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Welcome to the “S” Word LIVE!

My name is Renee Hribar, sales strategist, speaker, and author, and my goal today is to help you make sales simple and fun. And today I’m talking about a topic that people go crazy about. It’s a hot topic because it’s all over planet Internet right now. Are Facebook groups dead?

Dun dun dun. I would say no. Not only have I, but I have coached so many people through being able to create big numbers, big numbers with small numbers. What does that mean? Did I take math? I don’t know it was sequential math. Don’t ask. It was the 90s and it was New York. The bottom line is that when you think about is creating a Facebook group even worth it?

I get it. There are a lot of horror stories out there about how people were misguided with the right intentions but unfortunately didn’t have the right structures or systems.

So today I am going to share three main systems that I have put into place that have changed the way people have been creating, hosting, and profiting from Facebook groups. Are you ready? OK. So what I want to say first and foremost is, I don’t know, do you guys like New Kids On The Block? You’ve got to show your age. I’m gonna show my age, NKOTB. So what I’m sharing with you are these three little systems that I use inside of a phenomenal program that I created that people are loving. They’re eating it up like candy on Christmas, and they are telling me they’re able to finally have the confidence to start their own group and have the people in there and not get all tangled up in feeling that they need vanity numbers, they need thousands of people in there, they need some fancy pictures, they need some fancy curriculum. So let’s dive into what this is. I call it BGOTB ode to NKOTB. So I call this the Best (most profitable) Group on the Block. Here are three simple systems that I teach inside of there. So number one, and I’m just giving you literally like the first step. We dive into this lot more inside the course. But here it is, number one, when you’re thinking about hosting a Facebook group. The idea I want you to have in your head is it’s like a house party right.

If you have ever hosted a house party, tell me yes or no. Have you ever hosted a house party? If you have, whatever food you serve, or music you play, games you bring out, or whatever you end up doing, you want to make it about the guests, not about you. Right? Isn’t that. Aren’t those the best parties? You took some time to actually think about, not the masses, but the actual guests, the people that you want to invite or that you end up hosting inside your house party. So if your Facebook group is your house party, the number one system that I want to talk to about is make it about them. So what does that mean exactly? So the first thing is this. Let’s say you want to have a house party with your 10 best friends and they’re amazing people but they all like different types of food, different types of music, and they all like different types of games. So here’s what I encourage you to do. Ask them what they want to play, what they want to do, what they want to eat, and then create a combination of all of those.

So what does it look like inside of a Facebook group? It means talk to the people that are all, they are already talking to you, clients you’ve already had, people you’ve already interviewed on your podcast, or people that you’ve already had phone conversations with, or that you meet inside of other Facebook groups that you’re already in, or programs or courses that you’re already a part of. Ask them. Hey what are the best things that you like about hanging out with me? Or what are the best things you like about hanging out in any Facebook group?

Well if you are like me and you have a business that sells to other businesses, then chances are something they’re going to like is being able to promote themselves right. So when you make it about them, you want to ask them hey what would you like and chances are it’s going to be about being able to promote themselves. However I also have clients that run travel agencies and they want to make it about talking about all the travel they’ve been on telling their travel stories, their travel nightmares, the fun, the ups, the downs, the beach, the mountains, all those things. Another client is an intuitive energy life coach ,and so she’s able to care for those people and sell to anybody. Not just businesses, and they want to talk about crystals and they want to talk about tuning forks when I hear about Tarot cards. They want to talk about Reiki. They want to put all those things. So she asked her people. She thought about exactly who she was going to be talking to, not just the masses, not just some ideal client Avatar makeup person. I mean a real person.

And then she created something that they wanted to be a part of, that they felt excited about being a part of, not just another place to get more information. We live in the Information Age. They don’t need more information. They need you to show up as you, and so in a way that only you can do it.

So again no one system make it about them and I just gave you exactly what I meant. Number two, when you create these exciting things that are going to go on inside of your house party continue to invite them personally. So here’s what I mean. I’m giving you example. So let’s say you’re having your house party everyone’s over. They’ve got the food and the games and the music that they like and a combination there that only you can make because you’re the one that brings them all together and and then you know Joey goes in the backyard. Yet he still smokes cigarettes and you don’t allow smoking in a house, and then Beth, she goes to the bathroom. But you know she goes like to the third floor bathroom, because you know she had to like take care of business and all of a sudden not everyone’s in the center of the room right now. Everyone’s hanging out. You know Joanne she had to go to pick up like her sitter and bring her home because her husband finally got home and she’s going to come back in a minute. So all of a sudden this party of 10 is not the party of three. Not as fun. So you’re like what can we do? You’re like, I know I’ll open up that champagne I had on ice. Now’s the perfect time.

I’ll call Joanne, and call Billy, get Joey and I’ll personally, Hey Joey how you doing? Come on down. Or Hey Bob come back inside. Right so you’re personally not going Hey guys the champagne popping and that’s called a broadcast right. A big post. What I’m saying is to personally ask them like call her on her cell go out and go to the backyard and be like Hey we’re gonna pop some champagne. Personally ask them. What does that mean in Facebook land? It means a personal message. It means an actual personal message. And so if that feels weird or strange to you, then then maybe you’re not using Messenger correctly. Messenger is not meant to be a broadcast environment. It is not a place to put billboards. It’s not a place to drop links. There’s a place to have a one on one conversation, and that’s very exciting, and will make you very different in the world of Planet internet, because everyone’s like broadcast broadcast mass market mass market. Unless you need a thousand customers this month to make your overhead to hit your sales goals, then this method that I’m teaching you is going to work perfectly and it’s going to make people feel great and you feel great. OK so continue to invite them personally. Last one. Get creative. What? What does that mean? I mean get creative.

Don’t do the same old thing that everybody else has done. Don’t just follow someone else’s path. I mean really make it your own. One of the biggest things that I work with people when I teach them how to sell their services for themselves. This is about getting more business, getting more clients, is what makes you different? So what makes you different, what makes this place different, what makes this house party different? If they’ve got 10 invitations to 10 different house parties, why should they go to yours? Well because you’ve made it about them and you’ve continually invited them to things, you’re going to see what they show up to and what they don’t show up to. So right here get creative. What are some creative ideas? Well I’ve had people that I’ve coached to do a livestream day, because as a big part of their coaching, live streaming, and how to do it, like how to face the light, and how to look in the camera, and how to create a script, and how to know what to talk about, is a part of their bigger programming. So they invited people to do what one day go LIVE.

And it was super fun. That’s one idea. I had another person come in and she did group chats, right? So did you know you can do a group chat inside of messenger? Did you know you can add like 10 people and like you can all see each other’s faces like ten times face time? What. Yes. Super fun and easy and able to be done on the go.

Because this person that did that, she works with busy moms who literally work with their business like five hours a week max, because they’re always out in about at the soccer field, at the baseball field, pickup. They’re always out about, so their phone was the perfect place. So a zoom call wasn’t feasible because then it would have probably needed to be at their computer. Another thing. Oh my gosh, this life coach that I work with, she did a celebration day where every day once a month she picks the day, she personally invites the people in her group to do a celebration, a celebration of something that they care about. So what better way for you to connect with your people than to be able to do these systems have these services. And if all of this feels a little foreign and strange and scary, I’ve got help. You can join my group or you can definitely check out the full details of the program that I created The Best Group on the Block!

I’ll see you in there. Happy Wednesday.

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