#1 Sales Rules You’re Probably Breaking (and what to do instead)

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#1 Sales Rules You’re Probably Breaking (and what to do instead)

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This sales rule about to share with you is 100% like the City of Detroit.

Believed to be dangerous
Will surprise and delight if used responsibly

They say Detroit is like Brooklyn 20 years ago. That’s probably why I like it so much!


Beautiful in its own unique quirky way


FULL of passion, integrity and POSSIBILITIES

It’s like when I co-hosted an in-person BOT training here in Detroit in May.

People flew in from all over the country.

They were nervous and a little wary.

It was incredible.

We not only built BOTS but they discovered their new favorite burger, the quaint shops we have and a new IPA (and got to sip it on a sun drenched deck with new friends).

The #1 Sales Rules you might be breaking:


Let me explain: You think you know what someone will say or do before it happens.

Don’t take away their right to make their own decisions.

This is the thought that floats through the brain on someone who is pre-judging:
“I don’t want to invite them to _______ they probably_____”

Fill in the blank:
Don’t have the time
Don’t have the money
Don’t need it

We get in our own head and we stay silent.

We hide our offers.

That is not fair!

Especially to the people who literally are DREAMING of finding someone just like you!

They are thinking…
Boy, I wish there was a sales coach who had a simple and fun system for connecting with great people, identifying their needs and wants and then making them offers that feel completely custom (giving them extremely high value).

Or I wish there was a Virtual Assistant out there that could just upload everything from that challenge I ran in a Facebook group to my website …

Or I wish there was someone who could take those recordings I did on my phone and turn them into a weekly podcast!

Or I wish there was someone who could take this google doc and turn it into a gorgeous funnel.

Does any of this sound familiar?

It should!

I bet you have said this AND I bet you are the person someone has been searching for!

Stop pre-judging and allow the people who need you to find you.

What can you DO instead???
1. Be open to all of the possibilities

2. Be okay with the page in your story that you are on today knowing that so much more awaits you but you must turn this page FIRST.

3. Be willing to be raw, gritty, and beautiful in your own unique way, just like Detroit!

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Hello and welcome to the “S” Word LIVE.

My name is Rene Hribar, sales strategist, TEDx speaker, and author, and I am on the river walk right now. Right behind me that’s Canada.

Look at that.

The Renaissance Center. It’s amazing. Downtown Detroit. And it’s full of lush greenery. I am in the middle of the downtown area and I am in a lush green birdsong filled park. It is amazing. So how does this have anything to do with the number one sales rule that you’re probably breaking and you might not even know it and what to do about it?

Well let me share that with you. So for those of us who haven’t met yet, I come live here every week at twelve thirty p.m. Eastern, right here on my public page to be able to share with you some of the insider secrets that I usually share only with my paying clients. Now who should be listening to this. Coaches consultants authors done for you service providers. For those of you who are out there with a level of expertise selling for yourself. So by watching this show you get actual practical specific advice on how to sell for yourself without any of this sleaze. So before I get into the rule, I want to share a little bit about why this rule pertains so much to downtown Detroit. Downtown Detroit is often misunderstood, right? It can be perceived as a little bit dangerous, as a little bit gritty, as a little bit raw, a little unfiltered.

In fact a lot of people describe Detroit as kind of like Brooklyn was 20 years ago, which is maybe why I like it so much since that’s exactly where I had my first sales territory is in Brooklyn New York 20 years ago. So I have been selling for myself and others professionally since 1994. I’ve had my own business doing just that since 1996. This is definitely not new to me. When I moved to Detroit it was very much on purpose. It was for a professional responsibility and a goal that I had and it was amazing. In fact I loved it so much I stayed. Why did I stay? Because Detroit, like many things, like this number one rule that you’re probably breaking, and once you learn what to do you’ll have the same delight. Detroit is full of delightful surprises and amazing possibilities. So, for example, I co-hosted an amazing in-person event here in May, right in downtown Detroit. People flew in from all across the country and unfortunately they had a lot of prejudging that they did. They were like, “geez, do I need to come armed and dangerous?” And instead what they learned is that not only were they able to completely get the work done that we had set aside to do but they also found a great restaurant with their new favorite burger that they’ve never had before, a peanut butter and jelly burger at the rusted crow. So if you ever come, make sure you get that. They also found the quaint little shops that we have that are just so filled that are right by Shinola. They found their new favorite IPA at the Jolly Pumpkin, and they got to sip it with new friends on a sun drenched porch. So what does that mean?

It means that if you give yourself the chance to break that same pattern that Detroit had, and here it is the number one sales rule that you’re probably breaking and what to do instead, prejudging. So what does this have to do with coaches, consultants, authors, done for you service providers, agency owners, people that are selling for themselves? Well oftentimes we prejudge our customer. We prejudge our potential and what we think is, “well, I’m not gonna make them that offer now because they’re probably busy or I’m not going to make them this offer right now. They probably don’t have the money or you know I shouldn’t even invite them to this because that’s probably not the right time for them.” What you’re doing is you’re robbing them of their own right to choose. So on this Independence Day we want to, we want to share the independence and I want to encourage you to 100 percent share your offers. Because here’s the reality, there are people watching this right now. They’re thinking to themselves, “Man, I wish there was a sales coach that had a simple and fun way to attract, identify, and make offers to people who need me.” Boom! You found her. There’s also people watching it and thinking, “Man I wish there was a virtual assistant who could take that free Facebook challenge that I ran inside of a Facebook group, download it all, wrap it up and put it up into my website.” I bet there’s people watching that do that. There’s also people watching that say, “oh my gosh, I wish that I wish that I could find somebody to build a website for me.” There’s also people watching that are saying, “Man I wish I knew someone who could help me manage my weight.” I bet you there’s people here that know how to do that. Or other people might be watching and thinking, “Geez I wonder I wonder how I could.

I wonder how I could do these other eight things” that I’m sure you are already doing so by saying that I want to encourage you that there are people out there right now that are looking for what you already do. You are there magical unicorn. You are the one that they are looking for. Don’t rob them of that choice of choosing you and finding you because you’re thinking, “wow I’m going to prejudge I’m going to decide for them all that they probably don’t need it. They don’t have the money and that’s probably not the right time.” Instead, invite them. So I invite people to Detroit all the time because I know the joy and beauty and the uniqueness of it. And those people that are in my mastermind that I work with, and even in my Sell Like a Mutha program, and I know their business, I recommend them all the time because I know the beauty and possibility of their business as well. So on this beautiful day I want to encourage you to stop breaking that rule. Don’t prejudge because the world is full of possibilities. To continue this conversation and to get a free gift from me, work books, sales training videos, and never miss another free sales training, make sure you click that link above and I will see you soon.

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