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When you run your own business the BUCK stops with YOU.

Mastering the ART of Selling with kindness, clarity and confidence is a NON-Negotiable SKILL.

It can be learned but OH BOY do a LOT of people do it WRONG.

It’s not their fault.

The common misperception is that to be GOOD at Sales you need to be HARD or OVERBEARING …. my answer to THAT —- I Call BS!!

I have NEVER met a female business woman who decided to hang up her own shingle and set out on her own mission to make an impact on the world for the better who wanted to become a HARDCORE CLOSER


That doesn’t work anyway!

I have taken the bullets, been burned, and had my hand slapped enough through my years in the field. As the trusted person to sell for some of the worlds biggest companies I know where to watch out and how to SELL WITH GRACE, CLARITY and KINDNESS so that you never fall out of alignment with your moral compass AND you get RESULTS.

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