Don’t Believe the Lies on Planet Internet (and what to DO instead)

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Don’t Believe the Lies on Planet Internet (and what to DO instead)

*the notes below have been transcribed from the LIVE video

I am so thankful for Planet Internet, but I tell you there are some definite lies that I have heard.


When I first came online, one of the first lies I was told that absolutely is not true is I needed to build my email list first. Which meant I need to spend money giving away something for free in order to lure people in in exchange for their email address.


I was told that you need to build your huge email list at least a thousand subscribers. That’s where you have to start. You’re not considered a real business until you have a thousand subscribers.


It’s not true. I don’t even think I have a thousand subscribers today and I’ve run an online business for a year and a half online.


You do not need a thousand subscribers. You just need to have a conversation with people.


Second lie that we’ve been told is you need to have a Website first to the legitimate online.


If you have also been told this that you need a professional website, beautiful photos, and all the branding before you can start talking to people, That is absolutely a lie. you don’t need that. If you are going to grow in scale, it will eventually be a great idea to have a website, but most businesses don’t get to the scaling part.


What do you do instead? You reach out and you talk to people.


The third lie I want to talk about is that you need to have Facebook ads in order to grow your audience. You don’t need that.


However, if you do master Facebook ads then maybe you’re one of the people that doesn’t know how to connect with other people who need that, how to tell the story, how to connect with them properly because you feel like you’re not legitimate enough. Because you don’t have a thousand email subscribers. Or, you don’t have this pretty branded website. Or you can’t decide on the name of your business.


Those are all nice to have things but they absolutely should not and do not need to stop you from connecting with people one on one and having a conversation with them because people need you. And here’s the real part, you’ve already done the hard work.


If you feel like that’s just not enough, What else can you do?


There are lots of other things that don’t cost money, that are absolutely within your realm that don’t require you to learn new tech, that don’t require professional photos.


Bottom line is this. Release all the pressure. release all the should do’s all the things that you are told by Planet Internet that you need to do first. All those lies that those people will have you believing that you need to do to be able to start your business, or to start getting clients consistently.


You have already done the hard work.


Most people wonder how to connect with people who need them.

It’s not about a thousand e-mails subscribers, it’s not about a fancy website, and it’s definitely not about ads.


Eventually, those things are great. But to start, to get those first 10 clients, to get those next 10 clients, to get 10 clients consistently a month, or 20.


However many you’re looking to get. to get momentum. to get foundations so that you’re working from a position of power, not depletion and desperation because “Oh my God, if I don’t have four more clients by September 14th, my husband says we can’t afford it anymore! I have a really expensive hobby!”.


So, if you’re in that position, release the demons.


Happy Wednesday.


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  1. Im watching the replay…. Yes… Heard the email and funnel crap…. I know there has gotvto be a better way to recruit and or get new clients…. So far… You are the most relatable to my needs…

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