The “S” Word LIVE (Call-In Show!!)

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The “S” Word LIVE (Call-In Show!!) 313-355-2821

Watch as LIVE Callers get walked through these questions:

→ How do you help an existing client understand the value of an added service you see they need?

→ How do you handle the conversation when you have gotten a verbal YES but when it comes to payment, they shrink back?

→ How do I get clients online without doing something I hate or that feels inauthentic, especially when I primarily do work in person?

LOVE this and wish YOU had the opportunity to ask YOUR questions?

I am hosting a FREE LIVE Web Class inside of a secret Zoom meeting room Thursday, December 13th at 12:15 pm Eastern (US & Canada)

Go to to register

I will be giving a LIVE presentation on How I teach my clients to get NEW paying clients EVERY 7 days (even if they hate selling)!!

Do not miss this rare LIVE presentation –> replays will only be sent to those who register:

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