Your Sales Questions Answered LIVE!

On today’s Special Edition of the “S Word LIVE,” Renee answers questions for callers and those that submitted written questions.

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Do you have these questions?

Question #1 from KT Spelzen of Mother Cluckers Comedy  

How do I make an offer to someone so that it’s not weird when I see them later on the playground?


KT’s Follow Up Question:

Does this advice change if the receiver is a man?


Question #2 from Sandra Centorino of Real Women Go Live! and Say it International

What to say when someone says “I’m too busy?”


Questions #3 from Brittia Kubeczka of Fringe and Fitness

What do I do when a client ghosts me?


Question #4 from Irena Miller of Irena Miller Yoga

How and what do I say to a one on one client when her contract comes to an end? How do I start the conversation?


Question #5 from Anne Tipton of Handle Your Back End

How do I offer my services to local businesses?


[34:19] – Get THIS tattooed on your forehead 🙂

[37:35] – What to do at 7:30 PM

Sales should not be hard. Let’s continue the conversation in the Entrepreneurial Parents Movement Community.

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