Business Lessons from the Strawberry Fields

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Business Lessons from the Strawberry Fields


Hello, and welcome to the “S” Word LIVE. My name is Renee Hribar, sales strategist, TEDx speaker, and author. And my goal today is to make sales simple and fun, from the strawberry patch. So what can we learn strawberry picking? Well, it’s very important to have a goal. We came here because we wanted to celebrate.

We always buy them in the grocery store, but

we weren’t 100 percent sure, well I was, but I wanted to show my kiddo what it was like to actually pick a berry from the vine.

Plus, we actually have been to this place many times, never run as organically as possible, and we just love it. We sometimes meet up with friends. So our goal was to come and have the experience.

It wasn’t necessarily to get bushels of strawberries. In years past, we have jammed the strawberries and put them in jars and given them away as gifts. And we have made frozen jam and fridge jam and regular jam and jam without gelatin and lemons and all the things. But this year our goal was the experience. So how does that relate to your business? Well, what is your actual goal for your business? Is it to have a seven figure business? A six figure business? What is your goal? And then what will you sell? What will you do to accomplish that? These are some big questions that so many people ask themselves, but maybe they’re not asking the right question or maybe they just don’t know even know how to find the answer. Once we do know what we want to accomplish, we need to figure out how to do it. And so for me, I wanted to research where the best berry farm was that didn’t use pesticides, that was kind, that was local. And so we did our research. And so you have to do your research, looking into the best coaches, the best books to read, the best groups to join. And that might take a little bit of time. But when you’re new, you might have more time than money. And so when it starts with what you want to accomplish and then how you’re going to accomplish it, the last piece is aligning yourself with who you want to accomplish it with. Today we wanted to have this experience, not pick too many berries, and we wanted to do it with our friends. So we sent out a text.

We met up with them.

And although it was not a daylong experience, it just got the chance to be here for the morning, it was such a fun and enriching experience. So even if you can only afford to have a coach for a short period of time, or maybe you can only spend a little bit of time in that Facebook group asking questions or connecting with others, it’s quality time, not quantity time. So I encourage you today to, like the strawberry patch, enjoy the day, enjoy the sweetness of what your business working from anywhere can bring you. And I wish you a happy Wednesday. I’ll see you soon.

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