Avoid the HUGE Mistakes Most Business Owners Make!!

*the notes below have been transcribed from the LIVE video


Have you ever said yourself, “Jeez I’m excited about making my sales goals, like hello, today’s May 30th, you’ve got less than 24 hours; two days left to hit those May sales goals!


Have you ever said to yourself  “I don’t REALLY have to hit those goals”?


As an entrepreneur, our best assets are also the biggest things that hold us back.


We love to create, we love to start new things but unfortunately, this can STOP us from showing up in the way our future clients NEED us to show up!


I know when it’s not life or death it’s easy to find a HUGE list of things to do OTHER than making offers . . . but the truth remains, if you are not making offers that lead to actual PAYING clients, you have a very expensive hobby.


FACT: Half of all businesses FAIL in the first 2 years.

FACT: When you interview those people, what do you think the reason is??

FACT: They will NOT say “I was just making too many sales. I had too much business”.


Click the link here to find out the rest of the mistakes and AVOID them for yourself.


At the end I put up a little challenge to you . . . I can’t wait to hear from you how it goes!


You’ve got this!!

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