Sales Lessons from an 8 Year Old

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Sales Lessons from an 8 Year Old today on The “S” Word LIVE Show!

Have you ever been told you were “over thinking” things?

What about the idea that you may have put more steps in your way than are necessary to achieve your goal?

My goal is to keep sales simple and FUN

Today is all about exactly that!!

If you turn the sound on you can hear my 8 year old guru laughing along with us as we dish this advice:

1. Never underestimate the power of please & thank you.

2. Always invite someone to play.

3. Persistence (in the right way) wins every time.

Listen in as I dive deeper with these principles and how they can help you clear the way for YES in your business sales process today.

Bottom line, the “sale” doesn’t only happen when the contract is signed and the investment is made, it is made in the thousands of little (seemingly unimportant) interactions we make over time. Whether it is in person or virtually, it IS the little things and it IS your intention.

My intention: to help smart business women release the guilt, fear and awkwardness they feel around selling for themselves.

How do I do this? In little ways every day.

I do this show.
Answer viewer questions.
Answer Sell Like a Mutha’ student questions in messenger (even though it’s not officially included in their purchase)
Give honestly and from the heart to my friends and neighbors (even those who are my virtual friends and neighbors).

All of this to say – YOU CAN DO THIS TOO.

You have real experience, real skill and good, solid advice to share with your clients. There are people out there right now who are WISHING and HOPING they might find someone who can do EXACTLY what you do in theunique and special way only YOU can do it.

Your people need you.


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Hello and welcome to the “S” Word LIVE.

My name is Renee Hribar, sales strategist, TEDx speaker, and author, and my goal today is to help you make sales simple and fun. And I’m going to share some lessons today that I got schooled on from my eight and a half year old. Hey Wendy. Say hello as you join. I am in sunny Detroit and I’m just curious where you guys are watching from. And of course if you have your sales questions you can pop them in to the comments. I will come back and I will look at the comments and answer those questions live. I’m also doing a call in show soon so stay tuned. I love those call in shows just kind of channeling that old radio show, the car guys. I love that show growing up. I think they’re still on. And I love giving that kind of advice and help to the people that are out there that are just that are just feeling like sales is this heavy ominous thing. So let’s cut to it.

What are the sales lessons that I learned from my eight year old? Do you have kids?

Tell me yes in the comments. If you have children and if you feel like they sometimes school you a little bit, even when you know you’re the expert, and you know sometimes they’ve been watching, and oftentimes when we don’t think they are they’ve been paying close attention when we often think they’re looking the other way or they’re paying attention to something else, that’s when they’re always watching. So let me know in the comments, do you have kids and if you do have they taught you a pretty important lesson? So today I’m gonna go over three very specific lessons that you can use in your business to make it simple and fun when it comes to sales. And it comes straight from the mouths of babes as they say. So the first lesson is that please and thank you go a long way. Remember when, he’s here with me today watching. So when you were little I remember very specifically my parents saying you know they wouldn’t let me have anything until I said please. Do you guys remember that when you were little? That your folks or even your grandparents would say well what’s the magic word? And you would say please and then good things would happen. Right. So let me know. Have you ever been told that please is the magic word? Well when did we lose that? When did we lose the power please? Truly. It still has power. And there is so little to be seen of the word please I think much of our adult life.

But do not do not worry. It is very powerful. So is thank you. Especially when it’s said sincerely. I very consistently send out handwritten thank you notes, and I mail them with a stamp and to someone’s actual physical.

I make him write some, not the ones to my clients, but the ones to grandparents and aunts and uncles when he receives something for his birthday or whatever the case may be. So at the end of the day have you ever sent out a handwritten thank you note or said thank you when someone is like wow was so great to hear that or to receive that. I’m so grateful. So number one lesson definitely don’t underestimate the power of please and thank you.

So let me know if you have kids and if you have had some lessons from them and if you have seen and felt the power of please and thank you, especially when it’s given sincerely. Let me know in the comments. Say hello as you join. It’s a beautiful day to get comfortable with sales and that’s what we’re talking about today.

So enjoy this live and if you have questions about your sales conversations, about anywhere in the sales process, about getting people to show up to a call, or maybe you’re selling a group program, or maybe you have a webinar now, the questions that come from those sales processes are what I do and live and breathe and succeed with every day.

So let me know in the comments. I’ll come back around and I’ll answer them.

So the second lesson I learned from my eight and a half year old about sales is always invite someone to play. So what does that mean? So oftentimes we’ll be on the playground or we’ll be at the pool or be somewhere where there’s lots of other kids and it’s very easy to feel like the outsider, especially if it’s not your ball. Right. So if you’re playing with something if you have a new tool or a new offer a new program it’s very easy for someone to feel like the outsider. It’s very easy to feel like unless they’re personally invited that they’re not invited. Meanwhile, of course you would want them to play with you, but unless you personally invite them, if you walk up to them on the playground say hey you want to play ball? That’s when kids are like yeah of course I do and they just start playing. But until that personal invitation is made, oftentimes we kind of you know shift on the perimeter. And so if you have a new fun ball, if you’ve got that new program, new offer, that new course, that new something, that new thing, and you’re loving it, and you’re playing with it, and you’re having fun with it, invite other people, personally invite them.

Don’t lose the power of the personal invite.

And as you see it all the time so I just take my little notes here. Don’t you love that? So hey Irena. Irena, I was thinking of you when I said invite them to play. Irena is so good at this. So thank you Irena. Thank you for coming live.

Ida. Ida says please and thank you are regular words in my house. Yes. One hundred percent. The third lesson that I learned from my eight and a half year old that I really want to impart on you today is persistence in the right way. So thank you for the love guys. Persistence in the right way. What does that mean exactly? So there is this one game that he really wants us to download for him. And it’s called Roblox.

Let me know if you guys ever heard of this.

It’s a downloadable app game, it’s called Roblox, R-O-B-L-O-X. Is that right? Roblox. So he really really wants it but there is in app purchases. So we have not yet allowed him to download it, because it just seems like too much. It’s complicated. He’s only eight and a half. I don’t know who else is out there. I don’t know enough about it. So here’s how he asks. Oh all right Irean says yes. Lexi has the game. Well Maybe Lexi can educate me on it. Diana says yes, I love listening to him laugh in the background.

Yeah he’s like Roblox!

Ok. So here’s how he asks consistently though, or his persistence in the right way. He will come home and tell a story oftentimes of where he’s been at a friend’s house or he’s been at school or some kind of group effort and. it’s roadblocks cloud. So here’s. All right. He’s like Oh it’s my dad now. So what he’ll tell, this is him jumping in saying he’ll share a story first about a fun experience that he either heard about or had with Roblox with his friends and then he asks again. So how does this apply to your business? Well instead of just continue to ask Hey you want to buy this you want to buy this?

He says it seems I’ve become quite predictable. Yes. But persistence in the right way. So what does he do instead?

What he does instead is he shares a story first and then he invites us again to explore what Roblox might look like for him. So I love these lessons that he has helped me learn again and I wanted to share them with you today because sales can be simple and fun and if you feel like it’s overwhelming and too stressful and there’s too many steps, then chances are we just need to clear the path and just make it simple. It really only is about you and the other person buying it, whether it’s a one on one coaching experience, whether it’s a one on one done for you services, high end support, or whether it’s easy to purchase group program, or just a digital download. It is between you and the person buying it, and you don’t have to separate yourself so far from people. Chances are you probably like people. Chances are you have something amazing that they need. So put it out there. Let’s take these lessons and apply them and let me know in the comments what your sales questions are and I will come back and answer them. I will see you next week again for another episode of the “S” Word LIVE.

Have a great one.

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      1. Let me clarify and say he had it when he was 8. He’s 10 now & it’s all Fortnite!
        He loved it and I know we didn’t purchase much/if anything in app. You can earn coins to get stuff.
        Now-Like most video games, there’s some blood, violence, etc. but nothing that really bothered me. That’s pretty much the gaming world.

        1. Anne Marie Gentry Rowe got it – that makes me feel better. Right now he plays Mario Super Smash Bros. when he gets screen time… I will give Roblox another peek

    1. Michelle Adams yeah and with summer and his room being next to y office he gets LOTS of free sales training when I am running sales training sessions for my clients

  1. #replay I absolutely loved this episode! We can all make the sales process much easier using these methods from your 8 1/2 year old. Kudos to your kid and yourself for sharing. Thanks!

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