What is a ONE OFF and Why It is KILLING Your Business!!

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What is a ONE OFF and Why It is KILLING Your Business!!


My name is Renee Hribar. I’m a sales strategist, TEDX speaker and author. I am here today to talk about one offs, and why are they killing your business?


I have so many smart women that say “Oh I just did a VIP session” or “Oh I just did this one project” and that’s it. A great analogy for this is dating. I used to say this analogy all the time when I had my sales team. They were usually in their twenties and totally dating. Doing a one off in your business means that you’re never gonna talk to them again, that you’re not going to continue the conversation. If you’re using my sales strategies, there always needs to be a continuation strategy, especially right now, It’s great to offer one for the end of 2018, or the end of the quarter. When you offer this, say something like “I’m offering this great price, at these prices. and they’re going up next quarter and I’m offering a limited number of them for the last time.”


So if you’re doing that, always have a continuation strategy. Let’s say it’s a VIP session. I always want to look for other ways that I can continue to support them. However, when it comes down to continuing to offer those things, you sometimes clam up. So here’s what I mean, another analogy, “you can’t sell the cow if you’ve already given the milk for free.” They won’t want to buy the cow if you’re already given the milk for free.


So what does that mean exactly? When you’re thinking about one off, I want you to think about the fact that you have intellectual property, and you have real skills that are worth paying for. If you are with a client for a VIP session, and you’ve gone through the strategies and systems that they can put into place and grow their business over the next 90 days, and you’ve done it in two hours… They’ve paid you a good fee for that. You’d most likely have already thought of eight other ways that you could continue to support them. Whether implementing some of the strategies with them, or doing the strategies with them. And you know that so many people in the entrepreneur space have great ideas, but it’s the follow through, it’s the continuation, it’s the support that they need down the road.


So what are some different ways that could look like for you? If you one off someone, not only are you doing a disservice to the person who you one offed, but you’re doing a disservice to you. Let’s say for example (dating analogy) you had this great person that you had a one night stand with. You’re not giving them the benefit of the doubt of being a great long-term partner for you. Just like the client that you just did a VIP session for and you had all these great strategies come up. But if you’re not even inviting them to a date, or inviting them to continue the conversation, then you’re doing them a disservice. You’re not actually really coming through for them. So you’re hurting yourself and them.


What do I mean exactly, how do you do this, and really, more importantly, why is it killing your business? People usually say:

“I had 10 clients”


“Well, how much is each client worth?”


“A thousand dollars”


“OK well, ten thousand dollars is nice but you could easily turn it into one hundred thousand dollars and not have to get more clients.”


See when it comes to sales I’m not all about constantly chasing new clients. What I am about is really making sure that the continuation strategy is in place so that any new person that comes into your world either as a new lead or as a new business client, a paying client that the offer continues to stand.


For example today I just off boarded a one-on-one client. But what did I do? I made sure that we have a continuation strategy in place. I planted some seeds for some ideas that we still hadn’t finished, and I set up another call to have a conversation about those next strategies, about those next pieces that we both agreed were important to implement. So on that next call I will make sure that this client is reminded of all the great things that we did together and the things that are still to be done and what it might look like for us to continue to work together. Would it mean just Voxer? Would it mean Voxer plus weekly meetings? What are the key components? What are your pieces of your offers and how are you continuing the conversation?


I don’t ever really lose touch with a client. I don’t ever say


“OK it was nice to hang out with you, I’m so glad we worked together… peace.”


I always set up that next call before our work is over. Another good example: I had a client that I worked with almost two years ago. I kept booking the next call before this call was over. It ended up being quarterly, then it was every six months we talked. But we stayed top of mind with each other. So when she started to run a TEDX organization, guess who she called to come speak?


So these are the reasons why if you just look at a person and say: “that’s just a one off” you’re hurting them and it’s killing your business. I’ve just given you some key strategies to put into place right now so that every person that comes into your world is never a one off. It’s always a continuation of the conversation. Not just to get money out of them, but to actually genuinely serve and help them.

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