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What if your ideal clients aren’t on Facebook

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It doesn’t have to be!!

You have real world experience, and the clients who end up working with you ABSOLUTELY LOVE you … if only there were MORE of them…

But HOW when you are already strapped for time and pulled in a million directions?

What if there were super easy, already done-for-you, copy and paste scripts that were ready to grab-n-go for nearly every situation when you meet a potential client?

Networking event? (check)

At a social event? (check)

Soccer game? (check)

In a Facebook group? (yesseree)

THEN, imagine a step-by-step plan already laid out for you (with templated agreements) for you to turn that initial connection into a REAL PAYING CLIENT???

I could have made this super cheap and just sent you the scripts and swipe files but …

I didn’t want to hold back and only give you PART of the puzzle.

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So I added LOTS of extras…

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NOW is the time to finally STOP feeling so awkward about selling FOR yourself.

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I have been teaching sales for over 2 decades and have sold millions of dollars in products and services while teaching THOUSANDS of smart business people to SELL for the first time without selling their soul.

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