Always Continue the Conversation

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Always Continue the Conversation

*The notes below have been transcribed from the live video

Hello and welcome to the ‘S’ Word Live!

So, if you’re new to this show, my name is Renee Hribar. I’m a sales strategist, speaker and author. Today I’m actually headed to Guatemala to go to a TEDx talk. I got on this talk because it is run by a former client. I continued the conversation. When I onboard someone, I continue to connect with them. I continue to stay top of mind.

So when an opportunity comes up in their world, whether it’s another client or whether it’s another time to hire you or whether it’s an opportunity like this, you are one of the few that they think of. It’s also a great time of year to do that because it’s the end of the year. And if you’re like, me at the end of the quarter even, every single quarter, continue the conversation by saying things like, “Hey. I love working with you. I love spending time with you. I love the progress you’ve made but I’m feeling up. And because you always are and I want to reach out to you and offer you something special at this quarter’s rates.”

And the bottom line is-this always continue the conversation. it has led to two amazing opportunities. The second opportunity: I was listening to a podcast. I heard the person that was a guest. Thought they were great. Looked them up on LinkedIn. Finally, we were like third level connections, still reached out, left a message and now we have a meeting next week which again could cause more collaboration, more connection, and more opportunities.

So always continue the conversation. Always set up that next meeting before this meeting is up. All right guys. Wish me luck. I’ll take you along with me on my travels to Guatemala.

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