Are you the warm-up or the star?

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Are you the warmup or the star?

*the notes below have been transcribed from the LIVE video

Have you ever felt like you were just warming people up for somebody else? Have you ever gone to a concert and the warm up act was better than the star? But you had never heard about the warm up act? Have you ever gone and the warm up act sucked?

When you meet someone, the next thing that happens is absolutely your decision whether you’re going to be the warm up act or the star. So if you want to be the STAR, listen in and hear my advice for you. But first I’m going to give you a framing: I have this great friend. She’s a former client. I saw her on a livestream and I commented, I complimented her on her top. I said, “Oh my god, I love that top!” I have no idea. I’m not a fancy person. I don’t know names or labels or anything like that but I just said it was very nice. She goes, “Oh my god, thank you.” So after the lives, she then messaged me. Now her business has nothing to do with fashion, nor does it have anything to do with being an affiliate for a fashion company.

She asked me if I wanted to hear more about it so I say sure. After talking, it turns out it was a fancy $600 top.

I had no idea but it was beautiful. And so she said well I can give you the information you can go look at it. Here’s a link. If you end up getting anything, I’m going to get something. Why wouldn’t I?

I end up going on. I end up loving it. I end up choosing some things and they end up coming to my house. I end up trying them on and they’re amazing.

Now I have some really neat new outfits that I would have never taken the time to go shop for. Nor would I ever have tried on because it’s exhausting to me. So now she did me a favor and I feel great. Maybe she got a little skin. I don’t know how much commission was. All I know is I’m thankful. I had a great experience. Now on the flip side of the coin, if she had thought, “I don’t want to insult Renee in case she doesn’t know the maker of this top or in case she can’t afford the top . I don’t want to embarrass her or make her feel bad, so I’ll just say thank you and not say anything else.” That is what a warm up does.

Instead, she said, “You know what? if she complimented me and I know where I got it, Why wouldn’t I share the information? If I have something valuable, I wouldn’t I invite her to see more, Invite her to hear more?” This is what the star does.

You’re putting out content and people are engaging with it whether they show up live or on the replay, or they answer a question that you asked, or maybe they reply to your e-mails or they open your e-mails. Those are individuals that are leaning in. Now, at that point you have two choices. You can sit back and say, “Oh, that’s nice.” or you can take a more proactive human approach.

Everybody here is human. I’m human. You’re human. The only thing between us is tech, but tech does not run this show. Humans are on the show. So, your second choice is what I’m going encourage you to do and that’s to be the star. The warm-up person sits back and goes, “That’s nice.” The star reaches out and says, “Hey, thanks for showing up to my livestream. Hey, thanks for commenting on my post. Hey, thank you for answering my email. I’m so glad to talk to you”.

When you initiate that second part of the conversation, because the first part was something that you made before you had met them, but then they engaged with it. So, they’re showing you that they’re listening, they’re leaning in and then as a human, you then go, “I’m a star. I’m going to I’m going to reach out and thank them. I’m going to compliment them.”.

So, the star does that not because you’re so high in yourself, but because you believe that there’s a human on the other side of that screen. There’s always another person on the side.

So, the warm up person goes, “Oh, that’s nice.” The star goes in and reaches out and starts the conversation. You don’t know where that conversation is going to go but good salespeople have good pitches. Don’t be good, be great. Great salespeople ask great questions. And when you ask great questions, what happens is you begin to start a conversation, and that conversation can lead anywhere. It can go anywhere. Maybe you’ll buy from them. Maybe they’ll buy from you. Maybe they’ll refer you to your next client. Maybe they’re just a connection and throughout the next six months, a year, years. You eventually evolve and grow with them and you both help each other in different ways.

If you start a conversation about something, people lean in. They realize, “I want to know more about that and if you don’t continue the conversation with them about it, they’re going to find somebody else who will. And there’s lots of people who will be the star. Don’t be the warm up. Initiate the conversation. That’s not being pushy. You’re not going out and dropping links. you’re not going out and saying, “Here, buy my thing!” what you are doing is you’re saying, “Hi, Thanks for showing up. What else can we talk about?”

And then, of course, you know in my courses I have these, and Linda’s one of my students, You know there’s lots of scripts and ways to say it. But the point is, if you’re just starting the conversation, that’s the next step. Don’t just post and go. Don’t post and run. Don’t e-mail and run. don’t go Live run. Be the star.

See you next week.

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  1. Renee—wonderful spot here.So happy for you…you look great….I’m giving your info to my grandson ….He’s successful on his own so far, but every little bit helps…. by the way I’m your Aunt Ann…..Your gradma Mary Lou’s sister….

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