What is outreach and WHY you should do it every day!

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What is outreach and WHY you should do it every day!

*The notes below have been transcribed from the live video

My name is Renee Hribar. if we haven’t met yet, I’m a sales strategist, speaker and author.


Today we’ll be talking about outreach.


People think outreach has to be spammy or creepy. No! Outreach is you showing up being wherever you are and saying hello.


On the Internet, people get really messed up about outreach. We forget. Even in person, at these networking events we can make it feel really weird and awkward and so how do you do that without feeling weird or awkward? My advice is to do it slow. Right. Especially on the Internet. Number one:online. So let’s say you go into a Facebook group or you’re posting something and someone comments on it.


Wouldn’t it be nice if you not only commented there in the thread but then you Google them and you found something nice to say about them as well.


Anything to be a nice kind warm person. To reach out. It’s like extending a hand. That’s all it is it’s all outreach is you’re opening the lines of communication and you’re opening the door for conversation and that is where everything good can start. So that they have an opportunity to respond.


You never know where these conversations might go, and some of them will lead into new clients and some of them will lead into great connections that bring new clients and some will just be nice people that you know now on the planet internet. So whether you’re listening to a podcast or whether you go into a group, be open to the possibilities and connect with people. Do that outreach. Secondly, when you meet someone in person, let’s say you go to a conference or just a local networking event. You don’t have to have big conversations when you first meet. Just meet them. Just get to know them. Just be kind. Talk about their pets, their kids, the season, the weather. Yes, all the old adages, all the old normal stuff because that, my friend, is where the conversation starts.


Then make a point to reach out to them. Jus simply set up a 15 minute chat with them.


Again, open to all the possibilities. Without outreach, you’re not building your business. You want a long term sustainable platform independent business. Outreach.

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