3 C’s that Changed the Way Women Sell

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Hello, and welcome to the “S”

Word LIVE!

My name is Renee Hribar, sales strategist, Tedx speaker, and author, and I’m coming to you live today from Detroit and I’m going to talk about the three C’s that have changed the way women sell after they work with me. So I’m sharing with you some secrets today that I don’t typically talk about publicly.

Hey Shandra. Hey Linda. Say hello as you join, whether you’re alive or on the replay, say hello. It is a party. Tell us where you’re at. It’s meant to be fun.

Yes. Sales can be simple and fun. No persuasion needed, no manipulation tactics. No crazy complicated funnels. Let me know where you’re watching from, whether you’re live or on the replay. So here are the three C’s that have changed the way women specifically sell after working with me. Say hey.

Yes. #live. #replay. So let’s dive into it. Hey, Valerie. What’s up girl?

So it’s exciting because when I share these secrets with you you are going to be like, “Oh, OK.” So if you worked with me, or know me, or have hung out with me for any length of time, you know that I am a huge advocate of what the marketers would call primary research and what I call getting on the phone with people. So,

if you have ever felt like, “Ahhh, I’d do anything to avoid getting on the phone with people,” tell me in the comments that you might, or maybe not you, maybe you just know someone who would like to avoid getting on the phone. They’ll create all kinds of work for themselves just to avoid the one thing in my personal opinion to get on the phone someone.

So let’s talk about the one thing that can actually change the way you sell for the better to make it easier, more relaxed, and get you better results. So in the world. Hey Elise is calling him from North Carolina or at least watching her North Carolina, beautiful there. So when you think about the phone, it could be any kind of connection. But what I really talked to women specifically who sell for themselves, for their own services, their own time, whether they’re coaches, consultants, done for you service providers, lawyers, real estate agents, these women that I work with oftentimes when they think about the phone call they’re like, “tire kickers, wasting my time. I’m not sure if the person’s even my ideal kind of person.” So the way that I teach has a very clear foundation and it’s founded in these three C’s.

And I want you to know that.. Elise says four text longer than real than a phone call. Yeah. Right. So most people would rate with rather text or send in an automated message or anything else to be able to avoid the phone.

But I’m telling you the phone when you look at it with this framework, with this 3C foundation, it will change the way you sell, for the better. So when I encourage women that I work with to get on the phone, to reach out, to connect, whether it’s on the phone or even in person, what I’m encouraging that framework to be like is, and this is more the psychological side, right the emotional side, because if you’ve worked with me for any length of time, or even if we’re just meeting, I do teach strategy. I teach very tactical, very specific, very specific phrases, tone, pace that’s very specific. However that’s only half the story. The other half of the story is the emotional intelligence that we bring to that conversation. So this is what this is what I’m going to talk about today, the three Cs. When I look at the phone call and I think about what I’m going to say. I think about the person I’m going to be speaking to. I think about what they might do what they may not do. The first thing that I think about, the first C is I look at that person as they might just be a connection. They might just be somebody who connects me to my next amazing opportunity or my next amazing client or my next amazing fill in the blank something I might not be able to even imagine yet. They also might be somebody who is a collaborator. So when I think about the person I’m about to get on the phone or I think about the people that might even just see my posts or see my live streams or read my emails or see me on YouTube, whatever whatever they’re experiencing from me when I put that into the world but especially speaking about the phone because that truly is where the rubber meets the road. I can’t emphasize the positive results that people can get so quickly without complicated funnels, without a huge ad spend, or no ad spend, to be able to get these results, the second C is collaborator.

It’s very possible that the person you get on the phone with today or tomorrow, and it’s very easy to get people on the phone to have a quick ten minute conversation. It should be one of the first things that you should be doing if you don’t have enough clients right now. Honestly. That collaborative experience could be them giving you really primary information. What are they like? Who are they? What do they need? What are their problems? What type of business do they have? What do they secretly cry about in their car when no one’s watching? Because those are the kind of things that you can put and use into your other sales copy. But the overarching feeling is is that whether they’re a connector and they can connect you to your next client by referrals, because who here works on referrals? I love referrals. When someone comes to me and says, “Hey, Renee, most of my business is from referrals,” I say that tells me one thing, you are really good at what you do, because if you weren’t you wouldn’t get those referrals. Now let’s get you more of them. So getting on the phone with someone and these three C’s that will change the way you sell is because when you get on the phone or you put out a post, you write an email, the frame that you’re putting it into is not “Oh I’m going to sell. I’m going to use some persuasion manipulation.” No.

Please, avoid that at all costs. Especially if you’re a woman whose heart-centered, selling especially to other women. Let’s bring in that emotional intelligence side. So whether they’re a connector or whether they’re a potential collaborator. There’s also the potential for them to be your next client. The whole online myth, and it’s so rampant in our newsfeeds of you know, ‘one call close.’ I’m sorry but I’ve been in sales for twenty three years, and most people that I know are smart, highly intelligent, highly profitable, and they don’t make decisions like that.

They don’t just meet someone off the street and like oh yeah let’s get married. Like that’s kind of a decision that the Internet is propagating is possible. Well no one that I teach is a hardcore closer or wants to be, because that just closes doors. The way I teach to sell, what I’m sharing with you today with these three Cs is a way that keeps doors open. It opens doors. And it continues to open up the next door and the next door, even if they are not a client yet, even if they are just a connector, because those are just as valuable, or they’re just a collaborator, because what a great person to have in your life, or again if they are a client. So the three C’s that I want you to think about the next time you’re about to go into a selling environment, whether it’s a post, a sales page, a phone call, or any of the next activities that you’re about to take today in your business. It’s only Wednesday right? I mean like end of the month. I know from my years and years of sales it’s like did I hit my income goals this week?

Ok. Tick tick. We’ve got three days left. Well let’s make it happen right?

So whatever you’re about to do as soon as you hang up from this live stream I want you to think about: is this person that connector? A collaborator? Or are they a client? Because, you know what? They can also intermingle. They can also exchange roles. Someone who once was just a connector can one day come back, and it happens to me all the time, because I sell this way, because I teach people to sell this way. They come back and they call or they reach out. They’re like you know what, Let’s have a sales conversation.

Let’s talk about what that offer is that we had talked about before. Now that offer, that price that may have very well changed, but we’re talking again, we’re on the same side of the negotiating table. It’s not this hard core buy it or don’t or you’re not serious about your business if you don’t take advantage of this right now. That doesn’t work for long term business success, let alone long term sales success.

And now that the Internet has allowed us to all run global businesses from our pocket.

Thank you.

Iphone. Thank you, Samsung, for all of our Samsung users. Sorry about that. It allows us to have this global network to have clients reach out to us from all corners of the planet.

That wasn’t possible even just a handful of years ago. So if you’re using these three Cs to approach the sales activities that you can take interest in today, you will win not only today, because the people that you’re speaking to, connecting with, and reaching out to will appreciate it because you’ll have the emotional intelligence required to get the results that most people only do about.

But you’ll also be able to continue to have long term success. So I wish you the best of luck today.

I know that if you implement these ideas and strategies, this framework around your selling activities, you will win. And so I wish you the best. Have a happy happy Wednesday. I’ll be back here next Wednesday. Twelve thirty p.m. Eastern. Can’t wait to see you then. Adios.

3 C’s that Changed the Way Women Sell


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  1. #Replay When I was a teenager, you couldn’t get me OFF the phone… and now I run the other way! I think I need to reconnect with what I found so enjoyable way back when. ☺️

  2. #Replay When I was a teenager, you couldn’t get me OFF the phone… and now I run the other way! I think I need to reconnect with what I found so enjoyable way back when.

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