Shift How You Feel about Sales with this ONE Word!

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Shift How You Feel about Sales with this ONE word!


Hello and welcome to the “S” Word LIVE! My name is Renee Hribar, and I’m a sales strategist, speaker, and author, and my goal today is to help you make sales simple and fun. If you’re joining me live today, say live below. If you’re joining me on the replay say hello on the replay. My goal today is that about this one word that comes up all the time, especially when my students and my clients have these aha moments.

And so this one word will shift how you feel about yourself and sales. And it also help you gain confidence and give you the tools that you need to really shift that perspective right. Because I say this all the time, from a sales perspective it’s easy to get weirded out or nervous or feel awkward.

I’m so glad you were able to join me today live. It is a beautiful day here in Detroit. Tell me where you are in the comments. I’m outside. I’m actually outside my house, finally outside. Love it. Yes. We’re not in parkas anymore. So this word is something that my clients say oh how this family helped. So in the traditional sales world that I come from we had a prospect list, we had leads generated.

We had a prospect list. We had a nurture sequence, and we needed to make sure that we fit that into our daily sales activities.

The problem is is that when we started to look at people as numbers or prospects or you know data points on the matrix there was a little bit of a lackluster, right? And make it almost like see us coming. I’m going to give an analogy here because I think for everyone listening you’ve all been in this situation. You haven’t all been in the professional sales well but you’ve all been in this situation. Back in college I had this amazing friend, so beautiful. I played volleyball and so everybody was like six feet tall and blond and gorgeous. Not me, but everybody. I was a setter. Everybody else was. And this one girl I mean had the brains, had the beauty, so kind.

Came from a good good family, like no drama in this girl’s life, like amazing girl. She was always like I can’t find a boyfriend I really just want a boyfriend and I just want to get married I just want to have kids I want to settle down. I’m like That’s great. But you can’t go around projecting that, right? It’s like oh I just need more clients. I need to make sales. I just want to be able to calm down and I want to be able to have people come to me it’s like that.

It’s that desperation energy that that people smell right at the end of the day. We all have our caveman brain and we’re all animals. So even if it’s on video people can smell it it’s the way we look, talk, feel. Energy is everything. So when it comes to how I want you to think about sales this one word it is love. So when I started teaching sales online, I changed prospect list to Love list. So ultimately when it comes to who we talk to and what we’re talking about the first and only word I want you to have running through your brain is love. I’m just gonna love talking with them. I’m just gonna love getting to know them. I mean I’m going to create an innocent curiosity and I’m going to approach this conversation with true genuine intent to get to know the person. And in the sales world, whether you’re selling for yourself or whether you’re selling for someone else, it is important to do discovery, right? We talk about qualifying our leads. Well here instead of saying qualifying our leads, we’re just shifting the conversation a little bit and that changes how we feel about this process, because a lot of them that I work with when they come to the online space they have the experience, they have the expertise, they’re ready to sell for themselves, are ready to bring in clients, and the clients that do work with them always give them referrals because they’re great at what they do.

But, they haven’t had practice yet selling for themselves. So what I’m encouraging you to do is to think of these individuals that you’re coming toward that you’re having conversations with as people that you simply want to love. You want to love them. That’s the one word l-o-v-e. When you approach it with that idea in mind, the way you frame your whole conversation changes. You don’t have to think of oh geez when is this person going to say the right things so I can nail them with my offer? No. Are you going to eventually invite them to an offer? Most likely, but there are possibilities when they may not be the right people so you may not even get to that point. And these conversations that you have don’t have to necessarily be on the phone. They can be in messenger or in. I mean like heck tech today allows us to talk to people in different ways till Sunday. So what I’m suggesting to you is no matter how you’re connecting with people email, chat bot, messenger, inside of Facebook groups, on the phone, wherever you’re connecting with them I want you to approach the conversation with love, because this will give you the confidence to know that you’re just getting to know someone. You’re not trying to convince them of anything. You are simply exploring what they need, trying to suss out exactly how they understand it, how they see it, how they explain it, and then presenting some possible solutions.

So many women get stuck right here. They don’t know how to talk or how to connect with or what to say in those first few moments. And what I’m saying is yes I have scripts and templates and all the things, and I have a great program, and it’s open to 11:00 o’clock tonight. But what I’m saying is is if your intention is simply to get to know them, and to shift the conversation from prospect list, where I got to persuade you to prospect buy my thing, instead switch it around with this one word, love. Create a love list instead. Create an a list of people that you actually want to get to know. And this my friends will serve you over and over and over again, whether you’re on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram. Whatever medium or tool you use, it will serve you over and over again for decades. No matter what the new tech is ten years from now.

God knows what it will be. We’ll be flying around and planes and telepathically talking I’m sure. It won’t matter because this one concept can reign true. It’s universal and it’s forever. When you approach someone and you talk to them and you get to know them, you see them as a potential client as opposed to a prospect that you’ve got to persuade or manipulate. What I’m suggesting is hmm… If I were to truly genuinely give this person some love, truly genuine give this person some of my time, and ask them genuine questions, how would that shift my my experience here as the seller? Because it truly does matter. And I ask this question in my group some of you guys are coming in from the group. Hey Diane. Nice to see you. I still think about when we had lunch in Charlotte. It was so fun. So at that point, when you’re thing about how you feel is the seller. This is where this question came up at my group, confidence. People had trouble with the confidence to be here. Well you don’t have to be confident like a dude. You can be a woman and be and be nurturing and and communal and still get sales.

There is a better way. You don’t have to be convincing people. You can simply connect.

And this one word allows you to take the idea in your mind and frame it out. Another thing that people said is they get over themselves. They had to get over the fear. And so by by holding this idea of I’m not here to convince, persuade, or manipulate. I’m simply here to connect. So you’re really truly getting to know this person. It shifts the entire conversation. So that no matter what happens, let’s say you do talk to them and they’re not the right person right now, maybe you’re more open to maybe they’re more open to receiving continued connection, whether that’s email, messenger bot, on the phone, or however that looks in your world. And you know what, it will always evolve anyway. So how you do it is less important than the mindset and the idea of the intention to that connection. So I hope that this one word today and this s word live today is going to help you shift the way you feel about sales, so that you can truly hit your income and impact goals. Because I know none of you are here for no reason. You’re all here for a reason. So I’m excited to see you today. Have a great one. Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday. Have a good one. Share this with someone that you think is going to need it too, because no one should feel badly about sales. It’s just connection.

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