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Hey! Welcome to the “S” Word LIVE!

I’m outside today as you can see. I just got home from working out. So kudos to that, right? Let me know if you work out. How do you fit it in, right? So there’s always something, there’s always a reason not to. But today I will talk about the three P’s to sales success. So if you’ve known me for any length of time know that I’ve spent two decades selling for others, selling for myself, and more importantly teaching thousands of people to sell for themselves to make millions of dollars. So tell me where you’re watching from today. I am in Detroit Michigan. It is a beautiful sunny day and summer is almost upon us. And when it comes to sales we want to, I know for me at least, I want to slow down when my son has no school. I won’t be able to take more vacations. I want to know that what I’m doing, those sales activities, are actually getting me benefits, right? They’re actually getting me some results. So let me know if you want to get results for your sales. What are the three P’s to sales success? Well they’re not the things that everybody else is talking about. Hey, Steph. How are you? Steph is in El Paso Texas, which is awesome. Share this with somebody that you know who might be questioning, you know, how do I sell? What do I need to do?

What do I need to focus on to actually make this sale? To actually make the money, to  get the money deposited in my account. What do I have to do? So my first question to you is, when you think about who you’re offering services to, are you thinking about the mass market or are you thinking about one person?

So the first P to sales, to the three piece of sales success, is one person. And I don’t mean your ideal client avatar. I’m not talking about marketing. I’m here about sales and I mean actually talking to one person. So many of my clients are struggling, have struggled with this before we started working together, thinking well I have to think about the people that I’m talking to and I’ll talk to one person, but it’ll be in an email and it’ll be in a post. Why not just actually talk to the person? So the first piece is talk to the person, not hypothesize about what that person might be doing, not try to write a post that that person might see or some email that they might possibly read, but actually talk to the person. You’re like, Oh great. So now here’s the problem. When I say that a lot of times my clients are like, Oh my God.

Talk to someone? Why can’t I just like

put a post up and people will just come clamoring? Well if if that were the case, it would be easy, everybody would do it.

So what I’m saying is find one person to actually have a conversation with and if that freaks you out and you’re not sure what to say then the second P here is practice. You know to get to Carnegie Hall they say you got to practice practice practice. Well to get great at sales, it is not something you’re born with. It is a learned skill. So 100 percent you can learn it. And if you’re not sure what to say then the first thing to do is write down what you might say and then practice it. We have iPhones, right? You can pick up your iPhone, you can talk to yourself, you can record a video of yourself, you can record your voice.

You can practice in front of the mirror. I know as a kid growing up I was talking to the mirror a lot, because we didn’t have social media.

What I’m telling you is the second P is 100 percent to practice. I’ll give you an example.

I took nine years of Spanish. Steph being here reminding me that I took nine years. Guess how much Spanish I could speak if you dropped me in a Spanish speaking country that didn’t speak English? I’d be dead soon. Because I could barely survive.

So if your survival is based on being able to talk to that one person and you actually practice those conversations then you will do it, but you have to practice. It has to actually be real. You can’t just theoretically do it. You can’t just theoretically talk to that person.

Hey Esther. How you doing? The last is, here’s a big one guys, is again this is fresh off the press from the people that I work with now, my students today, my clients this is put an offer on the table. That’s the third and last P, put an offer on the table. Hey Irena. Hey Esther. Hey Steph. That is such a big deal. So many of my clients again hypothesize and strategize about what to put out. Put one. Pick one. It doesn’t have to be the one you always offer to be the offer of all time, you don’t have to redo, if you have a website and there’s a services page, you don’t have to redo it, you don’t have to touch it, it could be a secret special offer that you’re only testing and creating and offering to one person. why not put an offer on the table?

You don’t have to wait for big launch days or big launches or email sequences or posts. You just have to talk to that one person. Practice what you’re going to say in advance. Think about it. Have concern and care for them and then actually put an offer on the table. So if you take these three Ps to sales success you will have sales success. I guarantee you it doesn’t doesn’t have to be this mystical crazy thing. Sales can be simple and fun and every single week I come back here to the “S” Word LIVE to show you exactly what I’ve taught thousands of people to do, to make millions of dollars over the last 20 years. So I want you to think about this.

How many people would be full for you? How many people do you actually, how many new paying clients do you actually have to have, to make ten thousand dollars a month? Right? That’s a pretty good average. You know a six figure business where you’re working from anywhere. So think about it. Just think about it. What is your sales success reliance upon and is it possible to do this week? My answer with these three P’s is one hundred percent yes, right. If you want to talk about this more I’m doing some live Q and A in my group. It’s a free Facebook group. There’s over a thousand people in there. Maybe one of them is your next client. You never know. I’ll click the link with you and I will show you exactly how to get in and never miss another live sales training. See you soon.