What the OTHER Guys Don’t Want You To Know…

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What the OTHER Guys Don’t Want You To Know…


Hello and welcome to the “S” Word LIVE.

My name is Renee Hribar. I’m a sales strategist, TEDx speaker, and author, and my goal today is to make sales simple.

And FUN! if we haven’t met yet,

I have been in the sales industry, running a Sales Agency, teaching thousands of people to sell for the first time and making millions of dollars. Their goal was always to connect with those people. But there is a secret that a lot of other trainers and a lot of other businesses they don’t want you to know. So when it comes to sales there’s a lot of myths. And so I love to come live in the “S” Word LIVE every week to be able to demystify sales, to make it less awkward, to make it more relatable, to make it more possible for you, the expert in your field, to be able to sell to the people who need you. So there’s no doubt you know your stuff. You know your work. You’ve done it, maybe for years, maybe for decades, but when it comes to hanging up your own shingle and having your own business, well you might not have been responsible for the sales ever. You were responsible to do the work you were hired to do.

Well if you were the one that has to finally bring in the customers it could be scary. So that’s why I’m here to do, so join me live now. And every single week at twelve thirty p.m. Eastern to talk about sales. So hey Linda. Say hellos when you join. I’m in Detroit Michigan today although I’m a native New Yorker born and raised. Hey Ali. Kat. The goal is to make this selling process.

That was you know what. That’s the beauty. of video. I swear one day. This is my third tripod.

Ok. And it just popped out. Holy moly. It literally just spit it out of me.

Ok. Live video. OK. So. Michelle Michelle saw that right. Oh my gosh. Ok. Shake it off. So a live video. Never a dull moment.

Irena, did you see that? Tammy’s here. Ari what’s up. Oh my gosh. Totally.

It literally just spit it out at me. All right. I don’t even know. OK.

So here’s what the big guys don’t want you to know. And really when it comes to sales. OK. So you heard tell me if you’ve heard of this? You’ve got to sell somebody something, you’ve got to have the know like and trust factor.

Right. They they have to know who you are. They have to like you and they have to trust you to be able to buy from you. So I have talked about this before, but here’s a little bit of a secret that not everybody talks about. So I can know who you are and the potential client who needs your services that you so expertly know how to deliver, they can know who you are and still not buy from you. Isn’t that interesting? Right. They could know who you are. So here’s another thing, people could like you. They can really really like you. You’re likable and they could still not buy from you. So I can know you and I can like you and still not buy from you.

So when I make a buying decision, but when I make a buying decision and tell me what you how you feel about this, when I make a buying decision there is one major factor that almost no one talks about because it’s it’s because not everybody’s figured it out. But I have something to share with you.

So the last piece is trust. I have to trust you. Like we just had our dishwasher break. And we had our floor tiled in after we had our dishwasher so that was super fun. Mm hmm. Adventures to come.

So for a trust I brought the person in who I trusted, who I knew would not crack a tile, could replace it if it needed to be, who already put the original floor in, somebody I trusted. I knew a lot of other tile guys I. Heck I like a lot of other, we live in a very like. We live and down rivers so it’s very like hands on. I know a lot of them. I like a lot of them. They’re great people. But I trusted one and that’s the one I called and paid.

So how do you develop that trust?

So in the online space look we’re separated by a screen. Hey there’s my wall and make it do that.

I’m like poking at it like we have a screen separating us. How do you know that I’m trustworthy? How do I know you’re trustworthy? How does a potential client know that you’re trustworthy? Is it really that your website because almost everybody get on one of those now. What is it?

So I’ve talked about this a lot. How do you develop that trust? So there are there are of two specific ways. Number one consistency.

Consistency. Right. Do you want the person who shows up with flowers once a year? Or do you want the person who consistently shows up and is there for you right? Well I want the person who consistently shows up. I want the person who I know that no matter when I call on them they can they’re there for me, right now. The second part is proximity. Okay so think about this. Like think about who you’ve been friends with over time or who you’ve who you’ve we, who you ended up marrying. For me, I mean like it was somebody who I was who is consistently showing up and who was nearby. Right long distance relationships are hard. Well in the online space we’re all over the world, so proximity is hard. How do you get proximity in a virtual digital world?

My answer is controversial and it’s Facebook groups.

I had a client that I been working with closely who was like Facebook groups are dead blah blah. We’re not going to do. I’m never going to do a Facebook group. And I’m like OK.

But then with a very specific strategy and structure she was able to build in hosting a Facebook group. And last week opened up a program to 25 people in her Facebook group and made two thousand dollars. So that’s just one example that happened in the last five days. So what I’m encouraging you, and she’s doing it again this week. What I’m encouraging you to do is to trust in the fact that if you were to host a Facebook group you don’t have to have this bass of curriculum. People want to get to know you. Give them an opportunity to trust you. And if hosting a Facebook group feels foreign or weird or strange,

well I invite you to come and hang out in mine. I got a great one and I will show you exactly what I do. You can learn the long you know through reverse engineering I suppose of how it’s done how I do it how I create trust in my Facebook group and I don’t talk about sales all the time. I talk about all kinds of things, and I allow other people to talk too. I allow it to be a space of connection and genuine interest for other people, even tomorrow night. I’m hosting a live group coffee chat in my free Facebook group. I love that part. I get to actually hang out virtually in a room with people in my community. And when I travel for work, when I go to Miami, or Nashville, or San Diego. I’m going to Vegas soon. I am going to host live virtual meetup where you get to go to hang out and just meet each other.

We work online globally all the time. So it helps build and open up that that forum for trust. So is this all in the guise that they buy for me? Not necessarily, but I know that no one will unless we have a trusting relationship. And same thing goes for you. So if you have considered it, thought about it, sat on the fence about it, haven’t seen a good one yet, come hang out in mine. At the same time, if you want some structure and formats and systems, well I’ve got those too. I’ve reopened BGOTB, Best Group (most profitable) on the Block for 24 more hours and I’ll put that link in the comments. My goal for you my friends is to make sales simple and fun. We don’t have to have 100 pieces of content and the perfect website and the perfect photos before we can make offers to people before we can connect with people who need us, it is literally your moral responsibility to help people who need you. Put yourself out there and and allow them that space to trust you. Have amazing amazing Wednesday. I cannot wait to see what you’re gonna do this information. I’ll see you back here next week.

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