I sent the proposal but haven’t heard back

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I sent the proposal but haven’t heard back…
Welcome to The “S” Word LIVE Show where you get actionable strategies you can use today for new paying clients!!!

–> There are a few key strategies that work.

1. Deadline with the proposal. “This offer at this price is valid through________”

2. Set up a quick check-in call before the initial Discovery call is over if you have not accepted payment over the phone already. Law of Diminishing intent — once you hang up that phone the ROI depreciates daily.

3. Asking different questions before and during a Discovery call. For example: If you were to find the perfect solution, what is the timeline? (They May say “well, we’d like to start in January” — then that would change my deadline)

Deadlines are meant to help bring in consistent work for you so that you have enough to support your growing company but not too much at once where you are scrambling to deliver on time and having to hire temporary contractors who may not have been vetted properly.

There is SO much BEFORE this point that I am not even touching on here.

The “sale” happens WAY before the call, or the need for follow up (and all along the way — even AFTER you’ve collected payment and they’ve signed a binding contract).

Get your hands on over 100 templates, videos, and copy & paste swipe files PLUS tons of examples so that you can see how OTHERS have deployed these strategies.

Not sure WHAT to offer your clients (covered)

Confused why Everyone says they love your work but NO ONE is clicking the PAYMENT button? (covered)

You hit a record month but wondering HOW to keep this up and CONSISTENT? (it’s in there)

If you are a woman business owner who is ready to connect with new paying clients and deliver stellar results again and again but have tried selling and it just didn’t work for you . . . it’s not your fault.

You probably didn’t have the right person explain it to you!

Click here and get in on the LIVE Group Sessions PLUS the EXTRA BONUS for those who pay in full before the timer ticks down to zero you and I will get the chance to have a 1:1 session and lay the groundwork for how THIS will work for YOU and your unique business (these sessions are no longer available to the public but were valued at over $997).


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