The ‘S’ Word Live Origin Story

*The notes below have been transcribed from the live video.


Hello and welcome to a special edition of the ‘S’ Word Live! show and podcast. The origin story!


For those of us who haven’t met yet, my name is Renee Hribar, sales strategist, speaker and author and I want to share with you today, some really interesting neat stuff that some of you may or may not know. So, for those of you guys who wondered what the ‘S’ Word stood for, well it stood for sales.


So, I had come to the online space because I wanted something else. I didn’t want to go back into the corporate world. Something had happened in my life, a shift, a change something that pushed me to one side.


When I when I came to the online space, I saw that immediately, I was looking for a business coach. I was looking to hire a virtual assistant. I was looking for different components to work into my online business. And I have been in business since 1996. I’ve owned a company- three of them now-since 1996. All great, always able to make money and proceed and it wasn’t like you know there were these big sob stories, it was a traditional business. And so when I came back on the online space, what I found more than anything was that people did not know how to clear the way for yes. They had a service, they had a skill set, it was available and they were offering it but with it when someone actually approached them about it, they would literally crumble and fall. They would either talk too much and give away everything for free or they wouldn’t say enough and they wouldn’t shift it to the buyer’s perspective. They only spoke about it from their own perspective. Again, easily eliminated by professional sales training.


go-definitely learning how to connect genuinely with someone, have a clear concise compelling conversation that clears the way for yes that is what I came to the Internet to do and that is what I’ve been able to do I’ve got so many great great amazing women that I’ve seen make huge transformations.


One woman, for example, she was in the Navy for six years. I mean, her brain works like a Lego expert. That’s how I see it. She just sees systems and processes and organization like a military officer. She was. But she came to the online space after finishing her tour of duty, if you will, and she didn’t want to lose the fact that she could travel, that she can help people, but she didn’t know how to find clients. She didn’t know how to price for offers. She was unclear about what to say once someone raised their hand and said, “Yeah I think what you have might be something I could use.” And so working together with me one on one, we’ve been able to package up those services, put an acceptable price on it, give them a way to pay and clearly define her offers that she can speak clearly over the phone. And these are high end offers. You know, her average offer is you know a five figure offer. So it’s it’s not she’s not signing you know 27 dollar widgets off the Internet. So, it was amazing to see in such a quick amount of time her transformation. Literally in six weeks she’s been able to sign on her big three clients and have a sustainable long-term projection.


Another woman that I work with which I just, I absolutely love, she had a brick and mortar yoga studio for 20 years. And for those of you who have ever been to yoga studio, you know that it’s just so peaceful and tranquil and you know when to really talk about how much each class is or how much you know those yoga bands really are. But, ultimately, in order to have a successful business of any kind, you have to have a business acumen. Well, with that business acumen, and the love of helping women through the yoga experience and all of the the unseen resources that people have. That is what she didn’t know how to bring to the online space.


And that is where packaging, pricing, finding the right clients, connecting with them genuinely and having the right conversations they cleared the way for yes.


It’s just so exciting to see this transformation. So if you are a coach, a consultant or a woman who has a skill set and you’re considering hanging up your own shingle then this show, this podcast this is what I’m creating for you and I’ve been creating it for over a year. And so, when you’re listening, when you’re tuning in when you’re subscribing what you’re going to get are very specific actionable small bite-sized pieces every single week to come in and get better at selling for yourself so that you don’t feel like a sellout. So that you don’t feel like you’re selling your soul or you don’t feel like the guy at the resort who was like, “Just come for an hour and get a free room!”

Those those timeshare people. You know, I’m sure they’re very nice people but the bottom line is is there’s no tricky, shameful, pushy tactics that are required to be great in sales. In fact, the best people, the people that truly have long-term sustainable businesses that are platform independent. They’re the ones who who truly sell with care and kindness. And that is why what I am helping people doing that is what this show and this podcast are meant to accomplish.


Happy Friday.

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