When Someone Says to you “I want to work with you” WHAT do you Do Next?

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When Someone Says to you “I want to work with you” WHAT do you Do Next?


So for those of us who haven’t met yet, my name is Renee Hribar. I’m a sales strategist, speaker, and author. My goal today is to help you make sales simple and fun.


The question on the table today is: what do you do when someone reaches out to you and says “I want to work with you”. Well, there’s a lot of people that would say “well OK” or maybe send them to an application. What do you do when someone says “I want to work with you?” So you can get them on the phone, send them to an application, you can ask them a few more questions in messenger, LinkedIn, D.M. or email. But what are they really asking? Well, you can’t know because you haven’t talked to them yet.


There’s a lot of places for the sales process to slip off the tracks here. The one way is when you say “OK well what time is good for you”, or “here’s my calendar link”.


If you sending an application, booking a call, or giving them your calendar link, are three options. If you’re asking me my best advice it would be to say “That’s fantastic, but before I can make you an offer, I need to know the full picture of where you’re coming from. So let’s hop on a quick call and I can ask you a few questions and we can see what the next best step might be.”


That my friends is massive because what happens is people often are experiencing a pain, a problem, an acute immediate issue. But when it comes to what they really need help with it might be much bigger. So if you just say yes and you hand them some package program and try to put a square peg into a round hole, it’s very likely that you’ll miss out. But you’ll miss out on the true opportunity of serving them, they’ll miss out on the true benefit of working with you.


So when someone says to you “Hey I want to work with you”, my request to you is to get them on the phone and say let’s have a quick phone call. Put aside 10 or 15 minutes that day or the next day. Do it in between appointments (because I’m sure you’re busy like me), and just get on the phone and ask them a few questions. Then based on what they say, determine whether another call is appropriate, or if you send them to a sales page because you have a program that’s already done, or maybe you refer them to someone in your network.


The point is that when you speak to them, you’re finding out more information and then you’re taking the next best step. But you’re also retaining that role of the trusted advisor. So when someone comes to you and says “Hey Amelie, I need an integrator” or “Hey Linda I need a content creator, I need a web designer, a brand designer, I need all the things that you are so amazing at doing.”


When they say that, you can say “That’s great, let’s hop on the phone real quick and let’s find out what the next best step is.” You can say this knowing that it may not be you or it may not be the right fit, but it might be the right fit and you’ll determine that quickly and then be able to continue the sales process.


I see so many amazing, smart, professional women not wanting to get on the phone because they feel like that if they do they’re going to be too salesy, too pushy or they’re going to feel like they’re going to force somebody into something. That is not the case at all. You’re simply asking them questions so that you can do the best deeds by them.

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