is Renee Hribar, sales strategist, TEDx speaker and author. And my goal today is to help you make sales simple and fun. So welcome to the live show. I am here today. Lots of new fun stuff. I’m in Detroit. Where are you today? I just came in from San Diego. You know, I want to tell that joke. I just flew in from San Diego. I mean, my arms are tired, right? Total dad joke. I’ve been hanging out with a grandpa lately. So that being said, let’s talk about where have all the good clients gone? I hear this all of the time. So a lot of people that I work with are professionals. They have a lot of clients from referrals. If this is you tell me in the comments. Yes, I do get referrals or just type, “Yes.” And I’ll know that that’s you. First of all, if you’re getting clients from referrals, Bravo, girl, bravo. That tells me one thing. You are very good at what you do. No one would refer you if they didn’t love you. But here’s the problem and I hear this all the time is where do I get the other clients, especially those who can afford me? Right. Tell me, have you ever asked that before? So where are the good clients? The ones who can afford you and want what you have and are ready to pay for it right now.

So if this is you, let’s talk about this for a second. Someone tried to call me. God forbid I use my phone for calling. This is so strange. Say hello as you join.

So let’s talk about this in framework. So I have one client. She is amazing. She is a professional website developer. And up until the point where we worked together, she was getting a lot of work on referral. Her average ticket is about twenty five hundred to five thousand dollars, well worth it. I mean, she can probably charge three times this. Right. I mean, have you ever just found someone where you’re like, oh, my gosh, I’m so glad I caught you before you raised your rates? So she’s amazing. Hey, Becky, how are you? Say hello as you join. So this particular web developer was getting a lot of work on referrals. Definitely amazing at what she does. But she came to me because she was saying to herself, I just don’t know where to find new paying clients without relying on those referrals. So using unique sales strategies, which I’m going to share a little bit with you today, things I usually only share with my paying clients. I am going to share with you what happened next. Well, what happened next was after six weeks of working together, she had had her best month ever. So kudos to her. It’s over. So here’s what I told her. I tell you the same thing. Number one, everywhere you go, there are clients. The question is, are you seeing them? So it’s kind of like when I was in college, I was on the volleyball team and I had a lot of really tall, beautiful friends. It was like, D3, you don’t get excited. So I’m a center. And there were all these know gorgeous and blond and fabulous and smart and amazing, like, oh, I just want a boyfriend. I’m like, there are literally men everywhere. We went to a college where it was like five to one. I’m like, you could throw a stone and hit three of them and they probably would really enjoy that. So don’t tell me there’s not anything. So there’s definitely boys out there. So what’s happening?

Well, they would say, well, he’s got to have this and he’s got to you know, it’s his last name has to end in an I. I want to marry an Italian and he’s got to be Catholic and he’s got to have, you know, no divorce in his family. And yes. To drive a car that’s red. I’m like, OK. Can you be more specific, please? So how does this relate to your business? A lot of people have gone through those ideal client Avatar case studies. And hey, Tammy, how are you? And they’ve gotten so specific that they’re eliminating, they’re not even seeing other businesses or other potential clients that are literally right in front of them, that if they simply had a conversation with them, it would go, oh, my gosh, I’m so glad we talked.

I was eliminating you because you didn’t look exactly like my ideal client avatar that I imagined in my head, like that imaginary boyfriend that we’re supposed to have, and that’s the perfect person, and make our lives happy. I had the same boyfriend ideals, but I tell you what, the man that I ended up marrying and who’d been married to for 20 years would never have fit those criteria. But he is the best one ever. So if I had put him to that crazy filter, he would’ve never been the one. So that being said, how is that for you with your client? How can you find the one or the next ones? Well, here is my advice to you. Look in three specific places. Do you have an email list? Look there. Who is opening your emails? Do you have a social media presence? Look and see who is engaging with you on social media and talk back to them. Don’t just put up posts and create a content calendar and then hope it all goes to plan that people knock down your door and come see you. Instead look and see what they’re talking about and engage. Another key thing is go to where other people are hanging out that aren’t, here’s the key, aren’t in your industry. So this past weekend, while I was in San Diego, I spent a lot of time with women business owners who don’t own a business that has a digital presence. And so I was able to see life in business from their perspective. And although none of it was a massive surprise, what was great about it was that it gave me a new, fresh perspective on my own business, on other channels, other revenue streams that I probably had discounted, a.k.a. in the sales world, we say prejudged. And I had eliminated them before. I had actually given them a chance to choose.

So I had limited those opportunities before I’d given them a chance.

So has that hasn’t ever happened to you, where maybe you were looking for more clients outside of the referrals that you’ve been getting. Wondering where have all the good clients gone? And isn’t there a song about that? And when someone finally shines the light, you think, oh, my gosh, I can’t believe I wasn’t even looking there. It was right in front of me the whole time. Now, inside of my free Facebook group, I’m doing something pretty special this week. I’m opening up three little spots to do what I call a sales opportunity Scan.

S.O.S. and I’ll be doing them for free. Usually this is something I reserved for my one on one and my mastermind students. So I am going to open this up inside of my free group. Make sure you click the link and get in there if you’re not in there already. I’ll be putting up an event later today. I am so glad you joined me for the “S” Word LIVE today. Take these tips and run with them. SALES can be simple and fun, folks, and I cannot wait to see you next week.

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