3 Little Letters that 3X Your Sales!!

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3 Little Letters that 3X Your Sales!!


Welcome to the “S” Word LIVE!

My name is Renee Hribar, sales strategist, TEDx speaker, and author, and I’m coming to you live today to talk about three little letters that can literally 3x your sales. So let me know, are you interested in hearing about those letters? And where are you on the planet because I am in Detroit. I’m from New York originally, but I’m in Detroit today. It is a cloudy and rainy day today. Where are you coming from? Sonia. Sonia. Colorado, not Massachusetts. All right.

So before I can tell you those three letters that can 3x your sales, I have to give you some context right? So good advice is only useful if you know how to use it. So to give you some context I work with coaches, consultants, bookkeepers, travel agents, business owners of all kinds that clearly have a need to have a social presence. So, hey Steph how are you?

So if you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Jeez I’m posting and posting and posting on social media. You know, I’m on Facebook. I’m on Linkedin, and I’m still not getting the sales right.” If you’ve ever felt that way or you know someone who does, share this with them and let me know in the comments if you know someone or if you yourself have felt that way, where you were posting and posting but still it just wasn’t enough. Those posts, they weren’t converting into sales. You felt like, “geez I just stayed you know fifty two posts on LinkedIn and I got you know 500 new connections but none of them are turning into sales. What is the deal?”

So if you’ve ever felt that way, let me know. Hey Esther. How are you Sonia? Steph, hello. Say hello. I know Esther’s in Main. Steph’s in Texas. Sonia’s in Colorado.

I’m in Michigan. We’ve got people I spoke to earlier in Europe. We’ve got people in Australia that I’ll speak to tonight. Thank you planet internet for making connecting so amazing.

You know that I love handwritten notes. Who here also loves handwritten notes? I still am like a handwritten note person. So I love some Google Docs. Hey Lori. Lori is in Michigan too. What’s up Lori?

Is it raining by you? Today it’s horrible and raining. so this is something that’s happened quite a bit. So with this particular crew that I’m working with right now, these women are experts in all different areas, marketing strategists, travel agents, coaches, marketing coaches, business coaches, and we are working through this specific Repurpose Like a Mutha program. Lori kind of popping up reminded me she’s really helping me do this and it’s great because it turns one piece of content into 36 pieces of content. But the challenge that they’ve been seeing over the past two weeks is that it wasn’t converting into sales and so that is the key. Like if you’re posting, no matter how much you’re actually posting, Lori I own a million notebooks. Yes. And it’s raining. And so these notes that I took are from real clients that I have this week that are experiencing this same pattern. So know that you’re not alone and most likely you know you’re doing your best, but you just, there’s little pieces, we can’t cut the back of our own hair you know. So that’s what this expert live is meant to do, is give you in the moment up to date fresh off the press what’s happening in the business world, and how can I get my sales stronger clearer and to the right people? Right? So that is what this is meant to do, so please share this with a friend because this is going to help. And so what they said is you know I’m omnipresent but the sales still aren’t coming in. And so that’s when I started working on this, right? And I really started thinking like OK I’ve got my notes here. What are those three little letters? And the three little letters by wrapping it up into this fun discovery talk is going to help you remember that it needs to be these three little letters. Anybody want to guess what these three letters are? You know I like to play games sometimes.

So look the three little, if you want to guess let me know. The three little letters are C T A. Now for those of you who are also digital marketers you’re going to know that those are important letters and they mean ‘call to action,’ but there’s caveats. It can’t be just any old call to action. It can’t be dusty rusty old boring, like stale bread. You know if you’re going to the bakery, like I grew up around some really good bakeries, and you go in you go on like on today and it’s the fresh bagels right out of the oven, those are going to cost you three bucks a piece. Tomorrow stale bagels you get a dozen for a buck. So you don’t want old crusty stale CTA. So let me know if you’ve ever bought fresh bagels compared to day old bagels. Nobody likes them as much. They’re OK. I mean you can live with it. It’ll do all right. It’s better than no bagels, but nobody wants stale old crusty grossness. So how do you freshen up your CTA? First of all with a call to action, I want to just put this down as the number one thing, you need to have one call to action not five. First of all, I take my everything bagel double toasted little schmear. That’s all I need. for my good friends here they know me. Esther and I had bagels last time we were together. So calls to action, have one. I cannot say enough from a sales perspective it is so vital, if you’ve got some sort of post, an email, a livestream, anything it is going to be hard I bet because you want to tell them all the things but it’s just going on a first date and being like, blah!

Your whole life story.

Take it easy, pace yourself, whatever you’ve got going out there. Make sure it has hot fresh CTA on it and make sure there’s only one. What was that movie The Highlander? There can only be one. Remember that when you’re doing this. Esther says, yes. I tell people this for the outro for their podcast. One CTA. Yes. Esther. Esther gave me some really good insider tips on my podcast lately. So thank you Esther. She’s amazing. So call to actions. That’s the three little letters but, caveats. They’ve got to have only one, and number two, they can’t be old rusty and gross. So how do you make them hot fresh and now? Hot, fresh, now isn’t that another layer? I love marketing. OK so number one it has to have urgency, scarcity, curiosity. And here’s another one that I love teaching my clients about is anticipation. So what does this mean guys? Get your notebooks out because this is what I’m talking about. These are the good words right here. Things like I want it. or give it to me. We can go a lot of places with that one. Start now. Start here. Click. Now don’t miss out. Find out today. Free gift. Right? So these are some key calls to action, whether they’re on a button, or they’re right before a link, these are keys that you can use today that will 3x your sales.

So many people, you included, might be posting and really working hard at those content calendars and getting visible. I want to help you turn that visibility into sales, actual sales, so this is one small piece. This is what’s been coming up this week though, based on my team and I working on this program that I’ve got called Repurpose Like a Mutha. So now here’s the last one. So you’ve got it got to be CTA. Got to be only one, can’t be old, rusty, crusty, gross. It’s got to be fresh, and the last one is you want to remove the risk. Have you ever looked at something and said “I don’t know.”

Maybe a little bit risky, but then they say well, you know there’s no risk because or free trial or 10 day money back guarantee or no questions asked money back guarantee or lifetime guarantee or something to that effect right? So the key is with the third point that I want to make here, with the three little letters is, you need to remove the barrier to entry. Don’t make it so hard to start to get to know you. If we’re talking about social posts, emails we’re talking about probably one of the first touches that they’ve had with your business. So don’t make it so hard. Make it easy, you know. You’re in business you’re open for business. You know make it easy to come in and do business with you. In terms of sales, it’s okay to make offers and to ask questions and to continue to give people reasons to connect with you over and over again. But when it comes to putting posts and social media out there and having that visibility, if those aren’t converting into sales, these three little letters will help you get more sales. So if you’ve gotten any benefit at this let me know. Tell me one of what your CTAs is down below. And I can’t wait to see you all around planet internet. Happy Wednesday. Have a great one. Take these and run with it. Let’s go make some sales.

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