The Secret “P” Word Disney Does Right (and how you can too)

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The Secret “P” Word Disney Does Right (and how you can too)

I remember getting a personalized t-shirt when I was a kid with my first name on it and feeling like the coolest!

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Over my long sales career I have read, listened to and said myself some version of “our own name is the sweetest song” they say you can be in a crowded, noisy room and hear your own name.

What is the “P” Word you don’t want to miss?

Listen in and I will share it with you . . . and give you some real world examples that will spark your ability to get this done for your business quickly.

In this world of broadcasts, auto responders and artificial intelligence around never corner:

Our banks

Our grocery stores

Our email boxes

Where is the human touch?

Where is the personalization beyond just a name?!

To SEE someone . . .

To HEAR someone . . .

Those are HUGE differentiators when you are doing business in-person or virtually.

This ONE thing alone will set you apart.

Be different. Separate your business from all of the NOISE and the droves of digital marketers trying to sell to thousands before they even know how to sell to ONE person.

Use this “P” Word!!

Listen in to how Disney does it and hear my challenge to you!

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Hello and welcome to the “S” word LIVE. I am live from the Disney Wonder again.

And I want to share with you a secret, A P word that they use so well and do so right, That if you use it in your business you could explode in the best way possible. OK. So I won’t tease you too much, but truly, have you ever remembered when you were a kid and you could find like a bicycle license plate with your name on it or a pencil with your name on it? Man, as a Renee they didn’t really have a ton of those things with my actual name on it. Have you ever had that happen to you? Tell me in the comments. If you couldn’t find that pencil or bicycle license plate in your name or maybe you could but your best friend couldn’t or maybe your name was just spelled uniquely. And I remember getting a T-shirt once made at the mall. I thought I was the coolest kid on the planet because it had my name on it, and it had it on the back. And I remember like someone call me by name and I’m like Oh man I didn’t know the person I was like, they know me. I must be famous. Really it was just my name on the back. And then even in high school when I was in varsity sports and we wanted to get our names on the back of our warm up gear and our uniforms and it just, it just felt cool to have your name

on something. And even throughout my entire career, whether it was the books I was reading or the conferences I was attending or the meetings that was even running, I have said this many times and heard it many times is our name is the sweetest song. Even in a crowded loud room, we could still hear our name. So when it comes to the P word that Disney does so well, it is personalization. Personal. Personal. Disney’s a massive company. So you know, hats off to all the digital marketers out there that are trying to sell to thousands before they even learn to sell to one. The story of Disney didn’t start where you see it today. It started long ago and it started with one person learning how to sell to another one person. So maybe you’re on that page of your story. Maybe you’re on that page of your journey. So when in the day that we live in when you call customer service and you get an automated response, auto responders, and artificial intelligence, wouldn’t it be nice to have a human with a personal touch that goes beyond just our name? If our name can have such a beautiful effect, wouldn’t it be amazing if you went even one step further, and Disney does as well, even as a huge company they’re still able to personalize, to truly make it something

where I felt like I was they’re very special VIP guests. And I was just one of over two thousand people on this ship. So, every night they knew me my name and they knew my order. Every place I went they started to know my name, and even deckhands because I’m always on the deck because I’m just loving this, they started to know my name. But I’m not wearing a name tag. How special is that? So what I am encouraging you to do is when you are looking at your business and the clients that you want to attract, I want you to look at them as individuals. I want you to personalize your message. In fact I challenge you to have one message before you try to broadcast a bigger message. What would you say to one person who had an interest or a need for what you have? What do you say that that one person, before we start talking about you know your ideal client Avatar and your product messaging? What I’m saying is what would you say to one person? And I challenge you to give one message personalized to one actual other human and then circle back and let me know how that goes. Because I truly believe that if you personalize your outreach the way that Disney personalizes theirs, and they are good at it,

use them as your inspiration, and I think there’ll be big changes on your horizon when it comes to identifying clients, attracting clients, converting clients, and more than anything else retaining clients for a life-long client and customer relationship. So if you’re joining me here live, I thank you so much. Tell me live hashtag or hashtag replay and I will see you soon on the “S” word LIVE.

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    1. Lee Ann Schwope Cochran YES!! The initial sale is not the “end” goal. In order to create long-term, sustainable businesses we all need to remember it’s about the retention and beyond 🙂

  1. This is so on point! Thank you for sharing these observations – you have such a great way of breaking own what could be totally overwhelming into simple steps! 🤩

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